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Boti vs music at 36ers games

Boti made a comment about the "rock concert" at 36ers games in his match report for the loss to the Bullets.

Today there's a longer piece quoting Darryl Pearce making a stronger statement.

"...but Adelaide's (PA system) is just relentless with its blaring music - on and on and on," he said.
The problem with this one, I believe, is that everyone wants something different. Some don't like any gaps in the music, some don't like music when the 36ers have possession, others don't want much music at all.

What do you think?
Adelaide rallied to drag itself back to 83-90 with 5:59 left but any support from the 4000-plus crowd was drowned out by the remorseless music. While announcer Neil Stanton was screaming for crowd participation, his pleas too were mostly drowned by Gnarls Barkley's latest hit. Brisbane ran away for a 115-93 rout.
In the late stages of recent games, I've seen people walking out and wondered if the crowd could really get the team back into it - we have a lot of doubters this season (I won't deny being one after the last two fourth quarter fade outs).

What's better? Lessening the music at those times and giving the crowd a chance to boost the team but risking having dead patches that sound awkward and reduce the atmosphere?

Maybe trying to better control the music when the crowd has picked up a bit?

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Years ago

Last game I was at (Wollongong) I must admit I thought that the music was "Relentless". It's good to have it, but they must be playing 10 songs a quarter.
I think it's a bit too much

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Dave Atkins  
Years ago

Ahhhh, so it's the music man's fault! Should've known......

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Years ago

I think the announcer is too loud. There we 5yr yr old kids sitting a few rows beside me that were frightened when after some silence : " C'mon !!! Sixers !!!" came from the announcer.
Turn the volume down.

Music is a tough one - never gonna please everyone.
I liked the "c'mon Ilene" cover, was that No Doubt singing it ?? anyone ?

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Years ago

Quite often it seems the announcer will try to get a defence chant going and the Music Man will cut in with a song. Definetly seems to be more music getting played this year. A lot less crowd chants.

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Years ago

No, not the music man's fault at all. I watched Channel 9's new bball program yesterday at 11:30am where they replayed the Dragons game. The music was nowhere near as constant which did give the crowd their own voice. Music does not need to be played every minute of the game- it gets tiring by the last quarter..... and the players have to play and concentrate at the same time! A break in between noise is a good idea for crowd and players to regroup.

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Years ago

the D-Fence and music cutting in works the other way as well. I get annoyed sometimes when there is a good rhythmic clapping song and they start the D-Fence chart half way throught the song. I just think from game to game it going to be a little hit and miss until they find a balance they like. Generally i like music on their every possession, and music on ours when we are on a roll, but less music when we have it in general play.

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Years ago

I agree totally with Boti's and Darryl's comments - far too much, too loud and totally inappropriate music. It's a major distraction from the entertainment of the game and reduces the ability of the crowd to lift the team. I don't mind my ears ringing when I leave the Dome but I want it to be the result of a fanatical crowd after an exciting game, not from over-driven speakers!

Intelligently-selected music played at key times can be used to gain the crowd's participation and raise the level of excitement in order to give our team a massive advantage. This was always done in the past and was extremely effective!!

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Dave Atkins  
Years ago

How irrelevant is this when the blowtorch should be on the team. This is the kind of shit that makes my blood boil. This must be close to, if not the worst start to a season a Sixers team has ever had and we get crap about the music....and to make it a little bit more legit we'll quote a past player. Past coaches have received an absolute pasting in the press in far less dire situations. Where's the consistenct Boti?

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Years ago

How about adjusting the volume during the game to suit the mood?

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Years ago

dave atkins, very true. first it was the schedule. then the new team adjusting to a big man. maybe the players. now its the music stopping the crowd encouraging the players to get into it.

watch out. if youre a fan not clapping loud enough, perhaps youre next?

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tony Blair  
Years ago

I found I was listening to the music during the game.

But I feel that if people had wanted to chant De Fence it was being flashed on the scoreboard and it was being chanted by the announcer. If the crowd had wanted to they could have joined in.

IMO it would have taken more than the crowd chanting to get the team back.

It is a good deflection by Boti of deeper problems in the team. By memory he didn't make comment on Phil's Tech.

Its time to stand up and be heard Mr Nagy whether you disagree with many of us that Smyth should go, surely you can see there are problems in the team that go further than too loud music on game nights.

I found it interesting that at the end of the game around me there was faint booing. Will there come a time this season that the crowd actually turns on its own team?

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Years ago

The music??? has certainly put paid to the witty oneliners we once heard in days gone by from those like the Sixer "bad boys"
I would agree with those who say that the music is loud and relentless.
My friend from Perth who came to the game last Friday was thankful for once of her deafness in that she was able to remove her hearing aids.

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Years ago

Boti did mention Smyth's tech, but referred to it as "rare".

...and Stephen Black put away two free throws after a rare technical foul against Smyth.
I don't know if he was frustrated by the team or the refs. The refs were calling a tight game, but we had just as many calls go our way as against us when questionable, IMO.

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The Ref's are simply another person to blame for poor performance.

IMO - the article is correct in regards to the music, however I believe Boti should be writing about the 1 and 5 start and the lack of court time for the future of the club.

