Last year

Rodney O?

He seems to be a bit all over the place and lost his touch. I wasn't sold on Eric and Mike but I guess you dont know what you got until its gone...

what's everyone else opinions?

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Last year

He's fine. Kings have been trying to imitate him ever since he left, so it’s some sort of justice that he’s back. At least he seems to have figured out how the Hungry Jacks promo works now.

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Last year

The game day experience has gone backwards IMO. The atmosphere isn't what it was, even with Rodney coming back. The crowds aren’t there yet either. They’ve got a great team on court but I’m not sure that Paul Smith knows what he is doing off the court. Very little promotion, not much buzz in Sydney at all.

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Last year

The game day experience is definitely rough. They've completely reset it and it's going to take some time - remember how bad the game day experience was initially with the last ownership group? Took a good couple of months before it was remotely decent, and it was really only last season where I thought they had it down. It's a bit disappointing to go backwards again, but not really unexpected either.

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Last year

"They've got a great team on court but I’m not sure that Paul Smith knows what he is doing off the court. Very little promotion, not much buzz in Sydney at all."

All he seems to do is wage twitter wars with other teams.

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Bill Beaver  
Last year

He's still the best option but personally I like to evolve - it's not basketball trading card, Australia is obsessed with NBA fashion early 90s era anymore. Would have been nice to reflect that evolution by having an on-court dude that's less Yank, personally.

To me, that's what's holding back the "atmosphere", but I can't argue because it seems "NBA-lite" works marketing wise for the Kings.

In the SEC era, the "feel" just used to be more grass roots. Quick scan of patrons and you see oversized 11 year olds, freakishly tall parents, everyone rocking local basketball association hoodies.

You still have that at Qudos but it's predominantly NBA-lite. Fans rocking NBA jerseys, or non playing parents who are there for a good time with the family (and on that point, it definitely delivers).

Went a bit off topic, but back to topic, I'll say he's about a 6 of 10 but there probably aren't any better options anyway. I mean there is the almighty, the effervescent, the chosen one, Newy's finest, Straight Outta Fanny's and 7 miles less than Marshall (One Mile Beach, Newy represent)...the one, the only, the realest of the realliest Clint Dizzle Dorkle Dogg, but I'm not sure the Kings have that sort of budget.

Further, I'm not sure his CD-Rs are compatible with the PA system.

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Last year

The kings play very entertaining basketball at present, the crowds have been very reasonable. It's early season so it should get better as bigger game approach. Sydney is still a very fickle market and so far the new management making very good decisions imo.

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Last year

Rodney has to be careful when announcing as he is giving the wrong information at times and causing issues between the Refs, teams,stats and scoretable.

Last saturday he called fouls on the wrong players before the refs signalled the foul and then you have teams jumping up and down about who got the foul when the stats agree with Scoretable and the team makes a sub when they do not have to because he announces incorrect information.

In the early days he was entertaining but time has taken it toll and he needs to concentrate and watch and listen better.

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Last year

Have to say that even at the tail end of his announcing before the Kings went under last time, he was dialing it in... Very repetitive and unenthusiastic, relying on his reputation as The Voice to carry him through...

I was glad to hear that he was back, but it's been a long time since he was behind the mic and really needs to put the effort in, as Eric had gotten decent and have a lot of people calling out "Who's ball?" even now... I always thought that it was catchy and the notoriously shit Sydney fans needed a catch phrase to get behind...

I say it every single time something like this is mentioned, but Sydney crowds are really hard to motivate and keep at a level of interest that actually translates into atmosphere, Rodney is going to have his work cut out and I don't know if he's that interested in putting it in...

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James Harvey fan  
Last year

Sydney ain't big enough for the C-Dog, Bill

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Last year

Bill Beaver with the C-Dogg reference, genuine lol.

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Last year

me me me type of guy

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Last year

You can never have enough ClintDogg references.

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Last year

Rodney's return has been disappointing. He feels like something is off with his delivery, enthusiasm and attention to detail. I'm not sure what it is, other than the passage of time?

He doesn't make attempts to pump the crowd up like he once did. He has been getting a lot of calls wrong. And he is really struggling to keep up with when he should be promoting Hungry Jacks, or not!

I thought Eric was doing a perfectly good job before he was flicked. That is possibly looking like a mistake, particularly given the current state of the once impressive O.

Mike Goldman was fun with the kids too - and let's face it, what else is the courtside timeout runner there for other than pumping up the kids?

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Last year

I'm happy to see Rodney back. Sure, he's a bit rusty but seems to get better each game. It's a pity they didn't keep Mike around as his replacement is terrible, but I'm assuming the budget wouldn't stretch for both Mike and Rodney.

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