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Boomers and scouting international teams

From the Boomers-Italy post-game:

Simone Fontecchio said Joe Ingles is one of his idols. Joe Ingles at the press conference: "Shit... I think he needs a better idol." (Went on to praise him, said the team had to google where Simone played bc they never got to see him play until they scouted Italy two days ago.)
Would they honestly leave scouting this late?

The pools were announced back around February, though Italy didn't qualify until early July 4ish.

Is it just a matter of focusing on the next game only, to avoid complicating the scouting info? He might be talking about the team checking out of curiosity and going through their scouting reports in the game lead-up, though I would've thought the scouting reports themselves would've been in the works from at least early January? I'm going by what I've seen of NBL team scouting reports; not sure how similar they'd be to the Boomers' process.

Fontecchio is the starting SF in their depth chart so doesn't seem to have just appeared there through injury omission as an unknown, etc. He started and played 35 minutes against Serbia in the qualifying games. 21 points in that game and 17 against DR. Surely they had footage from that? Top scorer for Italy across three games.

An alternative is that they just don't scout the individual players a huge amount. I think it was Popovich who talked years ago about how the Spurs focused less on mastering a response to the opposition's strategy, and more on perfecting their own strategies, being something of which they were in complete control.

(Obviously it's a bit useless making any serious judgements from a brief, paraphrased post-game comment!)

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Teams often only scout their next opponent properly, you see that in NBL games where a team goes on the road for a double usually plays well in the first game and then performs below expectations in the second game.

So yeah they likely wouldn't have bothered to start scouting Italy until after the Nigeria game.

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Generally an assistant would at least have some material on each player and tendencies, ahead of that, so the team wasn't googling to see where he played the days before? Pointless leaving general research when it could be done at any point in the weeks leading up. Usually the base material would be team info and then each player, and each Boomer would have a few they need to be especially aware of. Surely all that is written up, and then it's just running through videos and strategy after Nigeria is dealt with?

If you're an assistant at the end of the bench, surely adding some stats and club info is the easiest way to flesh out your reporting!

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I think Joe may have been speaking pretty loosely. If not, then we need to fire whoever our scout is meant to be!

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twenty four  
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Well Goorj doesn't seem to know the strengths and weaknesses of his own players yet, so it's certainly possible.

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It was Ingles, clearly a Joke.

The players may be working game to game but the coaching staff will have been scouting for months.

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The distinction lies in that members of the playing squad don't need to know about or focus on opposition players until they actually become their next opponent.

The coaching staff on the other hand would have prepared this type of information months ago in advance ready to brief the team during the three day window before the next game.

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Someone does an advanced scout (might not even be someone who's on the bench)

Coaching staff then review advanced scout, and decided what to put into the scout the players see.

Players see this scout, which would only been seen sometime in the time between the Nigeria and Italy game.

That first step in the process, would have been done a long time ago. How long ago depends on the competition but due to the weird qualification scheduling it was probably done a couple of weeks ago.

So it's a bit of a joke from Ingles, but also a little bit of truth in that he would have only seen a scout 24 to 48 hours prior to the game.

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Maybe the refined scouting info figured it was less relevant where each opponent played. I would've thought it at least gave them a bit of an indication of ability, e.g., "This guy is an undersized forward, but plays in a strong Euroleague team Blah, streaky shooter that relies on confidence, always goes right" etc.

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Last year

In the 2008 Olympics Carmelo was asked who the USA's biggest threat was and he said China and Yao. He wasn't being ironic or playing up to the media he meant it. I'd expect USA players to be more clueless but not most other teams

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Last year

I'm guessing at this level, it doesnt matter what leagues they're in because everyone is going to be good.

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