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Why don't we have better benches?

As we have seen teams can easily get multiple shortterm injuries or can get caught with players who aren't good enough or who aren't pulling there weight.
So with the current rules why don't teams have better players in there squads to start with?
Teams can have a nextstar player paid for by the league and in addition to their 11 rostred players but only Sydney got one.
Teams can have an Asian Market player in place of a regular player but same only a few teams seem to have one. Surely you can pick up decent players cheaply who would be better options than some of the scrubs.
Teams can also play a development player every game now. Thats like a free spot for an ok player on league minimum slary but it seems most of them are a long way from NBL ready. Aren't there guys just back from college not quite as good as Frolling and Naar who would be good enough to get a game.

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yes, right on

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How's the Asian spot going for Brisbane? How many imports do Sydney have? Does the top team use an Asian spot or Next Stars spot?

How are most third imports going? A Moore, DeLeon, Hall, Egwu/Holt?

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Last year

Maybe let them sit on lounge chairs. :)

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Last year

Can see why Adelaide are near the bottom with two imports considered third string

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Last year

Isaac, although I get your point re third imports, I think many are missing the reason they were brought in and the job they have been asked to do vs the money they are getting.

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Last year

Yeah, sure, but I'm responding to someone who thinks that there are Asian players who can't get better money in China or the Philippines, but are strong enough to make a difference in the NBL. Brisbane's guy isn't even getting played.

Or thinks the Next Stars thing is key when some of the league aren't even using their third import spot. Or that a Next Star will make a difference when a more experienced and unrestricted pro is getting put on the "first to cut" list. Like Wear or the other guys I listed.

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Last year

One reason is when some coaches get decent bench players they simply dont use them, those good up and coming players who could in all probability play good minutes if given the opportunity get Dick and tired of being traning fodder and either go to a different club, get a gig overseas or give up

No point ever having a training squad of 15 and simply refusing to use 9 of them

You see it time and time again

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Last year

I think the benches, for the most part, are very good. The reason you get caught out when there are injuries is the other teams are also very good. The fact there are only around 50 Aussies in the league, and another 20-odd quality Aussies overseas, means the league is incredibly tough, and hard for most young players to step into and impact straight away.

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Last year

Anon, all 36ers from the 11 get regular minutes. McVeigh maybe prematurely. Both new kids at the Hawks are getting decent minutes. Vague's getting used by Perth. Magnay in Brisbane.

Haven't seen as much of others but, for example, I saw Trist come in for Melbourne, make a pretty average mistake and get pulled quickly.

Established and capable players are fighting for minutes as it is in the 40 minute format - Coenraad in the Gong before he got the start was struggling to get 15 MPG. If you're trying to win games, you don't get endless opportunities to blood new talent before they're ready.

Round one, Illawarra had on the bench: Coenraad (now starting), Andersen (barely out of Boomers career), White (captain/starter last year), Naar and Grida who are both the types you mentioned wanting to see. They have now tweaked the lineup so the bench includes Ogilvy, Jett, Andersen, etc.

United started the season bringing Pledger (international), McCarron (strong starter last season) and Moller (always underrated) off the bench. Plus promising young players.

For R1, Brisbane had on the bench Vukona (solid international), Gibson (former Boomer), Te Rangi (another international - now starting), Hodgson (Boomers squad), import Holt and Hiejima (plays for his national team).

Breakers in R1 - Weeks, Majok (previously a starting centre on a solid team), Delany (promising young athlete) and two imports!

Wildcats at strength have on the bench: Wagstaff (very solid player), Hire, Norton (Boomers squad), Steindl (starter on past teams), Brandt (now starting, had 20 boards recently) and Vague (solid option coming through the ranks).

Not enough minutes and money for better benches.

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Last year

"Can see why Adelaide are near the bottom with two imports considered third string"

You do realise that A Moore in his post is Armani Moore, New Zealand import, not Ramone Moore, right?

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Last year

Nope, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it - didn't read the "A"

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With that said, Ramone Moore being 6th Man last year, was kind of our third string import

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Didn't play like it, so probably irrelevant. Guys like Egwu and A Moore and Hall have been at a more distinct lower tier.

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Apologies if my post wasn't clear.

Most teams don't need even 10 players in a normal game, much less the 11/12 we now have.
What I am referring to is the situation in which they lose multiple players to injuries, or they find that some of their bench players are scrubs.

The nextstar players should not be compared to a 3rd import. They are paid for my the league and don't count as either an import or as a rostered player

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Last year

I don't know...
On the one hand, its hard to complain about our record.

On the other, I am starting to get concerned.
I don't know if our guys are really on the brink of returning, or if that's just a line to keep the opposition guessing?
I like what Dech is bringing, but of course he's a TP signed as an injury replacement. I wouldn't mind if we had somebody just a bit further along than Cummings as our 1st choice DP.

The comments about the Asian players are interesting. Given its now only a handful of countries, which mostly have relatively well-paid leagues of their own...
Doe the NBL overlap or correspond to their premier leagues at home??
Cos if so then yeah it would be hard to imagine getting good players.

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Anyone see the bucks bench today?

Adjustable heights as well as heated, thats a bench!!

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