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Latest chapter in the 36ers-Creek mess

Aussie Hoopla posts "Adelaide confirms discussions with Mitch Creek about possible return."

Mitch Creek replies: 0%.

Then more from Creek:

"There is no water under the bridge for me, as for when you burn something, it cannot be repaired to how it once was..

Myself nor my agents have had no communications regarding a return, either verbally or in writing.

To the fans, I'm sorry but I will not be returning to Adelaide to play."
Hoopla's article quoted Ken Cole:
"Although we believe Mitch Creek is an NBA player and we hope is finds an opportunity to play in the NBA this season we have contacted Mitch this week and made it clear we would welcome him back to the 36ers with open arms" said 36ers president Ken Cole.

“Mitch would be able to make as much money here in Adelaide as he could with any other NBL club and we've told Mitch that if he returned to Adelaide, not only would he be welcomed back by the club, but it would be our goal to provide him with everything he needs to become, possibly, the only NBL player to make the Boomers World Cup team next year” said Cole.

“It changes everything if Mitch decides to come back. It would make us a serious contender for the title. I would be shocked if Mitch returned to the 36ers and we didn’t end up in the Finals” Cole stated.
"not only would he be welcomed back by the club" - wow, how generous. How can they continue to read a situation so poorly? They thoroughly destroyed that relationship. It's done. All of this would've made him detest the organisation. You don't come back from that and especially not with a player who has options here and abroad.

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Years ago

Way to throw petrol on a fire you created. Their PR management is just so ridiculously poor.

I'm genuinely asking the Sixers for a refund for my seat. I'm not interested in supporting them anymore.

Who is Marla Pony? Facebook posts are pointing in her direction for this latest back office shit-storm. How is every month work experience month in Findon?

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Years ago

Is this the sort of thing Cole was brought in for - to change the culture or perceived style of management at the 36ers? i.e., a new broom trying to sweep away some of the mess?

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Years ago

If that's the case, I hope his position description includes: Time travel experience required.

That way he can go back and not get busted with a joint, sort the Bradke shit, not hire Mike Dunlap, spell Ingles correctly and know his position and then NOT SHIT ON THE HEART OF OUR CLUB MITCH CREEK.

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Years ago

Sixers are a Circus.

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Years ago

6ers publicly stating their position on MItch does not seem like a problem to me. The article says that made contact with Mitch. May well have happened I am sure. Mitch says there was no "communication" which implies contact was not replied to. THis is plausible too and both are not exclusive possibilities.

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Years ago

Ken Cole - "...we have contacted Mitch this week".

Mitch Creek - "Myself nor my agents have had no communications regarding a return, either verbally or in writing".

To be non-exclusive statements, the club would have had to contact Mitch telepathically, via pigeon, utilising some sort of Pictionary-esque mime routine or sign language.

So, if we're playing semantics, correct.

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Captain Jack  
Years ago

The most stupid thing is the article being sold as WOW Creek is in discussions for a return.

At best it was one way communication from the 36ers/Cole to Creek, which he likely didnt respond.

And why even reach out? cant they read the situation? Of course every NBL club would love Mitch Creek on their team

The 36ers shouldnt have commented publicly on this, at best wish him all the best for his future, which i think they have already sort of done.

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Years ago

Hoopla using a podcast posted Sept 4 whereas the Nets signed their second two-way contracted player 2 weeks later.

Horribly piss poor reporting by Aussie Hoopla.

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Years ago

789, Aussie Hoopla aren't referencing the podcast as a source for the article. They specifically state in the early paragraphs that the situation has developed, and the door has essentially closed on Creek earning a two-way contract.

I can't figure out why the 36ers would either lie about communicating with Creek's management, or omit vital details that Creek had emphatically turned down a proposed return to the 36ers.

This is probably the 36ers again trying to save face (although they're doing a laughable job of it), but why even put the story out there to begin with when it can only end with the headline: 'Creek not returning'? This is crazy-bad PR.

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Years ago

Creek is always welcome here in the West.

