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BA announces Return To Basketball guidelines

The principles of the Return to Basketball Guidelines include:

Provide the basketball community with clarity on what activities may be able to occur at each stage of lifted restrictions
Education to all participants about COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies
Assessment and preparation of the training and playing environment
Assessment of participants prior to the resumption of training and competition
Delivery and ongoing management of training and competition including venue management
These Return to Basketball Guidelines were developed in line with expert advice from Australian Institute of Sport Chief Medical Officer, Dr David Hughes and Basketball Australia Chief Medical Officer, Dr Peter Harcourt.

"The Australian basketball community has demonstrated exemplary behaviour in assisting state and federal governments to stop the spread of COVID-19 and this vigilance will need to continue as we restart basketball activities," expressed Harcourt.
Guidelines for Return to Playing Basketball (PDF)

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Is this a joke:
"Start of Game
Games should not be started with a jump ball. Instead
toss a coin or use "rock, paper, scissor" to determine
which team will have first possession. Alternatively,
first named team in the draw has the first possession."

Are they taking the p*ss?

Typical of basketball administrators. In SA you got our kids about to play a basketball game, in a city that has 0 active cases, with 1 new case in 28 days. And they can't start with a jump ball?

C'mon guys! I think we can start with a jump ball. Scary thing is I have much less faith in BSA than I do in BA. Let's see what happens next with this madness.

It's time to kill off the monopolies by so called "peak sporting bodies", and introduce more market driven, consumer options that takes care of stakeholders. Not the other way round where stakeholders are taking care of the dictators as the case now.

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Last week

are we suppose to treat these as serious??

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Last week

One thing the coronavirus has done is expose so many of the complete muppets sitting in officialdom.

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Last week

Very average not having a jump ball start given the perceived risks.

At the end of the day if you are sick do not play; coach or umpire and attend the game. After the game do not hang around and try and ensure payments are on cards rather than cash. Use hand sanitizer at the start and end of games.

Common sense stuff really - make rules on how many times to blow your whistle and not to have a jump ball is taking it too far IMO.

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Last week

I like no hand shakes, high 5's or pushing off the ball!!

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Last week

Jump ball thing is a little silly, but if you look past that with a bit more maturity it's all pretty sensible stuff in the context.

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Last week

IMO posters are being a tad unfair on the sports administrators - they have to comply with public health dictates. That said, the no jump ball rule is really really stupid.

In looking ahead to the U16/U18 nationals, what is NOT in these guidelines is a requirement for players to get tested for covid (and be cleared) to participate in a BA event.

If you know your playing group are clear of Covid, it provides more leeway for contact in other allowing jumpballs! Are testing kits still hard to come by?

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Last week

When is the u16 and u18 nationals?

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Last week

If there is a risk in having a jump ball, isn't there also a risk in :

- Playing D, getting a charge?

- Inbounding a ball where the shooter may be a Covid carrier? Or should an UV sanitiser be installed into the hoop? What if the shot misses, how can we sanitise the ball before the rebound?

- Setting a pick, I don't the defender hitting my screen, surely he must lag 1.5 wide and 1.5m behind? Its not safe otherwise.

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Last week

"killing off peak bodies" could be the stupidest comment on Hoops I have ever seen..... and that is saying quite a bit

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Last week

^ agreed #111. There have been some fairly dumb post of late but "killing off the peak bodies" is the gold star of dumb posts.

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Last week

What value do they provide stakeholders other than been totally distant from them, the game and out of totally touch with what their stakeholders/customers need and want? They provide insurance? You can get that elsewhere. There are independent events and competitions popping that are showing SSOs are not needed to run and develop the game.

This stupid policy is just the latest example.

You don't need peak bodies involved like we have them involved in this country. Infact, most countries in the world they are relatively small organisations that do very little, other than put out guidelines on the rules and let independent entities run and develop the game and consumers can vote with their feet.

In SA it is a monopoly of poorly governed, disconnected, poorly paid people in BSAs case they are governed by people who have virtually noting to do with basketball. It is staffed by people that are in it for themselves, driven by politics, in order to keep their own jobs.

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Last week

I wondered if the removal of the jump ball might've been to minimise handling of the ball between ref and players, but didn't see mention of any other situations where that might occur. Maybe they figured they'd removed other jump balls in past years, so might as well go one step further for the hell of it. Should've skipped the coin toss/etc and gone with scoresheet order and alternated from there.

