Bo Hamburger
Years ago

Best play names

Everyone's played in teams with plays, or sets, and you need to call them something so the big guys know what mindless task they have to do on any given offense.

Numbers are perhaps the easiest to use (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) followed by hand signals (fist, thumb up, thumb down, etc).

But what are some of the crazier and funnier play names forum-goers have encountered?

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Years ago

In High School, we had a play called "Viking". One of the guys at school had gotten a tattoo of a viking on his arm which was very cool when you were 16. He was a crack shot for 3. So basically we would just pass it round until he was open for the shot.
One of the guys once got a tech foul for calling it out as the ref thought he was being abused.

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old timer  
Years ago

We used to call different,blue,purple etc. The key was the fact it was a colour, the actual colour was unimportant.Throw in a few plays with numbers and it confused the hell outta teams.This was in the NBL I might add.

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Years ago

Computer Blue
Darlin Picky

Good ol Prince vs Charlie Murphy

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Years ago

I played for a dude down here in geelong who was bigtime into surfing so our plays were his favorite sets:
Point Danger
Guves point

Very Very annoying....

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Ultimate play in juniors was worms.

The point guard would call worms once a season, at the right moment, the four other players would drop to the floor and start doing the old breakdance worm.

With the defence totally confused by what was going on the point would stroll in for an easy lay up against no defence.

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Years ago

We had one play called Cosmo, based on Cosmo Kramer (back in the day when Seinfeld was HOT)

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Years ago

We had the 'Flying V'. No, wait... that was the Mighty Ducks.

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Years ago

when i played in the country we had a base line play called
four play

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Years ago

In honour of a previous ABL Coach, who used to call this out "A LOT", one of our Junior Coaches came up with the name "something", so he could yell out "run something". He is also looking at "anything" & "nothing" as well.

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Dr Damage  
Years ago

Dean Kinsmen's Sturt Team would call "weeksie", which we all thought was to stir up Geoff Weeks.

But really it stood for Weakside play !!

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Years ago

The BathTub Play

Used it at Mars when both outside doors were open. As you go into defence one of your players runs off the baseline and out the door runs down the side of the stadium and comes in the other end. Pass goes from defence all the way down to the open player. Score

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Years ago

I believe that's called the "Bathroom play" and was first used in a US college game cos to get from one end of the court to the other, the player literally had to run through the bathroom to appear at the offence end.

I used to love "Dead Ant", four offence players act like dead ants while point guard drives at basket.

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Years ago

Paul Rees played in a grudge match(teachers v students)and used the dead ants play on defence by himself. It got a huge laugh even though he used it at the wrong end of the court

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

I remember when Mark Jackson was playing for the Knicks when Pitino was coaching them. They had a play where Jackson would slap his hands together in a shark like fashion while dribbling the ball.

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

"Rubber chicken" was an out of bounds play my team had in u/14s back in the day.

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Art Vandalay  
Years ago

How about that "Indians" play by the Southern U/18 Boys a few years ago at State Champs against West. I believe it won the coach "Best Sportsmanship" Award that year and is why the coach is held in such high regard by the rest of the coaching fraternity.

Oh hello, Sarcasm......

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Years ago

77823, where did the southern team finish up that yr? Have you played?

Isnt the game about having a bit of fun?

Im not the guy, but I was there. It annoys me that we try and judge people without having a clue about them or there motives.

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Years ago

Dude, whatever the motive that was flat out wrong. It was completely disrespectful to West and the State Champ comp.

I wouldn't tell my team to do that if we were playing in a St Clair carnivale in u/12 mixed div 16.

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Years ago

What the game ISN'T about is disrespecting the opposition - which is exactly what that Southern team did. It was a disgrace and Art is spot-on.

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Years ago

Art...what exactly happened with the play Southern used??

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Years ago

P.S. Maybe it shouldn't be said if it was inappropriate

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Years ago

What happened on that fateful day will go down in Southern's folk lore. It has also been the subject of many-a-thread, which have probably been removed.

Ask anyone at Southern what happened and Im sure they will tell you.

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He outdid himself the following year with the old "send an assistant coach into the opposition time out" play!

What will he come up with this year?

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Years ago

Not 100% sure but I think the coach that called the "Indian" play & last years "send the asst. coach to other team huddle" play were two different coaches.

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

Correct #77834. The "send the asst. coach to other teams huddle" is their current U18 1s coach.

The "Indians" coach no longer coaches (though that is not due to that incident).

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Years ago

So what could this 'Indian' Play be that was so bad?

Im obviously not thinking laterally enough as I cant think of anything too shocking?

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Years ago

You gotta love saying "FOUR, run FOUR", hold up 4 fingers, and then have no play for FOUR. You just do whatever.

Then, when you call FOUR again, the defence will think you will do the same play!

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Years ago

77843 - My social team has quite a few plays like that including "pat on the head" and "tug your top"

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4 players run around the player with the ball, doing an Indian dance and a war cry. Funny in muck-around social, not so funny at State Champs.

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Years ago

From memory, although not to sure exactly what led to the incident but after a time-out very late in the game & I think southern were up by a reasonable amount they came out & did an indian dance around their ball carrier.

Is that right? Think that's the general jist of it though

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

We had a play back in Sudan called "Sexual Chocolate". It was an isolation play for me as I went to town with my post moves.

I made the help defender famous for all the wrong reasons as they continued to star in my posters.

.....they were the days.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Don't know if you remember me Manute, but I sure as heckfire remember you.

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VC fan  
Years ago

we had two awesome ones, 'stealth panda' and 'misty gorilla'

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

Hey Mo, I blocked that shot into the third row!

I remember that it deflected off the famous Celtics announcer's (Johnny Most) head then hit a 2 year old kid in the face. I'm still paying off the lawsuit.

Your soft attempt to score cost a lot of money. I won't ever forgive you for that Mo.

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Years ago

Is the famous Celtic's announcer Johnny Most related to the famous Donny Most who played Ralph Malph in Happy Days?

Potsie, do you know?

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Right back at ya, Manute. Mo's in the Hall of Fame. You're off playing Ice Hockey.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

On a more serious note Manute, I didn't see ya at "the event". All the old cats were there. You OK? You're not still sick, are ya?

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

Hey Mo, that picture of me above was taken just after I copped a knock in the three piece set. Man that hurt!!

I had emergency surgery after the game to remove the puck from my behind. During the game I bent over to tie up my skates and before you knew it was lodged somewhere where I didn't want it. I decided to retire from Ice Hockey after this incident.

See you on the dance floor at the stag tonight Mo!

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

Hey Mo,

I just finished reading a book about you. It was crap, lift your game man!!

I don't recommend it!

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Play nice Manute, or I'll start posting hospital pictures. I had the nurses take a whole series of them and they ain't pretty.

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Years ago

When i was in peewee (thats right peewee)we would the statue of liberty where the lineman would line up on one side of the field while the center and qb would line up on the other it never worked but i thought it was cool

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Please Help  
Last month

HELP! I am making a play but don't know what to call it.

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Hanging Round  
Last month

I recall the Tigers "Indian" against West that night.
A lot of people lost respect for Mr Baldy and his team that night.
They were a very good team but it was not a good look. The team was young, so you could only blame the coach.

I seem to recall that one of that team went onto play AFL in 2 states and returned to SA this year

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