Two months ago

Big V Predictions

Just over halfway in 2022 and tome to make see who's going for the Chip and who's going to be "Dumped"

SCM - Fight between Sunbury v Wyndham for Chip with Chelsea (& King Corey) in the dumpster with a donut season
SCW - Bullen & Wyndham with Southern Pen on way down unluckily as King Corey tried his hardest to get Chelsea Women in the dumpster
D1M - Melbourne Uni against any one if four with Collingwood and Coburg fighting out to be dumped.
D1W - Sherbrooke v anyone else with Craigieburn looking like being dumped

Big Questions...
1. Will Wyndham win multiple chips?
2. Will Chelsea continue to use the insanity option (doing what their King & is disciples want and failing) or finslly realise the King is their issue?
3. When will D1 and D2 be merged?

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Two months ago

Its a childish argument whether you should or shouldn't be able to say the N word. It’s not up to white people to argue or decide what is racist nor proper or fair for black people.

For instance the word [email protected] can be deemed offensive also to some people who carry the ethnicity it’s associated to but yet they can call themselves that.

Its one word out of trillions you cant say to a particular race of people, get over it. It’s not like you need it. It just goes to show that some people are so wrapped up in fairness and equality and see it as their born right that they are willing to fight to say a word they don’t even need in their

"Oh why do they get to say it but we don’t?" It’s childish

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Two months ago

Sorry wrong thread

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Two months ago

It has been a very quiet year for BigV discussion!

Championship Men - Definitely going to be a battle between Sunbury and Wyndham. After a disappointing start to the season, it seems as though Hume are improving since releasing Jake Martin. McKinnon have added another import to try and cover for no Carroll and Kimble. That should be the top 4. Camberwell have been surprisingly competitive whilst Blackburn, Western Port and Chelsea have had disappointing seasons again.

Championship Women - Bulleen and Wyndham the clear standouts in this division, I have been surprised with Wyndham. McKinnon and Sunbury a bit disappointing and not as strong as I would've anticipated. Southern Peninsula are just really not up to it and would be lucky to be middle of the road in Division 1.

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Two months ago

last five rounds
Sunbury 5-0
Wyndham, Hume, camberwell 3-2
WP, McKinnon 2-3
Blackburn 1-4
Chelsea 0-5

Wyndham unlucky not to be 4-1. Lost on buzzer.
Sunbury vs Wyndham. Incredible performance by both clubs. Hume only danger
Most disappointing Chelsea. just rolled over. People call king Corey but seriously needs to hold to accountable. This plus women situation all on director of coach. Could be take awhile to fix problems left by last management
WP are a sleeper to make finals imports took a while to connect. But won't threaten

Wyndham 5-0
Bulleen, Sunbury 4-1
Hume, McKinnon 3-2
Chelsea pakenham 1-4
Sth pen 0-5

Bulleen vs Wyndham no surprise about Wyndham. Powerhouse waiting. Coach group are close to best in Victoria next nbl1
McKinnon are dangerous. anstey done well.
Chelsea is only danger in relegation. Removing coach an idiot move. Won one game since and that is bottom dweller Sth p
Sth p turns over lots of imports. Similar to Chelsea. Poor basketball leadership

Div1 m
MU 5-0
Bellarine 4-1
Warr, shepp, CB, keys, rmit 3-2
Bulleen, Warran,2-3
Coll 1-4
Coburg, sth p 0-5

Mu be keys
Coburg or Coll are out. Shame to see coburg be a shell of its history.
Keys outstanding for small association
Sth p after a promising start have crashed. One man band? player coach never works.
Bulleen disaster of a season. For a club so big. YL and u20 are in VC but not competitive. Need youth

Div 1 w
Sher 5-0
WP Mild, Warrnambool, mu, 3-2
Cam 2-3
Bel, Craig 1-4
Warran 0-5

obvious Sherbrooke will need unlucky for injuries to not win.
Camberwell disappointing.
If WP win two in championship would be big achievement. Not mich depth in roster so could be taken out if injured
Warrnambool are a . Chance to win both Div 1.

Div 2 men
Question Bottom club why the come back?

Div 2 women
Altona vs RMIT

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Two months ago

I don't expect there to be any relegation from either Championship Division - can't really afford to relegate when there are only 8 teams in the competition.

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Two months ago

They should restructure division and only have two.

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Two months ago


What makes you think that the damage at the nest was caused by the previous management?
They had excellent results in the mens and womens section.yes,the youth sides had slipped away but,I would lay the blame on king corey

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Last month

Red n blue
Read post. I say doc needs take responsibility.
But threads on here talk about big fight at club. Everyone take responsibility. So many players left and were raided by other club.
Chelsea womens program YL and womens improved a lot this year (sacking coach seems crazy). So doc given credit.
Last management needs responsibility for place club is in. Good management leaves place better.

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Last month

Fox87. I know for a fact that there were a couple of people on the committee 2 years ago that want to hold the Half Brother of Ben accountable, and they left because 3 members of that same committee think HBOB's the best thing to happen to the club, and didn't want to upset their precious import. They have lost a lot of good players and people from the club as King Corey continues to reign supreme.

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last month


Well written and 100% accurate

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Last month

Is it his fault?
What about GM?
Who has gone and wear? Are they success at new club? If not may have been problem.
Same story around many clubs

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Last month

Fox87, the problem is the HBOB has people bluffed. There is no-one left on the committee that know anything about running a successful rep program. The fact that the President took his daughter to Frankston says it all. I personally know a number of families that have left, and are looking to leave, due to lack of interest and development from the DOC in the junior rep program. If the club want to be just a domestic club with a few VJL 5 teams, that's fine, but don't waste $60k of Club/family's money on a DOC that does nothing in junior rep, and is not competitive as an import!

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last month

One day you will realise that Pud is 100% correct and change your ideas of what has happened.
Check the results for the past 10 years and you will see what has happened.
Ever since KING COREY has been allowed to run the show the bottom has totally craved in.

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Last month

Yeah I'm not sure I know full situation but it seems by reading this fourum that he is divisive.
But look at results seems thing go down hill with last gm. He responsible? This one looks to do good things.

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Last month

I can't be the only one who hates Chelsea and Sth Pen people just because of this forum. Fuck off will ya unless you can contribute something other than you're own bitching.

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Last month

The Chelsea and Southern Pen drama has the ability to ruin any thread on this site about Victorian Basketball.

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Last month

Maybe they should merge?
:) :)

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last month

Merge,NO.FRANKSTON takeover chelsea,maybe southern and westernport merge

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Last month

Red n blue was trying be funny
Southern peninsula gulls or Chelsea sharks?

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last month

I might be trying to be funny ,but by hell,I'm pi55ing myself with laughter on the floor with your comment.
With material like that you will be involved at the comedy festival next year

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last month

Watching Hume v gulls.twice in the second half the gulls got out to a nice lead only to cough it up in under 2 is hard to work out KING COREY'S role.he was getting the ball very regularly but,REFUSED to take a shot.
Appears he has go5 OLD MAN’S DISEASE.

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William 23  
Last month

I said in January and everyone laughed - Collingwood senior women will be lucky to win a game for the next 2 sessions

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Last month

Maybe some changes needed at Collingwood?

Saw that Darren Perry was appointed to run their overall basketball program.

Suggest that will lead to all sorts of change! Women at top of priority list.

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Last month

Maybe some changes needed at Collingwood?

Saw that Darren Perry was appointed to run their overall basketball program.

Suggest that will lead to all sorts of change! Women at top of priority list.

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