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Years ago

So yes, Cole has been brought in to put a new face and positive spin on things.
But perhaps he has cottoned on to just how quickly things can be turned around and refuted these days. More or less instantly via twitter and such.

And at the risk of making some terrible SA pun, the 6's would have been better of eating some crow. Admitting what they did was stupid and ill conceived, apologising to Creek and the fans, then expressing a desire that he might one day return.

Basically saying "we don't think there's a problem and Mitch should come back to us" is insufferably arrogant.

I perhaps don't rate him as highly as some, but I'd say Creek was the best local SF in the league. Even with full rosters, teams would move heaven and earth to sign him. I'm sure many would be happy to send an import packing in return for his signature.

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Years ago

On top of that Zig, I think the club owner said something about doing it all over again if he had the time over. Crazy. Put a good offer to him in the first place, and he would be in Adelaide. Play nice when he goes to his try-out and he could well be coming back now or mid/next season.

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Years ago

That's a pretty good summary from Zig. Can't argue.

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Years ago

I prefer Gliddon over Creek, especially in the NBL with Glid's 3pt shot.

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Years ago

Ah some of those quotes were awfully cringe. Just some serious ass-kissing in my opinion.

I mean I feel like no other club would make the same mistake that the 36ers did with Creek but that even if they did, they would at least press release something a little less cringy and not as if they are trying to suck up.

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Years ago

Cats let Hugh Greenwood and Corey Webster rip up their contracts to suit what the player wanted to do. 36ers are trash.

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Years ago

Aussie Hoopla is the last source of so called info that anyone should pay attention to. They are the same idiots who claimed that the Kings were signing Torrey Craig. Among many other lies and bullshit created exclusively so that they get hits on their website. Pathetic.

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Years ago

Ah, I meant to say "NOT cottoned on"

As in, maybe in the past you could get away with making BS statements like "we have contacted Mitch" and you'd have to wait for a reporter to actually front Creek and ask him the question. But now people can jump straight on social media and refute things.

Isaac, yep madness. Talk about not learning from your mistakes.
Nobody was saying you need to kiss players' butts, I agree that no individual is more important than the team, but there is a right way to go about things. And it wasn't like they were trying to hold him to a contract, they were just being spoilsports after he'd already left.

I did wonder if there was more "bad blood" between them, that perhaps preceded the debacle, but then why come and now and say he'd be welcome back? That's the truly insane part.
That bridge was burnt to nothing but ashes, less said about it the better. Why dredge it up again?

I could almost excuse their previous behaviour, on the basis of "maybe they know what they're doing?" But now they look like idiots with no idea how to run an organisation.

And you know the really truly awfully stupid part?
Biggest risk, when you release a player to pursue European or NBA opportunities, is that they don't get one and for whatever reason they end up signing with a rival NBL team. Sixers guaranteed that would happen if he returns.

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Years ago

I find this part interesting too...

It's also known that multiple NBL teams have contacted Mitch about his interest in returning to the NBL, however it’s understood Creek would need approval from Adelaide before he can sign with another NBL team.

Creek was allowed out of his contract to play for an NBA team. If Creek decides to return to the NBL due to not making an NBA roster the 36ers would retain the right for his playing services in NBL competition.

What would be the play if Creek were to want to return to the NBL but for another club?

Would the Sixers double down and insist on retaining their rights (given the relationship is likely broken)? Or would they allow Creek to play for another contender?

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Years ago

I agree with Captain Jack.

The Sixers are best to keep quiet about this because whatever they do it looks bad.

Grovel and throw themselves at Creek's feet? Look stupid.
Pretend nothing bad happened? Look bad.
Try to appeal to Mitch that the Sixers are a great launchpad for the NBA? How so more than any club?

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Years ago

Boti just now:

Coming off a season in which he steered the 36ers through all five games of the Grand Final series against Melbourne United and was voted by fans as the league's People's Choice MVP, those closest to him know he was devastated to be treated as an afterthought in new contract negotiations at the Sixers.

While that cut him deeply, Adelaide's subsequent decision - completely legal but unprecedented - to seek financial compensation for him from the Nets, hurt him to the core.

