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The Boomers minus Simmons thread

Money before country in the case of Ben Simmons.
Broekhoff and Exum unavailable for family and injury reasons which is understandable.

My 12 for the World Cup

Dellavedova, Sobey
Mills, Goulding, McCarron
Ingles, Creek
Bolden, Motum
Bogut, Baynes
My 12th spot is between Kay and Landale.
Most would say pick Landale but do we really need 3 centres.


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Last year

lol 'money before country'. What a stupid knock. I'm disappointed too but you're talking about 200m, he'll still play in the Olympics next year, and he can work on becoming a better player. Give him a break.

My squad would be essentially the same -

Dellevadova / Sobey
Mills / Adel / Goulding
Ingles / Creek
Bolden / Motum
Bogut / Baynes / Landale

Wouldn't classify Sobey as a PG per se but with Mills playing off the ball you can run those 2 together offensively, with Mills defending the 1, Sobey the 2.

I think Landale makes sense for the final spot, Adel and Sobey are positionally versatile, there's no other pressing needs, but Landale provides a more mobile, more stretchy option at the 5 as opposed to the 2 bulkier options in Bogey/Baynes.

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Last year

Would you blame him in a contract year or negotiating max deal? I wouldnt. Too risky at a world cup. But i cant help but wonder if an agent or team influence here also.
IMO world cup just dont have appeal as say an Olympics or NBA Finals.

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Last year

I doubt Simmons will ever play for the Boomers.




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Last year

Dellavedova PG/SG
Mills SG/PG
Ingles SF/SG
Motum PF/C
Baynes C

Mccaron SG/PG
Sobey SG/PG
Creek SF
Bolden PF/C
Bogut C

2 of
Goulding SG
Adel SF
Landale C/PF

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Last year

He already has played for the Boomers but I don't think he will ever play for us again though.

Some players just don't care to play for their countries either at all or all that strongly. He's 'half American' anyway and basically grew up in the US he's been there for years and maybe doesn't even see himself as an Aussie anymore. I don't really think of him as one of us and have never counted on him to really be a part of the Boomers program.

Whilst he has a legitimate excuse this year there will likely be some other excuse next year too we've seen all that before with guys like Bogut & Longley who each went 7-8 year stretches without playing for the Boomers.

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Last year

Lots of Australian's go over to the US to help their development. He considers himself Australian and when he can, he'll play for us.

All this 'only cares for himself, sees himself as American' stuff is nonsense.

Bogut had legitimate reasons for not playing for the Boomers for a long period too, but he's played through injury to represent Australia as well. It's not because they don't care.

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I don't think it's fair to make the assumption he wouldn't want to play. He's walking into a 200 million dollar deal and I'm sure the 76ers and his agent don't want him getting injured. There is also the fact that some think he hasn't developed at all since his first season in the league. A lot of factors that are out of his hands and go way beyond just whether or not he wants to play.

But the situation is pretty shit for Boomers fans. I've gone from ultra excited to go to those Melbourne games to feeling like whatever happens there is going to be essentially meaningless. The World Cup takes on a bit of a different tinge for me. Yeah, we actually should have a better team than we did in Rio, but we are suspect at the guard spot. Ben Simmons was going to be the X Factor that plugged a lot of holes for us. Now, we look 'good' but do have some glaring weaknesses in our personnel.

With things apparently going well with Broekhoff, his wife, and the newborn, there could be a chance that he decides to make himself available if the Boomers should make the call, and I expect they will make contact. I think you could possibly slot him into the "maybe" pile over Deng Adel or one of the guards. But at the moment I'm going to have to roll with:


Landale would be in the mix, but it's hard to cut Adel at this point given the types of skills we lack.

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Last year

Grew up in the USA? Nah. Grew up in Aus.
Went to final year of high school and one year of college over there.
Had American accent within first week of arrival to the USA.

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Well, his father is American. Your accent often is influenced by your parents and immediate surroundings. I don't think things would have gone this far if Ben had absolutely no want to represent Australia.

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Last year

Grew up in the USA? Nah. Grew up in Aus.
Went to final year of high school and one year of college over there.
Had American accent within first week of arrival to the USA.

Nup he played the last 3 years of his HS ball in the US then college then the pro's. He's been over there with his dad since he was 15 which is why I said grew up there.

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Last year

Its the contract and the jump shot .

Not risking the $$ coming his way, and that's fair enough for a WC.

