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Wildcats historical research project

I'm putting together a historical research project on the Wildcats, and due to the length of time that has passed, and at times, lack of information, I've got to a point where I need some help.

I've already worked with the league and club, and worked through some contacts given to me, but I'm left with some questions that hopefully someone out there has the answer to.

Basically, what I want to know is whether you have access to any of the games on this list. There is some specific information I'm chasing, and really only watching the game can resolve it.

These are the 15 games;

1. 12/2/83 vs Frankston (at Perry Lakes)
2. 3/2/84 vs Adelaide (at Perry Lakes)
3. 10/2/84 vs West Adelaide (at Perry Lakes)
4. 12/4/85 vs Brisbane (at Perry Lakes)
5. 25/4/86 vs Sydney Supersonics (at Perry Lakes)
6. 25/4/87 vs Westside Saints (at Perry Lakes)
7. 13/2/88 vs Adelaide (at Challenge)
8. 13/4/91 vs Wollongong (at PEC)
9. 4/4/92 vs Geelong (at PEC)
10. 2/10/04 vs West Sydney (at Challenge)
11. 23/9/07 vs Singapore (at Challenge)
12. 17/9/08 vs South Dragons (at Hisense Arena)
13. 25/9/09 vs Wollongong (at Wollongong Ent Centre)
14. 17/10/09 vs Adelaide (at Challenge)
15. 14/10/11 vs Melbourne (at Challenge)

All of these games are the debuts of various Wildcats, so are often the first game of each season.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you can help.


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Jesse hunt and Andrew Ferguson on the wildcats radar as dp

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This link might help -

It shows highlights from the 1983 season opener at Perry Lakes vs Frankston. It's an excerpt from the first week of the ABC's weekly highlights coverage for the 1983 NBL season.

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Go to this site:

You can go through each season and work out when each Wildcat first started.

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(apologies if a double post, my first one seemed to disappear)

Thanks for the responses so far;

That link takes you to a game that is already on the NBL site. Unfortunately that only is for the 2nd half, and the information I need is essentially who started, who came on the court and when - so having watched through the whole second half it isn't clear what those answers were.

SportsTg was one of the sites I have used extensively, and combined with NBL Media guides and other resources was the backbone of one aspect of the project.

The link you have provided does take you to a place to find the games, but that again doesn't tell me who started etc.

For example - the Frankston game referenced above by Anon - here is the link;

I can see the 3 debutants are featured on the box score, but this doesn't tell me if any of them started, and the sequence they hit the court during the game. I'm not prepared to guess, as that undermines the integrity of the work.

Only actual footage or first hand knowledge can really resolve that.

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Email the NBL. There's a guy who works there who is the legit NBL encyclopedia. If he doesn’t know something about the league then no one does.

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Maybe that's who the OP is?

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If Statsman74 was from the league he'd be working on a United/Tigers research project.

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I doubt this NBL encyclopaedia guy knows the starting five and substitutions for every wildcats game ever.

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"If Statsman74 was from the league he'd be working on a United/Tigers research project." Why?

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I've been working with the league on this already - I've known the guy they refer to as "Statman" for 20 years or so. He's been involved with the league even longer than I have, I think. (I started in 1990)

As to this project - he helped me with some of the information from the most recent decade...and I've helped the NBL correct their records on a few things too.

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That sounds like a really difficult project you are working on. I know how it feels, I am consolidating every single box score in NBL history and assigning the right coach for every single game has proven to be quite a challenge (I have got the vast majority of them after looking through historical newspaper websites).

I have also contacted the NBL on several ocassions to advise them on glaring mistakes in their stats. It is unfortunate, but it is great that there are dedicated fans who notice these things and inform the NBL when required.

I wish you the best of luck, I do not envy your position at all. Finding those specific stats will be painful, if not borderline impossible.

Statsman74 & Statsman84 - Statsbros born a decade apart.

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