Two months ago

Trevor Gleeson's Role with Raptors?

I know that Gleeson is their "offensive coach". What I want to know is the way these specialist coaches, now that Gleeson is one, perform their roles.

Is it Gleeson who
(a)designs and provides the offence or
(b)runs Nurse's(HC) schemes?
(c)Does he have any live-game influence, "Hey Nick, run this (offence)!" or does Gleeson coach various o's and Nurse makes the calls at games.

Watching the game now, and a pleasure to see Gleeson not walking the side-lines and abusing refs, all game long.

That's right. I'm not a Gleeson fan but full of respect and admiration for what he's achieved. All power to him.

Any answers for my Q's above?

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Two months ago

You are right. There is no doubt that Gleeson is an offensive coach! The Raptors knew this going in and of course Perth's opposition fans have been aware of it for a long time.

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Two months ago

Gleeson won't last long. Apparently his family staying in Perth cause he already got word it’s not going to be long term.

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Two months ago

Hope you're wrong, for his sake and mine!

Still like to know about above stuff.

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Two months ago

Yep, Gleeson gave up his job in Perth and moved overseas during a pandemic for a job he knew was going to last less than a season. Makes total sense.

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Two months ago

Well, Nurse can only use the Kawhi championship for so long. Last year was tough having no home games, but would give him this and next season at most. Management not afraid to roll the dice. Could still be a dark horse for Simmons though.

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Two months ago

Seems so plausible doesn't it Kobe. Leave the best job in Australia for a short term gig to nowhere. Brilliant. Smh at these people

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Two months ago

Isn't Gibson partner American, I no Toronto is not America but a lot closer than Perth. Why would they stay in Australia, he’s very good and I’m calling BS on short term.

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Bay Sick  
Two months ago

Anon 941 - put the pipe away - then have a look at a map of the world.

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Two months ago

Definitely an offensive coach.

Perhaps his offensively poor demeanour will rub off on Nick Nurse and the other coaches.

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Two months ago

Hoping that his offensively poor demeanour will "improve with" Nick Nurse and the other coaches!

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Two months ago

Obviously Toronto have no money, and are stupid, so they hired the highest paid coach from a league on the other side of the world, just to come over for a few months.

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Two months ago

One would assume he signed a deal similar to that of scariolo, so he'll be there for at least this season, and next and likely a third as well

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Two months ago

If anyone caught the raptors game today, did you notice also that nurse's mate who was fired from the pacers was on the back bench?

Not only that but several times it seemed nurse would communicate with him over his other assistants and even had him draw up an ato very late in the game. Idk if I’m reading too much into it but this seemed like the definition of favouritism.

Which I shouldn’t be surprised at, as considering nurse’s response to his mate failing in Indiana due to very poor relationships with his players was to instead blame the media instead of saying something like 'look idk what happened for sure but nate is a good coach and good friend so I wish him the best despite of what may or may not have happened’.

Not only if I was Gleeson, but any other of the frontbench assistants, then I’d be concerned as the first chance nurse had was to bring his mate back to the raptors and in at least the game today was treating him like the lead assistant.

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Two months ago

Look , it's simply the raptors expected more than what they getting with Gleeson.
Gleeson great NBL coach, one of the best, but not cut out to be an nba assistant for the same reason he got sacked from the boomers. He isn’t a good assistant coach.
Family isn’t moving over because he has made the call he’ll be back next season.

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