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Leave or Stay Imports 2019 20?


I think Cotton and Randle are the only imports signed next year.

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Cotton and Ramone Moore are the only imports under contract for next season although the Kings have a team option on David Wear that would be unlikely to be exercised.

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Last year

Isn't Ramona Moore signed for next season??

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Last year

- Melo Trimble: Great player but questionable attitude and body language. He will get better with more experience. Keep
- DJ Newbill: Given more responsibility this year on a weaker team to step up. Hasn't been up to it and has been exposed at times. Leave
- Devon Hall: Glimpses but a major disappointment considering his NBA looks. Leave

- Lamar Patterson: Absolute stud and a great club man who has fit in perfectly. Keep
- Jeremy Kendle: A serviceable roster filling Import. Not a star but he wouldn’t cost much. Leave
- AJ Davis: ???

- Jerome Randle: Starring again and working well in tandem with Bogut. Keep
- David Wear: Has lifted of late but despite being a budget signing has been disappointing. Leave
- Brian Bowen: Has been very useful coming off the bench. Unlikely to be back, but he will get better and better. Keep if available

- Brian Conklin: Serviceable but the league has gotten a lot better since he was an MVP. His biggest problem is the constant complaining rather than channeling that aggression into determined play. Leave
- Cedric Jackson: Massive disappointment and will never play in the NBL again. Poor effort and even poorer attitude. Such a waste from a league great. Leave
- Jordair Jett: Carrying way too much weight but stays effective through his fantastic effort. If he dropped 10kg, he’d be a keep for sure. Keep

- Casper Ware: Continues to be amongst the elite guards in the competition. Keep
- Josh Boone: Has fallen away this year. Appears his body is beginning to fail him. Leave
- DJ Kennedy: Has improved but is far too inconsistent. Leave

New Zealand
- Shawn Long: With Bogut, one of the best two big men in the league. Keep
- Patrick Richard: Consistency has improved but has not lifted enough to carry the load of the disappointment that has been Corey Webster. Leave
- Armani Moore: Non factor and not good enough for an import spot. Leave

- Ramone Moore: A great club man and is extremely versatile being able to play in all three perimeter positions. Keep
- Jacob Wiley: A stud in the making. Given time, he will be a star if Adelaide can keep him. Keep
- Demetrius Conger: The former Hawk Has been a bit inconsistent on what is a stronger team. Has the pedigree. Keep

- Bryce Cotton: Premier offensive player in the league. Keep
- Terrico White: very inconsistent but a gun when on. Leave

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Last year

Moore, Wiley, Conger
Long, Richard

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Violet Crumble  
Last year

I would agree with pretty much all of Bullets' assessments. The only players would take particular umbrage with would be:
Trimble - great individual performances at the offensive end, but very little effort elsewhere. Sure, if you just want to put bums on seats, he's fine, but I doubt he will make your team better; and
Conger, at the very least at Adelaide. Same question marks as Trimble actually, for mine - plus I think the Sixers could find a better use for that third import spot. A true PG would see them in good stead, moving Sobey back to his natural position, and you could utilise Moore as a sixth man and even play him occasionally at the 3. Clearly DeLeon was a bit cooked, but with a quality floor general they would look a bit more composed.

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Last year

Violet Crumble, you wrote,
"Trimble - great individual performances at the offensive end, but very little effort elsewhere. Sure, if you just want to put bums on seats, he's fine, but I doubt he will make your team better; and ".
I don't disagree with your assessment of his value but he IS their best import, PG and scorer.

Now, what if you kept him and he turns out to be your worst import/PG/scorer in 2019. Then I say that you have a fabulous team. Keep him and improve what's around him.

Surely upgrading on Newbill and Hall wouldn't be too difficult. Perhaps focus on getting a genuine Hall (read: 2/3 scorer) and a replacement 4/big3 to give Jaiwai more help in the paint. Loughton may be retiring(?) and I don't think Loe is as useful as hoped. With Walker, I think he's fine in a role similar to what Hire/Wagstaff offer to Perth. Don't mean style of play but more a "go in there and do such and such" role, a spark off the bench. Young, top player at QBL, heck of a work-horse but, at this level, think he's on the outer. Kenny, really? A good player and prob a top guy. Backing Martin at Perth was a fine role for his talent. Hold the fort while Martin rests. He still had guns around him who scored at will. Which, in return, offered him more space to get his shots off. But at the taipans, he's replacing their top scorer and distributor.

Now, lets' say that Cotton, Ware or Randle is in Trimble's place. Are Cairns any/much better off?

No, I'd be trying to keep Trimble, recognise his weaknesses, and see if they can be covered. His strengths are ok, by me. Keep.

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Last year

I would not put Conger as a leave just yet....we know the guy is good, I want to see if he can re-discover that form.

If he is in Hawks form, we can really make noise in the playoffs especially against Sydney

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Last year

I can see Shaun Long going to United for Boone

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Last year

Anymore new on Melbourne phoenix

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Violet Crumble  
Last year

Robt, I wouldn't disagree with that. If he were the third import in the right fit, he’d be really handy, but for the sake of my accessment, I was treating him as the #1 import (which he clearly has been for Cairns). He shoots the 3 at a good rate, so maybe playing with a high level import he can still be an offensive weapon, but I still don’t like what I’ve seen out of him at the defensive end. I would love to see the tradition of Cairns being an audition for Brisbane, he would look great paired with Patterson if the Bullets can keep him.

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Last year

no way trimble stays next year. looks like he can't wait to get out of there.

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Last year

Don't forget Sobey will be going to Pheonix next year so dirty 6ers will be needing an import point guard for sure

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Last year

Long will be with either United or Wildcats next season for sure. They will offer him big $...

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Last year

Long will get even bigger offers from Europe

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Last year

Adelaide should keep Wiley not Conger.
Brisbane should keep Patterson
Cairns maybe keep New bill
Illawarra keep Jett.
Melbourne keep Ware
Perth are keeping Cotton
Sydney keep Randle. Bowen if drafted in 2nd round might be good option to keep as mainstream import is better than Wear.

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Last year

36ers need a point guard more than Conger and, as above I'd keep Wiley and Moore ahead of Conger. Haven’t the playoff appearances under Wright all been with import point guards? I don’t see that changing this season. Conger would be worth keeping in the league but not at 36ers.

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Last year

Conger would be a good fit on most teams.
Just hasn't panned out for him at Adelaide but there is time.
He would slot in easily at Cairns over Hall and Perth over White.

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Last year

Conger needs a lot of ball, can't see that working in Perth with Cotton who is there main man. Even in Cairns this season Kelly been working all season on Trimble being more team orientated, which is now starting to happen with much better results.

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Last year

Re: Adelaide

How old/experienced is Wiley? If there's room for emotional growth and maturing, he’d be worth keeping.

Moore worth spot as 6th man, with versatility to play 1-3 and lead the benchies. Not a starting guard, but his versatility was well used as 6th man.


Retain Bowen if he’s available. Keep Randle. Need a 4 man who’s not a liability, Kickert can give spot minutes and scoring, but neither 4 can produce. Next season Bogut’s another year older, and shouldn’t be relied upon to cover soft and inept D from the 4. Pineau will be a role player. Could Deng develop into a mobile 4 if given more minutes?

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Last year

Imo lot people getting carried away with Bowen and the nba talk, he's a super athlete but defensively not great and fantastic dunker but not a reliable shot, you need better for your second import. Kings with new owners and most likely less coin next year. The word is JVG will be gone.

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