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36ers 22/23 Roster

Interested in your thoughts? Who's a priority re-signing? Who do we target?
I know there’s still a game to play, but we’ve got to look forward to something as 6ers fans. Hopefully we can get a team that plays hard and passionately like the JJs.

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Hannah's Obvs mvp level import...

run it back!

Jokes aside, if they nail they’re imports and get healthy, they are in the mix for 5th, getting beyond that depends on how much they are will to spend $$$

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From John Casey's comments sounds like Adelaide and Dech have a good relationship, Humphries and 36ers unlikely to agree on $$$ and interesting that DJ rejected much more money to stay in Adelaide which tells you despite being visually emotionless, his commitment to Adelaide.

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Wow with Humphries. You'd think he’d feel he owes us a debt for paying him for nothing.
Wonder about Bairstow? Probably best just to cut ties with Isaac then.
Keep hearing about links to Sobey but not sure he’d come back or he’d fit with Dech and Mitch- I feel we need a gun import point guard.
Big off season but I’m a CJ fan so hope he gets a say in building a roster.

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Last month

Unfortunately as much as I used to love Casey he's shown himself to be not much more than a mouthpiece for whoever gets into his ear. His comments on 7 News in the pre-season that the Sixers had the most talented team in the league were laughable.

Dech is a nice player but from all reports has supposedly been on good money and that might preclude us from picking up his option. Humphries can go jump he'll never make as much as we paid him again and should be willing to come back cap in hand even then he's not worth bothering with.

Sounds like DJ or his agent has been in Casey's ear if you think he's ever at any point in the last 12 years given us a discount I have a bridge in Sydney to sell you. He's always been very highly paid by the Sixers. The sooner we get out from under him and his poor attitude and screwing our roster construction every damn season the better.

Of the three bigs in question Bairstow is the only one I could handle seeing back with us next season and even then he's too injury prone to rely on. We really only got about 12 very good games out of him early in the season then he fell away dramatically and finally as expected got injured and missed the last 8-10 games of the season.

The only big that's shown any real promise is Sotto I'm more than happy to admit I git it very wrong on him I thought he wouldn't be much more than Hulland 2.0 a glorified DP. He's got a bright future is he keeps working hard and doesn't fall too in love with his jumper. He's got such a natural height advantage he should be able to almost score at will down low. I know he's under contract but not sure if he will move on or not but I would like to see Sotto back perhaps even as a starter.

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Adelaide just need to focus on getting good imports.

C Bairstow/Sotto
F DJ/Import
F McCarron/Marshall
G Import/Dech
G Import/Duffelmeier

If they can't afford three imports, replace backup PF with Harris or someone similar to Purchase.

If they can’t afford two super guards then move Dech into SF, McCarron into SG, import PG and backup PF.

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I Like KET team,

I believe we can have 12 players 11 + Sotto

Id look into getting Angus Brandt

Would keep Bairstow and Humphries at the right price, if Humprhies wants big money id move on

We need 3 stud imports if possible or atleast 2 and a cheaper back up 4/5, the guards need to be studs something like Ware or Sykes at PG and someone like Hopson or Cleveland at SG

My team is something like

C Brandt/Bairstow/Sotto
F DJ/Import
F McCarron/Harris/Marshall
G Import/Dech
G Import/Duffelmeier

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Last month

Like both those rosters. I guess it is all about nailing the import slots. Wonder what Isaac will do now? Will Bairstow stick around? Would've been in demand before that last injury.

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Last month

Got to have a mobile power forward who defends. That's why they were better late in the season.

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Last month

Harris is a value for money player who adds effort when others prefer to watch. He's the Conraad, Barlow, Wagstaff (or think back to Sapwell) etc which Adelaide hasn’t had for years.

Cannot agree at all at the insulting description of DJ and his place in the team by (was it?) Zodiac. We know DJ’s strengths and weaknesses. But he’s been fantastic for the club for so many seasons. He needs a complimentary player with the passion and agro hence comments about Harris above.

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