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Jordan Ray

Next Stars - mate's with the Ball family.

Posted he’s deciding between NBL teams. NZ can’t get him so it’s either between Syd and ADE unless he just picked out random team logos.

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Last year

I just looked in to this - there's nothing about him from anywhere reputable on the web about him as a prospect, and he played 3mpg in EYBL. There's some info out there from JBA (Ball league) affiliated links suggesting he was a 4* prospect, had Div 1 offers, but there's nothing to verify that, and there's even suggestions he has lied about his age.

Watching what footage there is of his game makes me think he'd struggle to make an impact at NBL1 level let alone getting minutes on an NBL team.

On top of this, he seems even more of a headache than the Ball dad, in an interview on YT he described himself as the best shooter in his class and he said "my agent said I'd be a star in Australia, they love me", lol.

So my initial reaction to all of that is that this guy can't seriously be considered for a Next Stars spot. But then, there is the connection to the Ball family, and LaMelo is obviously a legitimate candidate for a N.S. spot. It seems quite unusual for Ray to just put this out there so definitively if it's clearly not true.

So maybe there's some sort of 'package deal' with LaMelo at play? Idek.

One thing that appears certain to me is that if he was put on an NBL roster, he wouldn't be getting many, if any, minutes, so it should be inconsequential regardless. LaMelo himself, who actually could be a lottery selection if all the baggage and BS wasn't attatched, will only be getting a backup role here in the league, and we've seen guys with legitimate draft buzz in Bowen/Ferguson be rotation pieces at best. A guy with no serious draft chances isn't getting minutes.

I just put a tweet out to Uluc/Santamaria/Ward about it, we'll see if they debunk it.

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Last year

Thinks of himself as a lottery pick too from what I read.

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Last year

This guy sounds like a headcase we dont need this guy in the NBL!!

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Last year

"in an interview on YT he described himself as the best shooter in his class and he said "my agent said I'd be a star in Australia, they love me", lol."

So what you're saying is that he's an American bsketballer??

He was invited to the Draft combine, and is referred to as a star of the JBA league. One source referred to his season as MVP worthy before being injured.

Not everybody is going to be a guaranteed top 5 draft pick.
Keep in mind that the next stars program is for kids. They're not meant to be superstars in our league. They're bonus players who you'd hope will get maybe 10 minutes, develop their game, and raise the profile of our league.

But also keep in mind the ability of our league to actually IMPROVE these kids!
Ideally, what we want to see is guys like him, come here as 3 or 4 star prospects, return home as a 5-star, and have their NBA teams enthusing how much better prepared they were than your average college drop-out.
After a few more years, we'd hope to see dozens of prospects putting up their hand and our teams getting to pick and choose.

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Last year

The thing is this kid wont even be close to drafted. Watch this video, this kid is the biggest liar ive ever heard we dont want him at all!!!

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Last year

D2.0 (1st anon here) -

Go have a listen to the video posted by anon - he was not indeed invited to the combine, he lied about that. It is also only claimed he was a 4* recruit by JBA affiliated outlets.. no where else will you find this information. Watch any footage of him play online and you will feel more certain that he is not up to the level of play that is claimed.

Any accolades or stats in the JBA league are both worthless due to the level of 'competition' and the artificial hype they try to generate for their so-called prospects.

And no, not all American athletes are delusional and arrogant, way to run with a stereotype. Both Bowen and Ferguson would humble, good character kids who tried their best in their limited roles. This kid is delusional and arrogant. He's nicknamed himself 'Hollywood Ray' ffs.

I want to see LaMelo in the NBL, he's a genuine talent and most of the baggage/character stuff is his dad who will remain overseas. But accepting one of his BBB friends that has zero chance of playing NBL minutes AND dealing with an intolerable attitude? That's not happening.

It's as simple as this - Ray to the NBL is unsubstantiated and highly unlikely. The NBL are smarter than this and he's simply not an NBL level player, even in garbage minutes.

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Last year

"He told USA Today he would eventually declare for the NBA Draft, today he makes it official with Stockrisers.

The former four-star prospect chose the JBA last year and now gets his shot to achieve his dream of making the NBA.

"I made this decision because I believe I'm ready for the NBA. I have put up numbers overseas I don’t believe college point guards can put up. I am NBA ready," Ray said.

As for further plans ahead of draft, he’s recovering from an injury. He will be 100% on January 11th, he told Stockrisers.

He will stay at the Ball Estate and train with LaVar Ball until the draft in June."

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Food for thought  
Last year

"But also keep in mind the ability of our league to actually IMPROVE these kids!
Ideally, what we want to see is guys like him, come here as 3 or 4 star prospects, return home as a 5-star, and have their NBA teams enthusing how much better prepared they were than your average college drop-out."

Exactly. I think Next Stars should be able to look at a kid with the right building blocks and develop him. It shouldn't have to be just a nursery for the kids who could sleep for the next year and still get drafted.

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Last year

They can start developing him by getting rid of the lavar syndrome

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Last year

Whats the point on developing non NBA draft picks though?

They wont be good enough to do much for a NBL team in the 1st season, unlikely to stick around for longer

If they not a high end NBA Draft pick, its not going to give the NBL much exposure or bring in a contract buy out,

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Last year

It's got nothing to do with stereotyping. Simple fact is that if you exclude players based on self-promotion and dumb tweets, then its going to be slim pickings.
Furthermore, regardless of who we get s next stars, we need them to generate publicity.

I have no idea whether this kid is any good, or just some random nong who happens to have heard of the NBL. So my bad.
(Fortunately, its not my job to select Next Stars. :-))

I simply make the point that not everyone will be an 5-star pick.

Be interesting to see what happens with Bowen.

The downside with the system is that if he isn't drafted, he'll have to go to G-League, Europe, etc, and then if he does make it, we don't get the credit.

Maybe they should amend the system, such that Next Stars have to be guaranteed a minimum of two years. SO in the 2nd year he either takes a import slot, or plays as a Next Star for a 2nd year and you can't have a new one.

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Last year

And who said Stock Risers is a legitimate source of information? They only have 2k followers on Twitter. It's the standard fake news source artificially hyping the status of players.

If he was a true 4* athlete it would be noted someone reputable.

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Last year

Some really good points, it shouldn't be only 5 star recruits that are targeted. Sure they're high profile and give the league some buzz. But then you look at guys like CJ McCollum, very lightly recruited because of size, but still got a chance at div one and due to his hard work became a star. There would be a tonne of kids that if for some reason, e.g., their grades were bad and had to go to juco first would profit from schemes like this. Way it's sounding more top prospects are looking here mainly because of strength of league and lifestyle. Culture is similar, English speaking, weather good. And coaching is good as well, please don't start with the normal bashing of who you don't like. Would be good to have that second tier to get them minutes but just devoting it to training 100% instead of going to class is what'll bring them. Then don't even limit it to America, they say there's a hundred Embiids walking around Africa, would be an interesting path for some of those kids to slowly bring them along without worrying about eligibility.
My favourite saying lately is Ja Morants dad's, "Don't go to where you want to be, go to where they want you". Would he be where he is now if he went to Kentucky. Remember the Harrison twins, both top 10 recruits, what are they doing now, think one is still in league but not where he was projected. Then the whole Humphries debacle. If they had come here you would think they'd be at least 1st rounders.

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