But I suspect he knows if he plays in the WC, everyone will be looking to see the jumper, and he just doesn't have one, or at least any confidence in the development so far this off-season.

He would be embarrassed to play b/c he would be forced to take jump shots and miss them on the world stage.

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Look, there's no evidence that this has anything to do with his national allegiance whatsoever. There are more people making this decision than just Ben alone.

On another note, I did notice that promotions for the Boomers series never included Ben in their posters, even after he announced his availability. Did the guys up top know all along this would end this way?

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Last year

Disappointing for Boomers fans, but I understand it from Simmons point of view. He's got a maximum contract extension on the table and with Butler out of the picture, his team is depending on him as the primary play-maker to lead them to the East Finals at minimum. Next season is a huge opportunity for him to make a name for himself, so if he wants to devote his Summer to improving his jumper instead of playing for the Boomers, I can't blame him really.

Our medal chances take a huge hit with him out, but we still have a lot of experience, good size, defence and shooting, so I think we can still be in the mix for a top 4 finish. I really hope Food For Thought is right and Broekhoff makes himself available. His combination of shooting, defence and rebounding would be invaluable for the Boomers.

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Last year

"What a stupid knock. I'm disappointed too but you're talking about 200m"

So you're saying the same thing as the OP. Just putting an amount on how much money before country, and saying it’s okay. To each their own. Who needs more than $100 million to live a fabulously well off 80 years of life anyway? I could’ve done just fine on a quarter of that.

No-one’s raised the insurance issue. Wasn’t that the reason for Bogut missing one of the World Championships? Is that the same here? i.e., can BA afford the insurance premium on such a massive contract? Or is it not an issue if he hasn’t signed yet?

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Last year

"On another note, I did notice that promotions for the Boomers series never included Ben in their posters, even after he announced his availability. Did the guys up top know all along this would end this way?"

If you look at the posters they put his name at the very end but didn't put any of his photos on the poster. Always looked suspicious. Why would they not put his picture but put his name and hide his name down the end of the poster.

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Last year

Learning the lesson of Exum, did an ACL in a meaningless international game. Did they halt his development? Could he have become a better player, No one knows but I bet Dante would second guess himself playing that series again at beginning of career. Got some good money himself but the money Simmons will command is astronomical. His choice and career, let him decide.

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Last year

I understand what everyone is saying about his jump shot and contracts and all those other things but what is stopping Simmons from being around the boys and working on those aspects of his game that he needs to work on in the Boomers environment ?

If we do have him for Olympics then you want him being more familiar with his team mates and coaching staff.

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Last year

Injury is an exceptable reason for not playing.
Can't be bothered is not.

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Last year

It's not about insurance issues. That is for 100 percent sure. Ever since 2016, all players are totally covered for there entire contract in all national team duties. Even completely covered in all friendly games and in all practice and training sessions, even non basketball workouts. So it definitely isn't about any insurance issue.

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Yeah, the whole "work on my game" thing is a bit ridiculous. It's one month of the off-season. What, he wasn't working on his game the past three months? Just laying around with the KarTRASHians? He can't work on his game while actively playing at a high level? If anything the World Cup gives him an opportunity to work on his game and actively implement the things he works on into a game environment.

I can accept it if they're talking about the ramifications of his contract causing him to be cautious, but "working on my game" is a cop out.

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Last year

He never said he's doing it to "work on his game," word out from Rich Paul (not Simmons himself) was he was staying in the states to "continue his preparation for the NBA season," which is pretty much saying he's focusing on NBA over NT.

This wouldn't be an easy decision for anyone to make, both for personal reasons (I truly believe he does want to play for Boomers), and knowing the reaction he would get from everyone in Australia.

Also, it hasn't been confirmed yet.

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Last year

your a selfish man PeterJohn!!! Maybe you could live just fine with a quarter of a 100 million, but some people are looking out for there parents, there siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, friends and are trying to make more people rich than just themselves. But hey, at least your country loves you, Viva La Cuba

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Last year

Lets get this back on track shall we?

delly / sobey
mills / goulding
ingles / creek
bolden / motum
bogut / baynes

How do we feel about Sobey being the back-up pg?

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Last year

Don't think we'll need a specific back-up PG. Will just be best player available, which still could be Sobey. With Delly, Mills and Ingles we have enough PG ability.

