Years ago

Schenscher still in Sixers sights

"The Australian Associated Press has reported that the Adelaide 36ers remain eager to sign South Australian centre Luke Schenscher, despite rumors that the 216cm centre is close to joining NBA team Sacramento."

"We want to put something to him so if he returns to Australia, he plays for us."

Link: http://www.nbl.com.au/default.aspx?s=newsdisplay&aid=4291


He is currently playing for the Fort Worth Fliers in the NBA Development League.

From what i have heard lately it is unlikely to happen.

Would be good to see Luke playing for the Sixers. We might make the finals with him.

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Years ago

He is way too young for the sixers to sign

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Jerry Maguire  
Years ago

I think his agent would be advising against this. What possible advantage would this give him?

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Years ago

Get over the age thing.

Seriously, it is a done joke.

Obviously the 6ers have listened to comments from the fans, and are acting on it, making moves to re contract Brad Hill already, aggresively (compared to previous 6er efforts) chasing Schenscher, deciding to go with Sutton instead of Timmons.

Or is it a case of damned if they don't, damned if they do?

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Years ago

Ahh, yogee, no - its a case of...
'Damned if they do, damned if they don't' !! LOL

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Years ago

samething isnt it just in dif order ?

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Years ago

gotta agree with yogee on the joke. It's been flogged off that many times it is seriously not funny any more.

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Years ago

Yeah, it's really getting old...

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Years ago

I am so sorry for this...

If it gets any older phil will call it with a contract offer

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Years ago

PUN of the week award goes to...


congratulations Isaac

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Years ago


Brad Hill would not sign with the 36ers as they recruited a 41 year old over the top of him to take his minutes this year in a team the is losing each week.

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Years ago

Yes, you would think the ball is now in Brad's court. No reason at the moment to rush in. I can see him being a good fit at the Gold Coast.

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Years ago

Brad Hill will not sign with the 6ers, AFAIK.

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Years ago

It's not about whether Brad will or wont sign.

People have been bitching about the 6ers lack of youth in the team etc, they have said they will offer a contract to Hill.

My point is, they were criticised for not trying to attract the younger players and then this post attcks them for trying to....

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Years ago

they are also criticized for having a coach who doesnt work with young players. one guess why hill wont sign that contract yogee just one guess.........

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Years ago


If you still believe what fantasy Phil says then you are a fool.

The reason that Brad wont sign is becasue they recruited a 41 year old over the top of him.

Remember that Phil approached both Brad Newlet and offered Joe Ingles a max rookie contract too. Well at least that is what Phil would like people line you to believe.

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Years ago

#109041 you are being a bit harsh attacking Yogee for his opinion on the "age issue"

He makes a valid point - we do need to get over it. 36ers are now trying to be proactive in their quest to look into the future and secure some quality young players.

My concern though is, have we missed the boat - has the message already gone out into the basketball player management community that the 36ers are not interested in recruiting for the future and do not offer any scope for development of the younger players?

Has Phil been too comfortable resting on the abilities of quality players like Brett, Farley and Mee, Brooksy, Cat etc in the past and not looking to the future?

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Years ago

Big deal they have offered Hill a contract. As stated above recruiting a 41 year old to take his minutes says it all.

Recruiting Schenscher aggressively? Calling him after he has been cut from the Bulls does not equate to aggressive in my opinion.

Did Smyth keep in regular contact with him while he was at UConn? Did he visit him in the US at any time?

Was he calling Schenshcer weekly or monthly or even yearly to see how he was going? I have no inside information in this regard but I seriously doubt Smyth made much contact if at all considering he was a lock to become a Dragon if the Bulls hadn't signed him last season.

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Years ago


Seemimgs Phil didnt have control of financial offers to players when the offer was made to Newley, what does that tell you?

As for Ingles, there seems to be a number of stories, and would appear both sides there have never been overly factual.

Once again I have saiud nothing about BRad signing...all I have said is at least THEY ARE OFFERING HIM A CONTRACT....sorry to yell, but it's the 3rd time I have had to say that.

What happens with those contract negotiations remain to be seen. I think a lot of people are over estimating Hill's worth to other clubs right now, considering he was having far from a great season before he got injured in the first place...but time will tell.

Stephon...I guess you didnt take much time to read my post either. What has happened in the past has happened. My whole point is it is obvious the 6ers have heard the criticisms of the lack of youth direction, and are taking steps to address it.

