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Next NBL TV Deal

Kestelman says next pay TV partner must value NBL's global spread

When Kestelman first took over the NBL, he and his staff found they had little currency with television partners but the league's growing number of fans, talent and global viewers means he will enter talks with Fox Sports in a much stronger position.

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Years ago

owning the rights to the team USA vs boomers games will play a big role in the next negotiation.

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Years ago

Good luck to him and his whole organisation, been great for basketball.

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Years ago

I believe more needs to be on FTA and unless im mistaken, this cant happen til the 9 deal expires, right? Alternatively could a free online platform (e.g. twitter) take the space of fox?

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Years ago

I doubt a free online platform without reasonable market reach (i.e twitter) will be a reasonable prospect. It works for the hardcore fans (hence Overtime) but to try and grow an audience based on one social media outlet and a FTA deal showing 1-2 games on a digital multichannel would be madness.

This is LK strengthening his position in the market (deservedly so) but they'll still end up back on Fox Sports/Kayo, no one else is likely to give them the volume of HD coverage space needed.

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Years ago

I thought it was a 5 year deal going to 2019-20 but ok, doubt that it's going to be anywhere online unless they're taking it back to NBL TV exclusives which would be going back to the One/Ten days. Fox Sports seems like the obvious option, it's the only network that shows all of any Australian league on TV, however since the NBL produces it's own content, it does open the door to ESPN which don't do local sports production and they could just show the NBL like an overseas sport unlike any other Australian sports league, ESPN could also put it on in the Philippines and I think they're getting Fox Sports Asia in the Disney-Fox buy out (nothing to do with Foxtel or Fox Sports Australia), let's see how that goes. Although the NBL would still need to source commentators since the Russells come from Fox Sports.
Doubt that's going to happen but hypothetically that could be a way to go.

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How are the TV ratings?

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How will the TV ratings will be now that the BBL has started?

Good LK

Your league simply does not rate on TV

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Years ago

are you implying that a sport on a major FTA channel rates better than a sport on Foxtel? OMG NFW!

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Years ago

"Good LK"

I would describe him as "Great" not good

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Food for thought  
Years ago

I like Larry's enthusiasm and optimism for the future of the NBL, but I think he might be overselling the NBL's position with broadcasters. The ratings for NBL are still pretty modest and to say the NBL has a 'global reach' is a bit ridiculous when you consider that maybe a few thousand people elsewhere may tune in, if we're lucky.

I am sure the NBL can barter for a better deal than it has but I still think whatever deal they're given will be a lightyear away from where it needs to be to be sustainable. It may alleviate some of the production costs, maybe.

As for FTA, the deal can increase or decrease as Nine sees fit. If the playoffs rate reasonably there could be cause for some games on Nine's main channel. But at this point, we're not seeing enough evidence of growth there to suggest that the FTA position will improve. FTA ratings are 10 percent better than they were last year, but that is 10 percent of virtually nothing.

So the NBL continues to improve and show promise but it is improving on a minute scale. There still needs to be an injection of money, publicity, interest and exposure to push the league over the edge.

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Years ago

I think LK is right. There is a lot of potential in the NBL if a FTA station is prepared to promote it right. Hell there is a lot more potential in the NBL for Foxtel if they would actually promote it right too.

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Years ago

It doesn't rate and big bash got in first!

Hard to have barging power when fox know that no one else is bidding!

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Years ago

I suspect this is a bit more about asking for some dollars from Fox than anything.

I think the Boomers v USA game rights are already given?

Unless they pull something bizarre like Netflix having rights (which they won't), then i'd say it's realistic to try and get Fox to pay say $250k per year for next 4 years plus some additional basketball shows on Fox Sports.

Re 9, i'm wondering if the proposed Sunday Morning basketball show will wait for a second year? Hmm.

Ideal 2019/20 Scenario:
» All games LIVE on FOX
» All games streamed live on NBL TV/NineGo/FoxSports
» Weekly TV show on FOX
» Weekly TV show on Nine (when Tennis is on, moves to GO)
» 2 Arvo Games LIVE on Nine (when tennis is on, moves to GO)
» Prime time game LIVE on Go

Wednesday: Round Preview on Fox Sports (NBL League Teams type thing)
Thursday: NBL Exclusive on FOX
Friday: NBL Exclusive on FOX
Saturday: Arvo NBL on Nine; PrimeTime NBL on GO (both also on FOX)
Sunday: NBL Highlights Show (like the old Sunday ABC program) on Nine;Arvo NBL on Nine (game also on FOX)

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Years ago


Sounds about right. Games on GO need to rate higher to make 9 main channel.

What we might see is home town/ home state games being on 9 main.

As much as all us eastern seaboard era would hate to admit, Perth/WA would probably be the first experiment on 9 main channel (only time zone differences might be a sticking point) when the Wildcats are playing away.

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Years ago

Channel 7 already do the 7 main/ 7Mate state differentiation for AFL. 7Mate shows on northern (nominally NRL) states, with 7main in southern states.

Obviously the technical capacity is there for this to happen. Is there the demand? Hence my guess that WA will see it first.

(Above: eastern seaborders).

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Years ago

anyone know what the breakdown of money will be from the USA v Australia games?

What proportion of it was negotiated by Basketball Australia and what proportion the NBL?

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Years ago

Not certain on tv deal but no one at the cricket in the sporting capital and the tennis in Perth very sparse as well. When you consider the basketball had 9500 today in Sydney where crowds don't turn up like Melbourne sports fans and Perth where they get 12000 plus regular, I’d say basketball is in good shape and deserves a better deal. Even the 22-20 cricket hasn’t had sell outs.

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