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Years ago

I too beleive the music is far too loud. Sure you can't please everyone but the music man needs to remember that people pay their money to watch basketball, not to listen to loud music.

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Matt W  
Years ago

show me the money, ur spot on.

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Jimmy The Snitch  
Years ago

I enjoy going to a music concert and a basketball game breaks out, it's been like this for 5 or 6 years.

Hate the music, not the game.

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Morrison 3  
Years ago

Been to a Sonics home game 10 months ago. Best show ever - they use the pregame stuff, music, lights, MCing to pump up the start - as the players come out - and it gets the crowd right into it.

With some improved lighting and sound it could make a big difference to the whole experience, thus having more chance of drawing crowds.
BUT, don't see it happening - $$$

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Mix Master Wipe  
Years ago

Music used to be blasted when the sixers played D,the crowd would start stomping,clapping etc and really give the team a lift.More often than not the 36ers would get a steal and score.Now the music is played too much,at the wrong time of game.

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Years ago

Morrison - Are you a Seattle fan? Im going over in Dec. and will be seeing 3 Sonics games. Also have a courtside and locker room tour arranged before one of the games..

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Ben Fitz  
Years ago

Rest assured all the feedback is being taken on board and hoprefully we will have some happier punters in the stands this Friday for the Tville game.

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The Minx  
Years ago

Where I sit, the music was way too loud. There is a number of elderly in my area also and u wonder what they think about the music and the damage thats being done to their own and other peoples ears. For mine, the level of sound could actually be constituted as a health risk. The occasional song to get the crowd going is good and there are some songs which are great for crowd participation compared to othrs but the music it too frequnt and too loud. Is it that hard to turn it down a bit in order to improve the fans comfort levels?

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Years ago

Perhaps consider having select 'moments' for the crowd to join in doing something specific. This would schedule 'no music time' and educate the audience to 'be loud' at certain times. In the glory 90's days, a full house doing the 'one clap' upon opposition intro was very loud and intimidating. Like wise doing the foot banging on wooden floors during free throws. Songs played with lyrics being pulled down and being replaced by audience vocals use to work well such as 'Thunder' and 'Boom Boom Boom' and 'Deyo' to name a few. Mixing the music with the audience.

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Years ago

Im with you Mix Master Wipe #101405. I remember, not to many years ago, the music would only be played while we were in defence. I thought this was to help with drowning out the opposition gaurds & coaches calling plays.

As soon as we got it into offence the music would stop & the crowd would take over.

This feed on its self with the music in "D" helping with the crowd when we were bringing it up the court.

Go back to this way of doing it.

Is it also a case of the 6ers playing soooo bad that we have all of a sudden noticed the music more?

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Years ago

I agree. Stop playing the music. It's annoying. I'm here to watch a basketball game not get my ears blown to bits by songs I dislike playing at maximum volume.

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Years ago

People's varying opinions on the volume of the music is irrelevant. What matters is what gets the best out of the players. If they feel the music is too loud and distracting, then definitely tone it down. If they feel they play better with the loud music, keep the volume up. Judging on this season's home performancetogether with the sudden increase in volume in the music, suggests the music may have something to do with poor performance on court. Not only that, don't forget the average age of our team has increased dramatically this season. As loud music is preferable to the younger generation, perhaps our geriatric players would like it a little softer.

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Years ago

If a supporter is paying good money to come see a game of basketball I think their opinions ARE relevant. The players are the ones getting big money and are professionals. They should be able to play with no music or with blaring music equally.

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Years ago

Turn the music down and all you'll hear is the sound of crying. The 6ers needs to supply free beer and hookers for the spectators for the rest of the season just to break even. Boti, the music has been the highlight.

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Years ago

Go to a rock concert if you want to hear loud music. Anyone going to the basketball go for the game. I agree its been a bit boring lately with the performances and some music helps to add to the entertainment, but what I said is the volume level should be decided by what the players feel comfortable with. If they have the optimum conditions to play in whether it be loud music or not, hopefully the end result will be winning some games. If that is the case, then the basketball will once again become the entertainment.

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Years ago

it's the CHOICE of music that annoys the hell out of me, what is that music dude thinking... i dont think it's too loud though.

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Years ago

and i think Boti spelled Gnarles wrong.

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

why not play sweet georgia brown

when farley and co start their extended dribbling around the three point line i feel its the beginning of a harlemglobetrotter move.

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Mott the Hoople  
Years ago

Could change our name to the Adelaide Generals??

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Years ago

I don't think it has got anything to do with how loud it was, but the type of music. The crowd couldn't get into it because the music didn't have a clapping beat.

Has the music man changed this season? We don't seem to be getting the regular music we heard each game and therefore not familiar with the people. I don't think the music would put the players off. To the people that think the music is too loud, how about when the crowd go berserk, is that too loud?

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Years ago

apparently you can't hear them if they do go beserk...the music is too loud...

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Years ago

All you people who think that boty was blaming the constant music for the sixers lack of form, your missing the point. The point is home games would be much better if the music was done differently. We need songs to played a lot less frequently and at apropriote times (like when the sixers are on fire). The music needs to have a good, clapping beat. I seriously thing that the constant music is going to lower the 36ers crowds.

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Years ago

What are all you people saying? I can't hear you for the music!

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