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Basketball game breaks out at concert

What's with the decision to let music play non-stop during the Blitz. Hope it's not a sign of things to come this season.

Always does my head in when music people do this. I presume people who think drowning out a game with music are non basketball people who have no idea about the game.

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Music is a must at a basketball game

BUT Non stop? Arghh it's doing my head in

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It should be used to complement the action and atmosphere, not replace it. Too often it just goes on and on, for whole possessions or more, and sucks out the life from the game and stadia.

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At the Hobart Blitz we left during the 2nd game (1stQ). Music incessant and WAY TOO LOUD. My wife complained once we were out of the arena that her ears were hurting. Ridiculous.
No ticket check.
No mask checks.
No bag checks.
Jumbotron needs work.
Cameras and replays need a lot of work.
Food outlets good.
Variety of food good. Prices not unreasonable.
All EFTPOS (for this event)
Basketball standard for 4 teams was mediocre and that's being fair.

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"Cameras and replays need a lot of work."

Preseason games use NBL1 production and have for a few years now, the regular season should be a lot better (not perfect by any means but better than this).

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Last month

The NBL has come a long way, but there are just some things that unequivocally degrade the league's professional and success aspirations.

I turned off the broadcast of game one, 3 quarters in. Not only did the infusion of music not match the game in any way, shape or form, the music I recall were hits from the bloody 2000's (Darude - Sandstorm). FFS.

Why does the NBA continue to conduct surveys, and continue to execute this way. Kestleman's have the money and perhaps business strategy, but they need to hire new marketing people.

The next time the NBL tries to claim it's the "second best league globally after the NBA", I'm no longer watching any games for the season.

Fix the courts, sans decals, and tidy up the infiltration of static logos around the stadium.
Make better team jersey / kits sans logo bonanza.

Honestly just take a leaf out of the NBA G-League. It's a clean product. The league's branding and entertainment execution is borderline circus comparable.

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Last month

How do you plan for the league and teams to survive without money?

What do you think the logos are there for? Shits and gigs?

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Last month

Agree with all the above, the game speaks for itself, yes music is fine but not in game time and not so f..king loud.

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Last month

Adelaide have Sotto, Bairstow, DJ, Malou, McCarron on....

That's 4 PF/Cs and a point guard

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Last month


Valid point. But the approach to sponsorship growth should always be of betterment and relevance. It should be about attracting bigger and better sponsorships.

For example, not an NBL sponsorship per se, but I thought the SLAM sponsorship when Lamelo was at the hawks a good example of relevance and size. There's nuance to this, but it's the right approach. One or two large sponsors instead of 10 smalls one's should be the MO.

Didn't the league just execute "the biggest broadcast deal in league history"? How is that money being spent?

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Last month

So fresh soundtracks from 2008 blasting the whole game.

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Last month

NBL are in the "beggars can't be choosers" column when it comes to choosing sponsors and having nuanced logos.

The NBL always operated at a loss, was about to operate at a small profit til covid hit.

NBL clubs lose ~$20mil annually.

I imagine that’s where the broadcast money is going, to basic league sustainability

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Last month

Source for the ~ $20M loss per team annually?

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Last month

I made a thread about it with the source a while ago,

It seems like you think the NBL and clubs had a choice for a few big paying sponsors or more small ones and they made a bad decision.

No, they're taking what they can get to build much needed revenue to operate.

Less sponsor logos just means less money in the NBL or clubs coffers.

The NBA can afford to have no sponsor decals and no sponsorship logos on jerseys, or dictate how sponsorship is to be on jerseys.

NBL aren’t NBA in that arena unfortunately.

Lots of logos may look crap but I’m happy when I see them because it means the league is going strong.

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Last month

More 'facts' plucked from someone's arse. Back on topic. I messaged one of the people involved earlier and they agreed with my summation on the Volume and incessant music. They will pass it on to management TFG.

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Last month

Do you think money grows on trees? How dumb do you have to be?

You made a few crap points, cop it.

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Last month

Decals make the league money. Removing them in the current environment for 2 imaginary large sponsors is commercial suicide. Some people here are not very bright

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Last month

@KET no one disagrees that sponsorships are necessary for the sustainability of the league. It's the execution of how external aspects of the game (decals, music, etc), take away from the game.

Isn’t this thread for discourse, why so black and white when it comes to this? The logos looks crap, they need to be cleaned up, executed better. The suggestion for less sponsors in lieu of more sponsors was a suggestion.

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Last month

We aren't being black and white - we responded to your points: they need many smaller sponsors because big ones don’t exist for them and aren’t an option available.

The nuance and style has been criticised before, it’s a lack of NBL having power - sponsors want their logo nice and large and not blended in because they want people to notice their business.

When given the choice of crappy bumper stickers and lots of little sponsors for more money or less sponsors and nicer designed sponsorship for less money, the answer is more money.

You argued your points, then demanded a source for something that really didn’t even need one, everyone who has ever followed the NBL knows clubs don’t make a profit, and when given the source you just responded with "anyone can pull facts out of their arse". Why bother asking then?

What a crap way to make your discourse.

You also complained about arena food prices as if that’s not a thing every where that everyone knows. If you had AFL properly in Tasmania you’d know how expensive that crap is!

Feel free to complain, but if you don’t like someone’s answer when they give one to your point, then maybe discourse isn’t your thing.

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Last month

@KET fair enough. I'm wiser for it.

Also FWIW, just to be clear I’m not anon "pull facts out of their arse", or food prices anon.

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Last month

Fair - sometimes that's hard to tell!

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Last month

Food Prices Anon would make a pretty good nickname.

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Last month

The Blitz has always had this music issue. Same complaints every year.
As KET says sponsor logos, etc is not something the NBL would want to ruin a commercial agreement over. They need every dollar from any sponsor they can get. You think Cricket Australia is happy with some of the ways tv and KFC run their logos and advertisements during the game?
Please note, I don't get a cent from KFC and have no commercial agreement with them.

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