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Last week

Isaac I think the reason would be because there is 10 players standing so close together. No other time in the game do you have 10 players standing that close to one another. I don't like the rule but I imagine that is why.

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Last week

So the reason behind a "no jump ball" situation is what , to avoid contact, what are they going to do when the ball changes possession on a pass, on a rebound, on a steal, are they going to stop play and wipe the ball, come on, a jump ball is an extension of the game, the same ball will be used.

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Last week

^ you are a doofus. Get over the jump ball point ... it's just not that important.

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Last week

#115 clearly from basketball Adelaide

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Last week

The point, surely, is the underlying inconsistency. It would help if there was an explanation as to why this [no jump ball] should be the case, but I'm struggling to come up with one.

Can't be more than one person touching the ball - that's how the game is played.

Can't be officials [refs] and players touching the ball - that happens every throw in.

Can't be players [too] close together because that happens in every rebound or other contested ball situation.

Feel free to add/expand as you see fit.

To repeat - the point is not the 'no jump ball' edict, but the underlying inconsistency, which sadly makes it a nonsense and opens up all the associated edicts/issues into question.

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Last week

I will be more upset if I lose "rock, paper, scissors", than if I lose the game.

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Last week

"the use of hand
sanitisers courtside when a player enters and exits the
court at breaks, timeouts and substitutions"

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Last week

The jump ball thing is kind of logical-

the diameter of the centre circle is 3.6 metres, radius 1.8m.

That's 10.2sqm.

They're avoiding a situation where 11 people will all be within 11sqm of each other, given there's another way to deal with the situation which is already used (possession arrow- eg: Equivalent to first team listed on the fixture).

It's not really that inconsistent.

Draconion perhaps (much like the sanitiser thing) but you can understand where they're coming from.

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Last week

It's going to be a tragedy having nothing to talk about after the game, now that the jump ball to start it may not be there. Because that's what everyone wants to talk about after the game. It's such an important bit of the play and not a largely irrelevant relic at all.

Just look back at all of those NBL game write-ups last season pointing out the impact of that jump ball in the first three seconds of the game - how it was the reason the winners took the game and the losers didn't. I'm sure I can remember quite a few that made that point. I don't have time to search for them but maybe someone can post a link to one of them?

The real tragedy is the tea that spilt out of my cup from this storm.

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Last week

If it's not safe to have a jump ball, it's not safe to play.

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Last week

Is this for District or Social

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Last week

LV really? How long do they stand around the circle? 5 seconds? What about feee throws? Baseline inbounds in the front court? Its ridiculous

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Last week

not sure what the plural is for doofus, but that's what we have on this post. who cares about a jump ball?

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Last week

Some boffin at BA trying to justify his big salary whilst making sure a coronavirus box is ticked sure does.

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Last week

Dammit, once again agreeing with Koberulz. Reduce number of spectators but if sport has been cleared to commence it makes no sense for silly rules. Like with football, can tackle someone completely wrapping them up but can't give a high five. Can pass the ball around dozens of times but then it has to be wiped in antiseptic wipes? Damage done already. Most things just contradict themselves. Maybe this stupid non jump ball was put in to divert everyone from the things that really don't make sense.
As soon as cases emerge in the community again as restrictions ease then it'll all go to shit. Only way at the moment is to play in a bubble which the pros can do, but amateurs will just be playing in completely contrast to what the public can do.
As Koberulz said, don't play or play as normal.

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Last week

I guess, if anyone has COVID 19 they should be caught at the door with a temp check on the way in

IF they played because they didnt have a temp yet, then chances are they'll either infect someone else or they won't, and the jump ball only increases the chances by a tiny amount.

If I was writing the rules, I'd leave the jump ball. I was just saying, it's not totally inconsistent with the physical distancing thing they've been pushing. And a jump ball is easily replaceable whereas other parts of the game are not.

(Unless you wanna make it like mixed bball and have certain players in the key, which is an absolutely ridiculous suggestion for male or female games obviously)

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Last week

Can the skin of the basketball have sanitizer impregnated into it. I am serious that look at way to have infused into compound of the ball..
Clothing can have uv light protection so think be possible to incorporate similiar tech. To reduce transfer of covid19 on the ball.
I am very serious that this is possible...would allow for sport to be leaders in safe ball.hsndling.....

