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NBL stats keeping needs a massive overhaul #amateurhour

NBL stats keeping needs to be completely changed, professionalised, accurate and consistent.

Why is there a big debate about whether Sobey got a triple double tonight? Why is this a thing? How many people sit on the stats bench each game? Does Sobey really look like Drmic.

5:37 left in the game and Drmic nails a wide open 3. The pass is clearly from Wiley from the high post? Why is Sobey credited the assist.

4 minutes to go in the game and DJ drives to the hoop where he is met by Mitch Young and swatted. Block credited to Loughton. Why?

10k on the line via fantasy amongst fans. Professional contracts on the line for imports who rely on their performances when it comes to getting gigs overseas. Do we need to have Mickell Gladness scenarios EVERY SINGLE GAME?

Then there's the scrolling stats bar at the bottom. Why is this COMPLETELY WRONG????? What other professional league just randomly generates players and numbers and gets it rolling there? This thing needs to be removed. It provides negative value. The constant graphics they go to at timeouts are always wrong or dated. The other day the commentators were bragging about Cotton's big game and the graphic was happy to show us he scored 0 points :)

While we're at it, can we run Matt and Dwayne Russell through a referees course. I have to second guess every single call they make after a whistle because they clearly do not understand the game of basketball. Get Felix Van Hofe, Matt Mcquade or some of the NBL TV guys to do it. The preseason guys. ANYONE over these 2 clowns.
Firing them would be preferable, but the NBL has proven they are ok being a B-tier sports league in this Country.

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Here here

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It's been the same for ever, but I agree something should be done about it.

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JOin the stats bench I guess

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Last year

Add the stats bench to the refs we have and there is no way you can bet on this league either on a win or player exotics. I follow all sports and the NBL really is one of the biggest shitshows for a professional league.

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Last year

I think the NBL revisit the stats for each game, which I suspect is why there are discrepancies between the official stats and a site like Real GM who take there's from the boxscore post-game.

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Melbourne Boy  
Last year

With all the betting on player stats now the nbl need to invest a little more in to the stats. It's not the stat keepers fault I don't think either, it's just too much being asked of too few at each game.

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Last year

@paul is correct, the NBL can and does review boxscores/stats following games and adjusts if there has been an error made. This is the same in any league around the world, including the NBA - if you play NBA fantasy you'll know that there are constantly amendments made following games as courtside stats keepers are human and prone to mistakes like the rest of us. Also in the NBL they're largely volunteering their own time to do the job.

As someone who uses the NBL stats/play by play etc as part of their daily work, I think the NBL actually do a pretty good job of this, far better than the majority of leagues around the world. I don't have to make many adjustments to the data at all, especially compared with where the league was 5 years ago. It definitely doesn't warrant a 'massive overhaul'.

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Last year

Not sure I have a lot of confidence in the fantasy scoring. In Adelaide's round two game against Sydney, Fantasy missed one of Deleon's assists and his defensive board (as recorded by the NBL box score). They originally had it right but it was adjusted (incorrectly) on Monday night.

That was the difference between winning and losing a H2H for me and the price difference also affected who I could keep this week. Wrote in to their support team about it with no response which wasn't ideal imho.

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Last year

The inability for the stat keepers to recognise a block, has always been another issue. While the NBL will feature footage of a clear block, the player's boxscore is sitting at 0 blocks...

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Last year

Same as at big v level. It's like the clubs feel sorry for these people because they really aren't bright at all and could not get a job doing anything else

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Last year

"Same as at big v level. It's like the clubs feel sorry for these people because they really aren't bright at all and could not get a job doing anything else"

That's just an outright insult to everyone who sits on a stats bench.

If anyone will ever let you near a Stats bench during a game at State or National level, see if they'll let you listen in on the headset. I have. It ain't pretty.

I've seen a Taipans captain listen in for one quarter, and walk away shaking his head and saying that it's easier to play the game than sit on the Stats or Score bench.

If any of these people are paid, it's a pittance and they have to go through courses etc to qualify. Which isn't helped at all when the coach or a player or a ref or someone else stands between them and the action.

It's more of a surprise that they get it as accurate as they do. I get the box score after each game, and often I have to wait while they go back and correct something.

They are hardworking, conscientious, and dedicated - not keyboard warriors. You owe them an apology.

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Firstly, yes, every game is reviewed simply because of the fact that people put money on these stats

As for some of the other complaints, they may boil down to rather specific scenarios where to official ruling/interpretation for when a player is rewarded a block, rebound, assist etc. may not coincide with what some viewers believe would constitute the same stat

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Last year

Agreed look at the game last night someone went off because they gave Sobey an assist for Wiley hitting a FT when that is officially an assist.

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Last year

Haha, NBL message boards need a massive overhaul too!

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Last year

The control tap to a team mate the rebound always goes to the player who gets the ball where the rebound should go to the player who controlled the tap out. It's never given correctly.

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Last year

I don't know who controls the scoreboard at the Perth Wildcats home games but boy did they have a shocker vs United, they repeatedly added the three points to the team total but only two points to the player total, happened on most of Goulding and Cotton's 3 pointers/3 point plays. Maybe that happens regularly but I really noticed it today and found it really puzzling.

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Last year

Happened again last night. Mccarron grabbed an offensive rebound with 2:20 to go in the first. The stats just say melbourne offensive rebound and come the end of the game the rebound count is still out and Mccarron doesnt have one, cost me a multi.

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Last year

Sympathy level for people who lose money betting on sports: zero.

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