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Olympics on TV, could we be about to get shafted?

So Channel 7 has the rights to the Olympics and therefore our sacred Olympic basketball. But unlike in 2016, when we had an app that showed all sports LIVE, there is no talk of such a thing being available this year.

There is no talk of every sport LIVE like there was last time. Could we be about to see a much decreased Olympics coverage that will inevitably shaft basketball while we're forced to watch nations that aren;t Australia run or swim?

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I couldn't tell you where, but I'm pretty sure I heard something about an app/website being available again this year.

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Earlier this year

Apparently they;ll have streaming from 7plus but seems like that may just be simulcast of whatever NOT basketball content theyre showing on TV.

We all remember the dark ages, mid-game being zoomed out to some completely irrelevant sport with no Aussies in it. I am worried we might be stuck with that again, probably due to covid making things difficult in some way

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I understood Covid-19 restrictions have placed considerable limitations on production crew numbers (i.e. less camera operators and outside broadcast technicians) contributing to a significant reduction in available visual content feeds (compared to previous events).

Won't commentary be calling the action from local studios, or from home if they reside in Eastern Sydney? ;-)

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"I understood Covid-19 restrictions have placed considerable limitations on production crew numbers"

I have NFI, but doesn't that seem counter-productive.

With negligible foreign visitors, and even local crowds restricted, surely the televising is even more important and valuable.

With a lots less staff required for spectators, and much of the designed-for people-capacity not required, surely there would be little need to restrict production staff?

Obviously there would be issues with getting in foreign staff, but surely not insurmountable.

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"Olympic Broadcast Services representatives and rightsholders account for 17,000 people during the Olympics, with 6,000 members of the media expected."

Seems like a lot of broadcast people still. Unless most of them are just on junkets rather than working on the broadcasts, there should be plenty of video feeds?

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The majority of Seven's Olympic coverage will be on 7Plus, providing more viewing hours than ever before. "This year we will have two broadcast linear channels, and over 30 streams on 7Plus," said Brook Hall, the network’s head of scheduling.

Roberts added that 7Plus will offer a “digital experience that will far exceed anything Australians have seen before” for the upcoming Olympic events.

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This article says 43 channels

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Earlier this year

Great to hear. Guess we will be able to get a good fix of hoops. Decent time zone for Aussies too

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Earlier this year

Yeah I just got an email confirming 43 channels of simultaneous LIVE and on demand sport. Tragedy averted.

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Earlier this year

Andrew Bogut joins Seven's basketball commentary team for the Tokyo Olympics alongside Andrew Gaze and John Casey.

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Earlier this year

All up, I reckon channel 7 did a pretty good job basketball-wise.

(Too many f#$&ing ads, but it's easy to find something else to do for the long periods the ads were on)

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Earlier this year

I thought the 7Plus app on Apple TV was generally decent. I almost always watched the direct sport feeds rather than the mainstream channels - suspect that meant fewer ads and OBS commentary (which I found less annoying). Useful for getting per-sport highlights or replays as required.

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Biggest criticism was not utilising 7two better - if they had dedicated that to Olympics along with 7mate, they could have coped with three sports clashing ie swimming, boomers, matildas

To the extent there wasn't Aussie stuff to show they could have shown more other Olympics that didn’t involve Australia.

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Earlier this year

Watched nearly all men's and women’s ball on +, it was great and minimum adds.

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Earlier this year

I think the 7 plus app was pretty good but I did hear some horror stories about the early games when they cut to other shit right at the end.

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