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Bryce Cotton's citizenship allegedly come through

Full Court Fitness - usually a fairly reliable fan on Twitter and connected - has said that Bryce Cotton's citizenship has come through. Obviously if true, big news for Perth. But could the Boomers Asia qualifying squad rejig to allow him in by dropping one of Sean McDaniel or Wani?

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Asia cup perhaps

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last month

I am not sure how quick process will be from here but I am sure Sean McDaniel and Wani are feeling a little nervous. I cant see Cotton making full strength teams with Thybulle around though.

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Last month

Sam McDaniel has Cotton covered (joke)

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Last month

Perth will have three imports?

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Last month

Mason Cox apparently getting his citizenship today (American playing for Collingwood for those that don't follow AFL) after his application was approved around March 2020. Cotton's process seems like a complete mess if his application was approved before 2020 Olympics

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Last month

Yay, finally.

Oh wait it's too late now anyway with crappy ownership.

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Last month

From memory all that for Cotton before the Olympics was that he was able to finally get onto the visa which allowed him to apply for citizenship. Up to that point he hadnt even applied (he couldnt)

This whole drama has been people getting mixed up as to what was actually happening. There were people speculating at that time he was going to get his citizenship any day when he wasn't even on a visa that allowed him to do so.

I'd be interested to know what approved means this time. For example, my wife who's on a very similar time frame to cotton found out a couple weeks ago her test/interview is next week. Even once passing that, she'll have to wait for approval and a date (which can take, again, years).

If Cox was "approved" in 2020, but only getting his ceremony now, that might show how slow this process is.

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Last month

Plenty of hoops to jump through... visa application -> (?yrs) test/interview -> (?yrs) approval -> (~2 yrs) citizenship
Maybe Cotton had been trying for some exception to speed up the process, to make the Olympics, but a domino didn't fall correctly

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Last month

He was due to get an exception to switch on to the visa making him eligible to apply for citizenship without the usual wait time, but the delay was not being able to get that visa. Without that visa nothing could be started, let alone processed. It's basically put him back to what the standard timelines are in the end.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Makes things interesting for the boomers over next 2 years.
Cotton would come in handy, desperately need players that can score.

20 player pool?


Does Thybulle make the boomers and can he even make the WC, the Phillipines, Indonesia you need to be fully vaxed. He only has the 1 shot.
Daniels sort of covers Thybulle now and you get a much needed added scorer off the bench in cotton, taking the pressure off mills.

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Last month

My understanding is that during COVID a large number of underutilised Visa processing staff were reallocated to other roles. Since the borders re-opened, some of these staff were returned to roles involved in visas and potentially citizenship. However, as they have been absent from these roles for over 12 months and many of the criteria have now changed, most staff need to undergo substantial retrainig before they can rejoin these teams. There is a chronic lack of visa processing staff which is holding up visa applications across the board ATM, particularly acute for some independent working visas and to a lesser extent in education. This is almost certainly why Cotton has been in a holding pattern for a matter of years.

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Last month

It was already an unnecessarily slow and delayed process even before COVID, I witnessed it first hand. Your tax dollars at work with the speed of a snail's pace.

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Last month

The system does indeed suck. But in the end it looks like Cotton will still get his citizenship done in the standard expected timelines. He's just missed out on getting on the express line.

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Pat Bev  
Last month

Don't think it has happened yet- look at Cotton's IG post today he reposted the AFL post with Mason Cox getting his citizenship-

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Last month

I've seen a lot of complaining about Cotton's taking so long with Cox getting his, but Cox has been in the country 2 full years longer.

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Last month

It's ridiculous that visas and citizenship are very expensive and take years to be processed. It should be one or the other, at least!
For example, a de facto visa costs nearly $8K (+ medical costs, etc). For that price you’d hope they would process it in a reasonable time, but it takes over a year... (and it already did before Covid)

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Last month

This is fake news, heard from Damo on SEN WA and his citizenship hasn't come through yet.

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