Two months ago

36ers sign Kyrin Galloway

Don't know much about him? Good signing?

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Two months ago

For some reason I see this as a CJ influenced signing, I don't really know why. Drmic obviously for the Brisbane connection.

Perhaps a good thing that CJ has a legit say this time around?

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Two months ago

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Master Chief  
Two months ago

KET, wouldn't every signing be not just influenced, but decided by CJ as the coach? Especially now that the former GM who thought of himself as an NBA style visionary is gone.

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Two months ago

I mean you'd hope so, we just know that hasn’t been how things have rolled in Adelaide for a while

It’s a nice change

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Two months ago

Both of the Galloway brothers have been talked up with a lot of potential so I was curious Kyrin opted out of the last year of his deal with NZB.

Who knows what he might turn into but at least good to have a tall, young, athletic presence off the bench. That's where you should be taking chances.

Good signing.

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Two months ago

Good signing, was a bit gutted to see him opt out of his final year with NZ.

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Two months ago

From the outside looking in NZ (COVID turmoil aside) didn't look like a great team to be on last season. The abuse back and forth between players and Shamir was next level. Not sure how that changes under Mody.

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Two months ago

What's our roster looking like?

C ???/???
F Johnson/Galloway/Harris
F ???/Drmic
G ???/Dech
G McCarron/???

DP: Marshall

I know Dech and Drmic are probably both closer to SG than SF, but I feel like they can cover both positions all the same.

Humphries I think CJ and Adelaide have made clear won’t be returning so not much point hypothesising that one.

Heard nada about Bairstow which is concerning - I’d love to have him back to be honest.

McCarron I chucked at PG because that’s what he was last year but I guess they might shift him this coming season.

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Two months ago

I'm happy with the off season so far

I don't want to spend too much on more Aussies and spend up on 3 good imports

Im hoping for something like

Import (Oliver)/Johnson
Import (law)/ Bairstow/Galloway
Import (Sykes)/? Duefelmire

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Two months ago

can kotto if drafted get stashed back to the 36ers as a NS

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Two months ago

A few people were going back and forth about Patterson in the other thread, but no-one is talking about Robert Franks? Anyone like him as a 4 man for the Sixers next season?

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Two months ago

Yea I would like Robert Franks at PF, but probably prefer Law if confident he can stay healthy.

Patterson I would only want as a cheaper 3rd import if cant afford to spend big on 3 top notch imports.

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Master Chief  
Two months ago


I think they should go all out on imports too, but getting all three of those guys at the same time would even be beyond Melbourne, Sydney and Perth? Looks good on paper though haha

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Two months ago

Why bother dreaming about import PF's like Law or Franks when DJ is still there? No way he accepts coming off the bench, going to be yet another season of a patchwork roster built around DJ.

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Two months ago

DJ has to be at centre for most of his minutes. He can't defend the perimeter. It's no surprise Adelaide played some of their best ball with DJ at C and Harris at PF.

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Two months ago

Zodiac, I was just thinking that the Sixers have moved on from Humphries and there doesn't seem to be any worthwhile centres available, so why not move DJ back to centre and put a guy like Franks next to him? The guy can rebound and is agile enough to be switchable onto most opponents defensively. He can also shoot the three, so we could play five out and open some lanes to the basket.

If we could bring back Bairstow, he could be brought in to match up on the bigger centres DJ will struggle with and perhaps Sotto could still come back as well? Its not a perfect solution, but Sydney certainly showed small ball could be effective last season.

The alternative I guess would be to sign an import centre, but that would be expensive and probably a low chance of getting anyone good. Unless we could somehow snag a guy like John Mooney, but I guess that's unlikely or Perth would have already brought him back.

If we can save some money in the big man department compared to last season, maybe we can afford an elite combo guard and an above average swingman? What's the latest on Delaney? Any chance of nicking him from the Breakers? He didn't seem happy there last season.

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Weedy Slug  
Two months ago


*2 very high end imports and **1 budget import from nbl1

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Weedy Slug  
Two months ago

Forgot Drmic

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Weedy Slug  
Two months ago

Import*-Dufelmeier pg
Mccarron-Dech cg
Drmic-Import** g/f
Import*-Marshall/dp sf
Bairstow-Harris pf
Galloway-Olbrich/dp pf/c
Johnson-Sotto c

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Two months ago

Fact I haven't heard about him ever, is not a great sign. Not good so far recruiting wise.

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Herbert Cadbury  
Two months ago

Shame to see him leave NZ. He looked pretty decent defensively, came into the game a couple of times and made some good blocks. Be interesting to see how he develops under CJ

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Two months ago

Nobody is mentioning Casper, is that because they don't want him or they feel that they can't get him from Russia still?

I don't like Casper but he answers a lot of questions for the 36ers

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Basket 91  
Two months ago

Sixers looking like at this stage

Think the priority right now is a top perimeter import and what happens with Sotto and Dufelmeier. Wouldn't mind Patterson as a third import in a sixth man type role.

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Two months ago

Catching a big like matty H back from wildcats be always worth pursuing..provide mobile big solid sround basket and more than capable defensively..if Harry froling worth a punt by brissdane then sixers surely need to test a return to Adelaide by MH...good big Aussies hard to find...

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Master Chief  
Two months ago

I don't like the balance of having DJ, Bairstow and Sotto as a rotation. There needs to be someone who can defend and rebound in there and offer more balance. Sotto as a pinch hitter is fine, if he returns, and allows another roster spot because of his status? But you really need defence from somewhere otherwise the same things will just happen over and over again. I do understand that Bairstow is that solid all round guy too, but still need the type of player described above IMO.

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Two months ago

How does the draft and stash situation work?

I'd assume Sotto gets drafted ~45-60 and gets stashed in a G-League side so they can track his progress closely.

I think I remember Newley was drafted and sort of stashed in Europe, or atleast draft rights preserved and suggested to go Euro over NBL.

And we know there are/have been draft and stash into the NBL recently, so perhaps a club does draft as a longer term project and is happy for him to stay in Adelaide given the NBL is more visible and has that reputation amongst NBA clubs these days where they perhaps didn’t used to before.

In any event, I’m sort of assuming Sotto is gone.

I’d love Bairstow to be re-signed, and perhaps Sotto gone makes it easier to justify an import defensive PF as well.

A DJ-Defensive import-Bairstow would be a nice balanced three man rotation for the bigs spots.

Then you give Harris/Galloway the residual minutes.

I’m curious who Adelaide signs/re-signs next - it could reflect their direction. Unless they are boring and get a backup PG next in which case it doesn’t help us know anything.

I don’t know if it’s Liam’s POV or insight into the 36ers plans, but he thinks Drmic will come off the bench.

Question is, can Adelaide afford three starting caliber imports? Or can they only afford 2. Do they have 2 guard imports and a third big import? A guard import and a big import? A guard import and a small forward import?

Perhaps whether or not Sotto returns dictates that a little.

Do they start DJ/Bairstow and focus import money to the guard/wings?

Does Dech start? Do they go for a bench import?

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Two months ago

I'm sure if someone drafts him, which is likely given his ceiling, they would really want him to keep developing in Adelaide.
I don't think Adelaide can operate with DJ, Bairstow and Sotto, never mind Humphries. I personally would prefer an import 5, Sotto in the rotation and either DJ or Bairstow. DJ can still put up points when he's inclined, but it's time for him to take a more reduced role. Bairstow showed he's still got a role in the league, but there will always be that asterisk if his body can hold up with extended minutes.

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