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Last week

"If it's not safe to have a jump ball, it's not safe to play."

One of the great public misunderstandings about COVID restrictions is they are all in place because doing that particular activity "is not safe".

That's not the case, the overwhelming majority of restrictions are in place to minimise risk.

All sports governing bodies have been asked to minimise risk as much as possible in their return to play guidelines. Given the jump ball is one of the most crowded situations in a basketball game, and there is an easy alternative, they have chosen to minimise that risk.

Yes, like many restrictions/guidelines that have been put in place the past two months, the removal of one jump ball per game is probably over the top, but there is reasoning behind what BA have done.

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Last week

"The final score shall be determined by academic decathlon"

WTF is this?

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Last week

The absence of Covid tests in these guidelines is - I think - a major issue from these guidelines.

The jump ball situation is of minor importance - I'm surprised people are making such a big deal out of it.

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Last week

Paper, scissors, rock?

Surely this is just someone at BA injecting some humour into this...

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The Ibek-Way  
Last week

"Can the skin of the basketball have sanitizer impregnated into it. I am serious that look at way to have infused into compound of the ball"

Unfortunately it is not but nice suggestion :)

"The absence of Covid tests in these guidelines is - I think - a major issue from these guidelines."

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that testing is not that simple. It's not like a pregnancy test where you can test yourself at home. Last I heard they were testing using qPCR which requires a million dollar machine, an experienced operator and 2 days of work. If it weren't for that then yes, I would agree

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Last week

"but there is reasoning behind what BA have done."

Obviously - we're speculating what on earth that reason could be.

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Last week

Re: "Last I heard they were testing using qPCR which requires a million dollar machine, an experienced operator and 2 days of work. If it weren't for that then yes, I would agree"

Thanks "The Ibek-Way". I understand there is a problem with reliability of tests, particularly false readings given by certain testing kits from China (...well done twiggy, securing these).

I am open to credible, contrary info here - but I understand that the quality of tests in Taiwan and South Korea, conducted en masse in car parks and airport terminals and taking less than 2 hours, is considered satisfactory for public health purposes. I have read reports airlines like Emirates are looking to include these covid tests as part of a passenger's check in procedure.

My concern is the postponed U16/U18 nationals. I would have thought that pre-testing competitors would be a no brainer, but I cannot find any reference to testing in these guidelines. I can only guess here - but almost 4 months into this crisis it could be that access to quality testing kits is still a big problem and that BA cannot mandate testing when it cannot be confident testing kits will be available.

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The Ibek-Way  
Last week

Ok, with your reply I actualy bothered to have a look which I should have done in the first place as I was a little wrong and you have some good points.

qPCR is still the best and most accurate method of testing with a very low level of false readings. Even better, they have created handheld qPCR devices for covid which is great. These handhelds devices are still expensive and still require an experienced user but take ~an hour as opposed to a day or two. This may be what you are talking about regarding Taiwan and Korea. These devices do suffer from not being able to test many people at a time. eg handheld ~10 vs qPCR ~1000.

Where i am really wrong is that they have developed antibody kits for testing which take about 20 minutes and funnily enough, use the same principle as pregnancy tests. I doubt you will see them used in Australia though as they are mostly useless and will not show a positive until late into infection, well after an individual has become contagious.

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Last week

thanks ibek

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Last week

Jerril said it will be OK because all players will have a shower with soap before and after each game at home.

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Last week

A hilarious yet accurate take on BA's return to basketball guidelines:

Rock, paper, scissor, ball! Basketball Australia's Return to Basketball guidelines

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Last week

Any updates in regards to whats going on with the state leagues:
I've heard the following below but don't know if there is much truth to it as some people say all leagues will be cancelled while a fair few people are saying condensed season.

NSW are looking into doing 16 round - 8 week condensed season or to call the season off

Big V - 9 round - 9 games each team plays each other once

Would the WABL, QBL and Premier League pop up for condensed seasons as the NBL1 variants in those states are cancelled to fill in for the gap created from NBL1

Another issue is if it is cancelled, will people get refunds for their rego and team fees, especially the rego being more than half done'

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