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Last year

I'll go

Delly/ (Mills)
Mills/ Goulding/ Gliddon
Ingles/ Creek/ Adel
Bolden/ Motum/ Kay
Baynes/ Bogut

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Last year

"He's been over there with his dad since he was 15 which is why I said grew up there."

I would say that shows he grew up mostly in Australia?

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Last year

I agree Greggo. When Delly's not on I think I'd prefer Ingles to be the primary ball handler. You can have Mills & Goulding playing off the ball.

No one seems to like our chances but personally getting a medal doesn't seem too out of reach for me.

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Well, with or without Simmons we're going to have a better team on paper than we had in Rio.



Delly/Sobey (upgrade offensively, similar defense)
Mills/Gliddon (more length, more dependable shot)
Ingles/Adel/Creek (less shooting ability, more athleticism and grunt)
Bolden/Motum (Bolden is a clear upgrade athleticly on Bairstow)
Baynes/Bogut/Landale (Landale can probably play a similar role to Anderson, Bolden can slip down to Center in small ball situations).

The 2019 team should have more length and athleticism and go deeper than the 2016 team, but still, not having Simmons is a big knock.

Also, has anyone else noticed that the talking heads of Australian basketball have shied away from the issue of Ben's availability? Nothing from heal, Homicide, Wortho, Boti, or really anyone with any official link to the NBL or Basketball Australia on the topic, save for the limp statement released last night. Why are people tip toeing the subject? Santamaria literally interviewed Lemanis today at Summer League and made no mention at all about it.

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Last year

They might not be talking about it because they understand it, and are aware of a fairly savage element in the media in Australia who would love to tear him down as some unpatriotic money-over-country not fair-dinkum-bloke b.s. whatever, just for some cheap clicks. Basically, perhaps they're trying to not make it much of a story. Given the hopes for Simmons in regards to his potential role in lifting the sport in Australia, I'd say most people within the sport wouldn't be too keen to accidentally spark or encourage any attempt to knock him down or turn him into a traitor/bad guy.

Most people didn't expect him to play at all this off-season and that we wouldn't see him till the Olympics. Some hoped he'd at least make the Melbourne games, given their importance to the promotion of the game in Australia. I think most were surprised when he gave what sounded like an open ended commitment a couple of months ago.

I don't think it's the risk of injury thing as he knew about the contract negotiation and it's timeline when he made that earlier commitment. If anyone should perhaps have any concern it might be Philly fans as he's obviously gotten his holiday out of the way and leapt into his off-season work and realised "oh shit, this is going to take more than I thought". Or perhaps it's just good news for Philly fans - he's decided he just wants to take 10,000 shots a day and do absolutely nothing else, basketball or otherwise.

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He's just signed his max extension so there's a chance that he now becomes available for the Boomers. We should know pretty soon I suspect if he cancels or chooses to proceed.

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Last year

Perhaps the last hurdle to signing the max was an assurance that he won't play for the Boomers this year?

But yeah we should find out either way soon

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76ers have always been supportive of Ben playing for the Boomers so it would be surprising if that was a condition of the contract. They may have asked he work on his shot and maybe they are going to find a way he can do both

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Gazeys thoughts

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Tristan Thompson has announced he's out as well. Another Rich Paul client. Rich Paul is single handedly fucking over the World Cup.

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Last year

Well, looking at this world cup omission issue from a different perspective, here we go......

The world cup of: soccer (football), rugby, cricket, so on and so on are all so highly regarded and positions among athletes to represent their country in a world cup (Olympics also to a large degree) are also considered at a premium I believe.

So, do we consider the world cup of basketball in this elite field, as spectators, media, the players and of course the corporate sponsors??

I am certain many players want this above almost anything else, but for basketball, is the world cup the pinnacle, is it as much an incentive as the world cup of soccer (the other world game)?

Just throwing out the idea that while we are lovers of the game and I for one am also sad not to see our very best possible team, I do wonder if it is some stigma or something other than a player just deciding other things are more important?

It isn't just the player perhaps that thinks this way..........perhaps!!

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I think the biggest problem for the world cup is it is a year before the Olympics. if it were two years before I think more players would put their hands up. But most people see Olympic glory as more important than World Cup glory in basketball.

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Last year

I can't remember the rules around who can play in the Olympics. Can all current USA, Canada, Boomers, who can play in the WC also play in the Olympics?

Is it only soccer where it’s limited to some degree by age?

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Last year

It is not limited by age for basketball and yes anyone eligible for WC is eligible for olympics

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