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Sixers v Taipans preseason

Good game last night between these two teams. Kouat Noi was on fire early and he is looking like a nice player for Cairns. On the flip side, perhaps a warning of defensive weakness at the three for the Sixers?

Giddey was once again very impressive with his ball-handling, passing, reading of the play and rebounding. It was nice to see him able to go up and finish a strong dunk too.

Sloan looked pretty good, hitting threes with ease and broke someone's ankles with some shifty dribble moves on one play. Appeared to be cruising most of the game, BUT I felt like he didn't have a lot of lift when he went to the basket on a couple of plays and I wouldn't say he was moving quite as fluidly out there as some of the elite athletes in the league.

It was a subtle thing and I could be wrong, the test will be when he comes up against the best guards during the season - when he is really challenged, will his body stand up?

Does anyone have any info about the other pre-season game between these two teams? I believe it was a couple of days ago, but wasn't shown on Facebook? Did any of the Sixers players who didn't play last night, play minutes in the other game?

Overall, I'm definitely appreciating Conner Henry's improved defensive schemes and enjoying watching a team with enough nouse on offence to identify and attack opponents weak links. It's soooo much better than watching Joey Wright's teams that were clueless on both ends most of the time!

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Crocker would have to be a superstar for them to make top. 4

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Good review, Beantown I didn't see the game but I too am looking for a bit more defensive focus this season. I was a defender of Joey but he did appear to be mailing in last season.

I know he didn't play last night but must admit I'm a little bit concerned with the lack of production out of Humphries, for someone who is supposedly the highest paid Aussie in the league (pre-Landale anyway) he hasn't shown much in the pre-season, he looked out at sea in those two games against the Bullets. Pinder hasn't impressed me either but really he's just replacing Kyei anyway.

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Yeah, we are going to need to see reliable production out of Humphries. He doesn't have to be an offensive superstar, but he needs to avoid foul trouble and stay on the floor, because we have no big man depth whatsoever.

For all of people's criticism of DJ on defence, a big reason for it is because he has rarely had any reliable help in the frontcourt, so he doesn't take many risks defensively.

What I'd like to see is for Humphries to learn how to avoid foul trouble and then use his fouls in the 4th quarter if necessary to make going to the rim down the stretch a tough slog for opponents!

I appreciated the improvement Joey Wright made to our competitiveness in the first few years he was here, but over time, it became clear to me that he either didn't want to implement smarter defensive schemes and better offensive sets, or he was incapable of communicating it to the players.

The Sixers probably should have brought in a new coach two years ago, but the new owner made the first of his rookie mistakes and signed Joey to that 5 year deal. Thankfully, after a bad start, I think Kelley has really turned things around since the start of last year. We're finally heading in the right direction. Next step is to get our talent level high enough to contend again.

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"perhaps a warning of defensive weakness at the three for the Sixers?" You forgot Sunday Dech

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For what is worth I thought both teams were pretty ordinary in defence, but hey it's only preseason & nobody is going to show to much

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I think the 36ers needed a star second import hopson type to be top 4 contenders. Also missed a trick with having one too many average guards and not having enough big man depth - Pinder can't be relied on to the extent that we will be relying on him. Rebounding wasn’t great and The three point percentage is not good either.

Positives - Sloan is deceptive loved seeing what he had to show. Did look like he was cruising and knows how to maximise his energy output in an efficient way. Physical aspect down low he looks like he has some tricks. Do wonder how he will go with the athletic speedy guards.

Overall decent movement and defence (for Adelaide) it will be interesting how Humphries Dech and the other import tip the scales for Adelaide.

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Camel 31  
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Cruises around the court, goes wherever he wants. Pretty to watch.
Donald Sloan.

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I didn't forget Dech. Just not sure if he has the size to defend elite wings. Would be great if he can though!

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Really not sure of the depth of guards at Adelaide 36ers. Back-ups such as Mudronja, Teys, Dech and Dillon don't really excite me. Anyways, I guess we'll all find out this Friday and beyond how it all pans out!

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Heard all the hype about Giddey & he did't disappoint. Just needs a haircut so he's not constantly running his fingers through it!

Silky skills & good size - def NBA talent.

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