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Last month

New NBL commentators

I heard Hugh Greenwood did the Adelaide game. How did he go?

I thought Chris Anstey was impressive in commentary yesterday. I think the NBL made a good move moving Homicide to celebrity row and Anstey into the booth.

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Last month

Thanks for popping into the forum MJ.
Search the threads to see opinions on commentators, be warned most are negative.

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Last month

Anstey was ok, but the voice is a big key to success. A little monotone for my liking.

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Last month

Yeah,just a little...

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Last month

Really enjoying Carfino commentary, need more of him.

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Last month

Tragardh / Anstey same same.

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Last month

I get why Tragardh might not be everyone's cup of the but I like him.

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Last month

New drinking game. Skull every time the astrophysicist with the fake white hair says the words "be able to".
Why him and that other cock head Shane that commentates cricket, continue to get air time is beyond me.
Get rid of both of them.

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Last month

Bring back the band. Casey and Carfino duo on max amount of games. Third wheel Gaze when he gets the sack. Don't fix what wasn't broken.

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Last month

Gaze was about as good a commentator as he is a coach

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Last month

As the third wheel back in the day a playoffs he was fine. Unlike most of these new turds.

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Last month

for playoffs*

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Last month

Lol at Heal. He said "to be able to" three times in one sentence. Uses it at least 50 times a game. Pathetic commentator.

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Last month

The vastly different assessments here shows how subjective rating commentators is. My all-time favourite trio was Casey, Carfino and Gaze. Without Gaze, I would happily inject Heal into the lineup. Heal provides a good balance of enthusiasm, analysis and insight, knowledge of the game, and the status of an Australian basketball legend.

It takes time for commentators, especially past player commentators, to adapt to the role behind the mic. I was very impressed by Anstey's insights, although complaints that his tone of voice comes off as quite monotonous for TV commentary seem valid. Kerle suffered likewise with his monotonous voice, although has improved somewhat since, but he doesn't impart the same basketball wisdom as Anstey routinely does.

As for other commentators, I really like Tragardh's commentary. Santamaria is underrated as a commentator. I treat Corey Williams as a joker commentator as I tend to assess many of his basketball opinions as not so credible. Viewed in that way, he is entertaining to listen to.

The main weakness in the NBL is the play-by-play commentators. In my mind there is Casey then daylight. Dwayne Russel is painful.

For all the complaints here, I think the mix of commentary in the NBL stacks up fairly well compared to the local commentary in the NBA. There are many very painful commentators in the NBA. I don't notice the same level of biased homers covering the NBL. Then look at livebasketball.tv and the commentary in the NBL seems brilliant by comparison.

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Last month

Agreed with the first two sentences. Casey, Carfino and Gaze - yes! Subjective? Yes - since you lost me with Heal at al.

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Last month

Any week with Dwayne Russell commentating is a bad week.

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Last month

rjd - I like Heal too. I think Casey, Carfino and Heal is my preferred trio. Santamaria is good too - doesn't force it.

You know, hearing the gripes about commentators, coaches, referees and players, I'm wondering if the real issue is with fans.

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Last month

Heal is not to bad but keeps rattling on about favourite players and old mates act, I'm sick to death of being told how good Cadee is and Froling family, let it lie and just call what’s on in the game. Yes and get Gaze back in the commentary box. Bring back Matt McQuade as well.

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Last month

There;s one of the commentators, not sure who, keeps using the phrase "on the pine."
Except apparently he believes the court is made of pine. LOL

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Earlier this week

I have been impressed with this new sideline reporter in the Sydney v Illawarra game

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