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NBL Jersey Colours

Is it just me or are people sick of seeing black vs white in so many games?

Almost all teams have a white away strip and at least five of the teams regularly play with a black home strip.

I think the Big Bash has it right. Every team should have a primary and secondary colour with only Melbourne United playing with a black home and white away strip.

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why melbourne have a black home strip? pretty sure Breakers were in the comp in black before united even existed?

I agree though

ditto RED

SEM should have been majority Green not black...

or you play it like NBA where home team is the light colour...

I know we in this forum either love or hate Bit Nagy but he did do a piece on this exact same topic not that long ago...

What colours should teams be if we are going with dark home vs light away (No white away colours)

Adelaide Dark Blue H Yellow/Red A

Brisbane Blue H Yellow A

Cairns Orange H Orange A (this is tough one)

Perth Red H ??? A (Or do they go back to oringinal state colours before the coke sponsorship)

United Black H ???? A (Go back to Tigers colours of yellow/orange/black)

Breakers H Light Blue ??? A

Sydney Purple H Yellow A

SEM Green H ???? A

Hawks Red H ??? A

couple of tough ones to pick if we dont want white away strip

whats wrong though if there isnt a clash for the team to wear its home strip?

provided you have two distinct colours it shouldnt matter

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Last year

Team: Home, Away, Clash Basic, Alternate (usually Heritage or otherwise based)
Melbourne: Navy Blue, Light Gray/White, N/A, Tigers
SEM Phoenix: Ash & Green (current one), Green (like they used in pre-season), White, Titans/Magic
Adelaide: Blue (current one), Red & Blue & White, White, Royal Blue or Yellow
Brisbane: Blue (current one), Yellow, Maroon or White, N/A
Perth: Red, Red, White, Black
Illawarra: Red & Black, Red & White, N/A, N/A
NZ: Black & Blue, Light Blue, White, Black & White (Tall Blacks singlet)
Sydney: Purple, Yellow, White, Black & Purple
Cairns: Orange, Orange, White, Black

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Last year

Taipans have a navy blue strip, not black.

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Last year

"Is it just me or are people sick of seeing black"

Reality and ME are.

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Last year

I'd like to see teams wearing their main colours as much as possible and their alternative colours should be a secondary colour rather than white.

Main: Navy Blue
Alt: Red or Gold (against Bullets, United, Breakers, Kings)

Main: Royal Blue
Alt: Yellow (against 36ers, Kings)

Main: Orange
Alt: Navy (against Hawks, Wildcats)

Main: Red
Alt: Black or White (against Taipans, Wildcats)

Main: Black
Alt: White or Grey (against 36ers, Breakers, Kings)

New Zealand
Main: Black
Alt: Light Blue (against 36ers, United, Kings)

Main: Red
Alt: Black or White (against Taipans, Hawks)

South East Melbourne
Main: Green
Alt: n/a

Main: Purple
Alt: Yellow (against 36ers, Bullets, United, Breakers)

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Last year

^ I agree with this

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Last year

I agree that for the most part it is pointless.
Perth is RED, that really only clashes with Hawks partial Red, and Cairns.

Sick of seeing teams like Adelaide have to come to Perth and play in White.

I don't know if this much science has ever gone into it, but I have always wondered if the lack of green strips in sport is due to the prevalence of green-deficiency in Northern Europeans.

My Dad couldn't tell the difference between pink and pale green.
(He also once bought the wrong colour paint for his car, because he thought his green Falcon was Gold)

I don't know, maybe those people have trouble distinguishing Blue from Yellow???

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Last year

I think it comes down to the home team can use their preferred uniform and the NBL will approve the uniform that the away team uses and that it doesn't clash.

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Last year

How long is this first ever deal?

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A A Ron  
Last year

Home team should always be white so the away team can wear their true team colour giving attending fans a chance to clearly identify different opponents and different opposing stars. When fans watch their team on TV on the road they see their teams colour. The NBA has done it this way and it's sure worked for their marketability.

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Last year

Away team should always be white so the home team fans can wear their team's colours. Every stadium being a sea of white = borrrrrring. Every piece of NBL merch being white = borrrrrrrring.

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Last year

Can't have green uniforms......the refs are green :p

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Last year

Comparing to the nba is relevant but also not, they have three times as many teams.
Also courts are branded for home teams unlike ours. The big bash has clearly had 8 teams/ 8 colours to create association. NBL is an older league but should think about doing the same.

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Last year

Can't have green uniforms......the refs are green :p
The refs have been wearing grey for Phoenix games, which implies there was at least some thought toward having the Phoenix wear green during the season.

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Last year

WNBA did it right a few years ago getting rid of white jerseys altogether. Looks way better on TV with 2 opposing colours. White is boring. Glad the Bullets got rid of their white home jersey after their first season back. Been a trend in past few seasons of NBA teams not wearing white so much in their home games as well.
Fans should be able to wear their teams colours at home like other people above have been saying. Agree with person who said white everything at home is "borrrrrring'. Bullets first game in 2016/2017 against Perth would’ve looked much better with all free Chemist Warehouse maroon shirts rather than the white shirts they went with (glad Bullets went back to traditional blue the next season though)
I’m obviously a Bullets fan, my away jersey preference is yellow (Looney Tunes yellow looked good on TV)

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Last year

"How long is this first ever deal?"

Forever...or until LK sells majority share of NBL...his son Justin will no longer be first preference for merchandising

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Last year

A couple of seasons ago Adelaide changed their colours to gold and a deeper red to go with their blue... since then I have felt that the gold is so under used, if they were more successful then surely they'd wheel out predominantly gold with their blue and red strip and it would be unique and stand out... I hate the 36ers but they'd have a seriously awesome looking jersey (the other colours can be incorporated more or some white if the gold is too lairy.

I liked the Cj Bruton Hawks when they had some teal in their jersey and that could help break up the black and red but I do appreciate the grey in this seasons as they are trying something.

I know this is about how teams should stay away from dark but I loved the Cairns dark blue away jersey of maybe 3 seasons ago, it looked really nice

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Last year

Wasn't the old NBA uniforms white for home and then the coloured uniforms for the visitors?

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