Its decision to seek a Supreme Court injunction to prevent him leaving without a compensation agreement, arguably was the last nail in any hopes of retrieving the situation.
Full story

The contact from the club was Cole leaving Creek a voicemail.

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Years ago

Disagree about keeping quiet. Sixers already look very bad and at least owning up to it and admitting fault would relieve some of that. As it stands they somehow managed to make themselves look even worse, which is almost impressive in and of itself...

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Years ago

Disagree about keeping quiet. Sixers already look very bad and at least owning up to it and admitting fault would relieve some of that

Each time the Sixers say something it gets worse, that and the no-win situation for the Sixers makes keeping mum the best path forward.

I don't think they can come out and say they were wrong, they went all the way to the Supreme Court for proceedings, so they pretty much went all in on this.

How can management who backed the legal action then come out and say sorry we were wrong (and regain any credibility)?

Keep quiet, let time pass people will forget in due time.

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Years ago

Really? People still bring up Cole being sacked as coach. The Bradtke mess. The fact Newley didn't come here, any of the 3 times he could have. The debacle that was Jo Ingles ....

Time will not mean basketball fans move on. 36ers fans are too passionate about the club to simply move on, especially in regards to such a favorite of the Club.

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Big Ads  
Years ago


You spelt Joe Ingles wrong.........

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Years ago

-'those closest to him know he was devastated to be treated as an afterthought in new contract negotiations at the Sixers.'

Let it be known that every player on the roster was(even the 9-10th spots) were put before Creek, this is the Club MVP, People’s MVP, the face of the organisation for young and old, the best Australia in the NBL...

This is beyond comprehension for a professional sporting organisation of any kind. That club does not have the finances, we all know this, but in this situation you make it happen.


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Years ago

If he still needs us to take his demerit points, we're here for him.

People come, people go, the club will always be there. After all, we support the club not the player.

Lets go sixers !!

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Years ago

Yes...the Club is bigger than one player.

Most will forgive and forget once the club has success again.

Sixers just need to ride out this difficult time.

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Years ago

Love broker, the problem is not to do with riding it out, as people (including Mitch) had started to move on before Ken Cole decided to do get another article on Mitch with Aussie Hoopla. All they needed to do is be quiet and focus on the most recent success (beating MelbU) in the Blitz. Also, there was a positive spin of the Jake Wiley and Mitch relationship which was going well.
The lesson to be learnt here is, shhhhhhh. Just move on and show support.

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Years ago

Ride out this difficult time - you make it sound like they are on a run of bad luck or something. It's of their own doing. They can just keep quiet and hope people forget, including players and agents (of whom I don't imagine there are many in a league this size), or they can proactively try and improve their image. I know what I would be doing, but hey, I don't run an NBL team.

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Years ago

Here here Angus

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Captain Jack  
Years ago

Im not sure Ken Cole was expecting an article to be written, probably just had answered a question to Dan Boyce in conversation, then Dan wanting click bait wrote an article with a heading to sell it as they are in talks with Creek.

It may teach people to watch what they say to people like Dan, if they dont want things misrepresented like this.

I dont know if Ken expected Dan to write the article and post it all over social media where Creek would see it. But hey have, and if he thought that was a good idea, then i hope he has learnt.

Yes Ken/36ers reached out to Creek,

But no discussions were had as Mitch never responded.

Unless the 36ers are going to say 'we were wrong', which based on other articles saying they would do it again, they wont be saying that, there is no point the 36ers further discussing this and angering everyone further.

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Years ago

Wonder if He realises that voicemail from his Adelaide number can't be reached from NY. I’d assume players use WhatsApp whilst overseas. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s an oversight

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Years ago

Boyce is a joke. No one should take he or his dud website seriously.

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Years ago

Says the anon...

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Years ago

Whether you think they should come out, admit they were wrong, and publicly apologise,
or keep stum and hope it blows over,
I think we can agree that pretending nothing's wrong and saying you're ready to welcome him back, is simply asinine.

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Captain Jack  
Years ago

Agreed Zig,

DB (Dan Boyce?) just cos someone posts anon doesnt make their post less relevant or more inaccurate

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