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Sixers Entertainment Center Success?!...

So crunching thr numbers (not saying this is exact just generated on average ticket sales and food/drink revenue) the Sixers are on track for close to 4.5 million in revenue. Surely this makes the entertainment center move a big success. Hopefully this will prompt a larger cash splash on players? Huge upgrade on the lackluster Moore would be nice.

Does anyone know how much they are paying for use of the Entertainment Center? Also what the approximate cost of their player role and coaching/staff is worth?

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No idea on the financials of the move but I would hazard a estimated guess on the team still making a considerable loss.

The journey to profitability for the NBL and it's team owners is still a long road and I doubt Kelley will be splashing out onto the roster yet. Maybe after more consolidation.

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Good crowds though. Even the 36ers v Wildcats looked emptyish but got nearly 7,000

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I do think they will have more money to spend on players. We all know Moore is as good as gone unless he becomes a citizen and takes a paycut... Joey is on limited time, can't demand big money if your gamestyle hasn't changed for nearly a decade and isn't producing results. I would hope we might give Drmic and Froling a miss and look to obtaining Deng Adel who is very gettable.

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@KET closer to 8000 I think was the final number.

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Worse basketball venue but overall a better entertainment venue. Great move

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Worst??? Great atmosphere and good for the club. For the worst, you'd have to point to the Bullets home venue and embarrasing crowd numbers. That club is lucky the owners have cash because they can barely pull 3K to a game and who can blame them? Bullets are a shamble.

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Last year

MD, on TV last night they put a graphic up for attendance it was 6,900+.

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AEC comparative to TSA

Better location: AEC
Better seats: AEC
Better leg space: TSA
Better atmosphere: TSA
Better overall facilities: AEC
Better capacity: AEC
Better view: AEC

AEC is a winner so far - in terms of seats not on ground level, all the GA/silver/gold seats are so much better than TSA.

Atmosphere unfortunately is worse but not substantially so.

AEC is a very successful move thus far IMO

Only thing that annoys me is #1 inability to buy prancing pony if you're not in premium seat section and #2 whomever runs the tech side of things on the big screen sucks at it and should be fired (not talking about the in game footage that’s from IMG productions that we already know does highlights in a completely annoying fashion)

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Last year

Amazing to think Adelaide got 14-15,000 to two games a few days apart.

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Last year

Good summary KET. I would also add that the air conditioning is a godsend, we are living in scorching Adelaide summer after all. Would also love to see Prancing Pony beers able for purchase.

Overall I'm pleased with the move. And glad the ownership is keen to add value, rather than the traditional Australian captive audience, pay $15 for stale popcorn type deal.

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from all reports i'd say it's a good move

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Last year

Agree with everything KET but better view????? Maybe in your experience but the multiple replacement seats offered to us had restricted views, and we were second row at TSA!!!

If the move secures the club's long term future we are happy to miss out, not a whinge but just wanted to state ours (and others judging on feedback on here) experience.

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Last year

Out of interest we're your seats on the court level? Those seats look like they aren’t steep enough to produce decent views for how expensive they are likely to be.

I sat silver, ga and gold and to be honest they all produced good views up to the very back.

I haven’t been lower level/court level, I’m guessing the upper seats are significantly better view wise vs TSA while the lowest level seats (members) are worse than TSA.

Completely agree re air conditioning, I’ve been to some hot af games at TSA and it’s a sweaty struggle while ent centre is very comfortable.

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Last year

TSA had its charm. You were really on top of the action from wherever you sat, and the stadium was so boutique. Everywhere you looked there was history, faces from the basketball community that you knew. At its best a game at TSA felt like a real celebration of the community and its history.

Entertainment Center doesn't quite have that yet. The blacked out stands make you feel more like you're watching a movie or something. There's a certain level of fan engagement with eachother that is lost with that. The facilities are excellent though, and far outweigh anything TSA had. The upper levels of TSA smelt like a urinal in an old prison. Air conditioning is also a thing.

As a fan, the convenience of access (via tram, close to city), and the upgrade in facilities makes this a win for me. And the team is luring more fans week by week, even though (in my opinion anyway) the team just isn't that good this year.

Moving to the EC was the right decision but I can't pretend nothing was lost in the move.

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Last year

AEC is a much better venue in terms of amenities, location, most viewing areas, etc. But the atmosphere with 3000-4000 at TSA is way better than AEC with 8000. If the TSA had crowds of 5000 and up the place completely rocked. The wooden floors were great for the crowd stomping which even goes back to Apollo days. The sellout games in playoffs were insane atmosphere.I feel you need atleast a minimum 10,000 at AEC to get it rocking.

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Last year

Bullets have the worst venue and crowds in the league, it's bush league.

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Last year

Agreed sixtiesrockstar

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Last year

Most of this sounds exactly like what was said by Perth fans after the move from Challenge. Clearly a better venue, but the lower level seats lost out and it doesn't really have the same atmosphere.

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Last year

I'd rather they would open up the curtained off area and sold more GA tickets at a lower price to get more people through the door (assuming they wouldn't lose money doing that, I don't know the maths though).

36ers GA tickets are $30 for adults, $23 for concession and $13.50 for kids, competing with Adelaide United GA at $24 for adults, $20 for concession, $15 for youths (13-17) and $10 for under 13s and Strikers GA at $22 for adults, $14 for concession and $5 for kids (only standing on the hill though), hell Strikers reserved tickets are $28, $19 and $10 respectively. So the 36ers have the highest low bar to get people through the door of the major summer sports in Adelaide.

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Last year

They're spending more than enough on the roster. Just not consistent with the results. I guessed one player salary and it is apparently 3x what I guessed. And I hardly guessed low either.

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Last year

I blame a lot of the crowd atmosphere on the crowd itself. Get a bit too enthusiastic and involved and you'll have someone eagle-eyeing you or telling you "hey, that's enough!" The kind of heckling and banter you often see at Perth Arena would turn noses at Adelaide Arena. Clap when you're meant to clap, boo when you're meant to boo, make sure you're an absolute NPC who never breaks the unspoken noise rules among the crowd or boring old bitties and they might not report you to security. I can't imagine an original chant or anything different or humorous developing among an Adelaide crowd. Just say "defense" a few times as though that actually helps and expect that noise never becomes louder than you might set the volume in your own lounge room.

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Last year

Neither as good as the atmosphere, closeness to the court, players and each other and smoke-filled view of Apollo thought

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Last year

"Neither as good as the atmosphere, closeness to the court, players and each other and smoke-filled view of Apollo though“

Yeah. Sitting up the very top when they'd sold more tickets than capacity (I’m convinced anyway). Anyone over 4’10" had to stoop over.

If you were on the stage, you may have stepped in traces of Jimmy Barnes’ vodka without knowing it.

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