Considering Hill's season, I for one am glad we had someone else such as Copeland who could come in and cover his deficiencies. Yes you can argue that due to Copeland being there, Hill not being played at his usual position etc etc it affected his game, but you know what, a quality player puts that behind them.

As for Schenscher, when I said they are being aggresive, I also qualified that by saying "for the 6ers"..ie comparing it to previous recruiting efforts of potential key players....I never thought that would need explaining!

Once again you refer to the last year etc....I for one am not saying that lack of youth development has been an issue previously...I am saying it is about time the critics were at least willing to acknowledge that they are taking some steps - even if they are small ones - in the right direction.

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twenty four  
Years ago

Stephon, Luke went to Georgia Tech.

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Years ago

Sorry, yes Georgia Tech not UConn!

Yogee, I don't in any way believe that Smyth has heard the criticism and taken steps to address it. I read your post and the only valid comment in Smyth's defence was signing Sutton over Timmons.

That is hardly any consolation for all his previous mistakes. Besides, even mentioning Timmons as a possibility clearly indicates where Smyth's preferences are noting that Sutton had performed admirably when given a chance.

How many times can we be told that things will be fixed and changes will be made by Smyth and nothing is done.

Wasn't it only a year or so ago that it was said that changes were being made to prevent Newley situation repeating itself and Smyth/Breheney were monitoring AIS/NCAA? Smyth has acknowledged that problems exist but has done nothing but move in the opposite direction and recruit old players.

How many guys have we picked up from the AIS/NCAA? None.

We are still way behind other teams and I am of the opinion that we will continue to be far behind the other teams while Smyth is coach.

Apart from Maher, Sutton, Horvath, Hill and possibly Farley, there is not a single player on the 36ers line-up that should be back next year.

I said before the season that if Copeland's signing cost us Hill at the end of the season then Smyth's decision would be a very poor one.

I stand by that.

Smyth's crap re Schenscher is nothing but propaganda in my opinion.

Ninnis should be signed ASAP with Richard Hill as his assistant before any further damage is done.

I'd rather watch a rebuilding team with young SA players of the future like Hill, Ingles, Forman and co than the crap we have seen this season with no defence, no heart and veterans on the way out like Copeland, Nash and co.

In fairness to Smyth by all means he could have kept in contact with Schenscher the whole time he was at Georgia Tech and in the NBA. I have no idea if he did or not. I just seriously doubt it.

Assuming he didn't keep contact then throwing him a call after he is cut from the Bulls is hardly 'aggressive recruiting' even by our slack standards.

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Years ago

well said stephon

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Years ago

"than the crap we have seen this season with no defence, no heart and veterans on the way out like

Have you seen the Sixers-Razorbacks game at the Dome?

Copeland scored consecutive triples, drove to the basket 4 times (Which the Sixers lack at the moment) and personally got the Sixers momentum swining.

Copeland this season:

V Brisbane Bullets
Scored: 21 pts

V West Sydney

Scored: 31 pts

V New Zealand

Scored: 18 pts

V Crocodiles

Scored: 21 pts

V Tigers

Scored: 21 pts

Too old? Would you say too D-Mac that he is too old to play?

Copes has been value for money.

For Nash,

Did you see the charge he took against the Razorbacks?
Nashy is one of few that are playing great defence for the Sixers.

Think again Stephon.

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Years ago

I have no problem with Copeland as a player. He has played really well at times and is an all-time NBL great.

As I said at the start of the season, if Copeland's signing came at the expense of losing Hill at the end of the season then Smyth's decision was a bad one.

I couldn't care less if Copeland scores 30ppg for the remainder of the season. Hill will be a decent player in this league for the next decade. Copeland won't!

If Hill was given the support, green light and court time that Copeland has received then he would have put up some decent numbers as well.

Re Nash. Yes, I have to think again. Nash's shut down defence against the opposition small forwards has been exceptional this season as has been his contribution offensively and on the boards.

With the Nash/Majstrovic small forward combination I don't know how any of us could be upset that we have lost chump small forwards like Cat, Oscar, Jacob, Ingles and Newley. Nash's charge alone in the West Sydney game is worth at least another two year deal.

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Years ago

LOL - well put Stephon....I am pretty sure that squid will back you up about Nash.....although I think he was hoping for a 5 year deal!

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