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BSA Junior Summer Standings

After some discussion early in the week on Club positions after the AJBC just thought I'd also add in where things stand now Summer is done. (using the tried and tested old State Champs method.

Div 1 Boys:
1. Sturt, 2. Norwood, 3. Centrals, South, Woodville, 6. Eastern, 7. North, 8. Forestville, Southern & West.

Div 1 Girls:
1. Norwood, West, 3. Forestville, 4. Eastern, Sturt, 6. Southern, 7. North, 8. Centrals, South, Woodville.

Div 1 Overall:
1. Norwood, 2. Sturt, 3. Eastern, 4. West, 5. Forestville, 6. Centrals, South, Woodville, 9. North, 10. Southern

Div 2 Boys:
1. Sturt, 2. North, Norwood, South, 5. Woodville, 6. Centrals, West, 8. Southern, 9. Eastern, Forestville

Div 2 Girls:
1. Forestville, 2. Norwood, 3. Sturt, West, 5. South, 6. Eastern, 7. Centrals, 8. North, Southern, Woodville

Div 2 Overall:
1. Norwood, Sturt, 3. South, 4. Forestville, 5. West, 6. North, 7. Woodville, 8. Centrals, 9. Eastern, 10. Southern

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What is going on at North? What a rapid decline.

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Maybe the genius that was brought in to change the clubs style of play. That's really worked, not!!! Should be sacked.

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Well Read  
Earlier this year

What's going on at North has been the case for several years, save for a few talented playing groups that could get by with sub-par coaching. The current results are a lagging indicator of that, and will only get worse unless CLF lives up to his paycheck.

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Earlier this year

Interesting write up but got to remember based on like 9 games of a summer season.

Will be interesting to revisit at the end of the year.

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Earlier this year

Maybe some clubs use summer for what it is. A preseason to try new players etc.

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all clubs would have been building up towards the State Tourney last week for Classics invites.
Results speak for themselves the past 2 weekends on where clubs are at this year.
To say that North is struggling now because of previous "sub par" Coaching is a cop out from what is really going on.

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Earlier this year

North really living rent free in some peoples heads.

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Earlier this year

Just as well they are living rent free, so they can afford the big talking salesman who is proving to be a huge waste of money. Never seen a club go backwards so quickly, or heard of so many unhappy people at a club. Multiple kids making enquiries to play elsewhere.

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From the snake oil salesmen himself, what a joke!!!


Hi Members,

Firstly we want to say a huge thank you to all the NABC players, parents, coaches and volunteers who participated in the Classics Qualification tournament over the weekend. We know that it was an intense weekend for all families and so we appreciate your efforts and for giving up so much of your time for our teams. Thank you!

A big congratulations to our players and coaches from the U12 Boys, U14 Boys and U18 Girls teams for qualifying for the Classics (and Nationals in the case of our U14 Boys). A fantastic effort from you all! We are looking forward to seeing you compete against the very best teams in the country at these tournaments and we wish you best of luck in bringing home medals for North.

In regards to our overall club's performance from this weekend, we are honest in our assessment of our results.

We didn’t perform as well as we wanted to.

We wanted more of our teams to go to Classics to compete for Gold medals.

So what happens now?

Firstly, the Div 1 coaches and I will undertake a review of the weekend and see where we fell short. We realise that some of the results were from things outside of our control (we had injuries to three state level guards in our U16 & U18 Boys and Girls teams), but there were many other things that we can improve on (like our perimeter shooting and finishing!).

After this review we’ll assess what changes need to be made, and in what form, so that any new initiatives compliment the existing programs we have put in place. As usual, we will be strategic, thoughtful and methodical.

Overall we believe we are on the right path. Lasting change takes time. We didn’t get the results we wanted on THIS tournament but what we believe we have done is set our club on course for sustainable success that occurs EVERY tournament in the years to come.

Look forward to seeing you all around the club over the coming weeks.


Liam Flynn
Director of Basketball

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So was that 3 injuries to guards in their U16's and 3 injuries to guards in their U18's ands 3 injuries to guards in their girls programs as well?

Or is it actually 3 injuries across U16, 18 and girls (one each?)

Every club had injuries. Not sure 1 injured player accounts for the results...

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Truth, it was one each.

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Gonna have to disagree with the Sturt at 1 for 18s boys, they've only got three second years left as the rest are all done with injury or have quit. Norwood look great as seen by their grand final performance this past week. South shouldn’t be mentioned with centrals and woodville either. Personally, my list would look something like:
1. Norwood
2. Woodville
3. Sturt
4. Centrals
5. Southern
6. North
7. Forestville
8. Eastern
9. South
10. West

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Earlier this year

Anon, Norwood and Woodville clearly the best two. I saw both the grand finals they played last week, Woodville too good on Sunday but Norwood much better defensively on Friday. I'd expect they'll play each other in more grand finals yet.

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No one said anything about 18 Boys specifically did they? The Div 1 Boys list refers to where clubs stand based on the old State Champs points system for all 4 Div 1 boys grades.

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Earlier this year

317 the Sturt under 18 boys are the most over rated underachievers ever to step on court! They've won nothing but had all the hp development and some of the best junior coaches in the state.
No one fears them like they did with the old Rigoni White Griffin Rasmussen J Dyer teams that won everything in sight

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Earlier this year

Back to North, nevermind the injuries, what about his very own team getting an NBA academy kid and finished where they did.
Adam Todd builds the 16s into best program in state and is let go for Jantke to ruin. Way too much dodgy politics going on there.

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Earlier this year

Saw him on the Sixers bench today. I'm guessing the role at North is just a source of money until an NBL Club comes calling.

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Earlier this year

365, "best program in the state"? That group were more dominant in u12s and u14s...

367, Flynn's role with the 36ers has been ongoing for months and was announced on social media in February.

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Earlier this year

Flynn hasn't been on the bench since Feb has he? Seems to have moved up recently.

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