Years ago

Sixers import Diamon Simpson to arrive today

According to the Sixers facebook page our (unnamed) second import is due to arrive today.

Exciting day for the Adelaide 36ers today, new import arrives.

Let the speculation begin!

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Years ago

Diamon Simpson in todays paper!

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Years ago

Clarky you beat me to too it by seconds haha

(Mod: Kobe24's original topic text added below.)

Just saw on FB, not sure if it had been mentioned previously through other topics, but this is potentially great news! Saturday was a dark day in the 36ers history. Injuries or whatever excuse you may want to use, it was just a shocker for an opening night. Great to see the 6ers have got on the front foot and obviously been working to find a replacement. Hope its someone with a scoring nature! Anyone who is in the know care to spill the beans????

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Years ago

Yet it's when he gets to the free throw line that Simpson's problems begin. He shoots his foul shots so flat that they barely get above rim height, and that poor technique extends to his jumpshot, which basically does not exist. Since he's not a threat to post up or do much off the dribble, this is a problem. Defensively, Simpson's "activity" (I hate that cliché, but it's apt here) has its uses, as he's able to cause turnovers and win the ball with his rebounding and disruption of the passing lanes. (He can also get up for some blocks from time time, although he probably helps too much.) Yet his physical disadvantages hinder him on this end, too, where he can be both overmatched in the post and beaten off the dribble on the perimeter. His energy can only mask so much.

If he was a better shooter, or just a bit bigger, Simpson would have been drafted. As it is, he'll now have to ply his trade the hard way.

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Years ago

I hope he has developed a jumpshop now (although Hodge didnt have a jump shot either)

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Years ago

Here's a link to Boti's article.

Dougys, that's the story of many NBL imports in recent times. Warren can shoot, but gives up height. Saw a bit of Catron last night and while he looks quick for a big, he seems like a bit of a headless chicken. Ervin was another one with skills, but who could've done with a couple more inches. Homicide can do a lot of things, but is not a strong shooter. Same with Hodge.

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Years ago

Ahh that analysis doesnt sound all that flash!? I hope the 6ers have made a sound decision. Good luck to him, lets try to atleast give him one game before the knives come out :p

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Years ago

After doing some more googling im also finding plent of positives abouth the guy. So fingers crossed

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Years ago

Diamon Simpson set himself apart today with a strong showing in the Showcase's second game. In a narrow loss to the Maine Red Claws, Simpson was often the best players on the floor for the L.A. Defenders. Displaying a good motor and a knack for being in the right place at the right time on both ends, he finished the game with 22 points and 14 boards.
Sounds like he could go either way - flawed game that's easily exploited, or scraps his way to some useful numbers. We'll have to see.

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Years ago

He played with the Alaska Aces and was their club MVP

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Years ago

SMS from 36ers just sent out confirming the above

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Years ago

look pretty good watching youtubes clips of him!! looks like he will definetly help on the boards and on the defensive end!!

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

I wonder if part of his contract with the Sixers will involve the club having to spring for that last 'd' to complete his first name. It bothers me that it's not there. :)

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Years ago

Played in the same league as Gabe freeman and freeman won the best import award. Freeman sucked in the nbl. I hope we keep williamson in town just in case simpson is no good.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

He could simply be filling in for Williamson in a role similar to the "Injury Waiver" routine (just not using the Injury waiver clause).

Personally, unless Simpson goes off in the first few games, I'd rather keep Williamson around.

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Years ago

Pretty good situation to be in in some respects.
If Simpson works out, we keep him and have a good import for the year.
If Simpson doesn't work out, we release him and we have Williamson wating, ready to go (when he's available).
The next 8 weeks or so could be considered as an on-court audition for Simpson.
As long as we don't persist with Simpson if he doesn't produce and end up missing out on Williamson.

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Years ago

Got a diamond simpson in nbl and Dymond Simon in the wnbl!!!

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Years ago

Its Diamon

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Years ago

I've seen him play a few times and he's not very good.

You would hope that he's just a short term replacement for Williamson.

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Years ago

If he doesn't pull his weight at the defensive end he'd better brace himself for some "no D" jokes.

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Years ago

Lamar Odom would have been the perfect fit that Clarky was looking for.

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Years ago

It's Chowdaa!

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Years ago

Once we are at full strength how is this guy going to fit in the lineup?

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Years ago

This is about the most negative posts Ive ever seen about a guy who hasnt even played for us yet!!

Ill comment after his first game, until then I'm glad the team acted quickly to bring in someone rather than waiting to long.

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Years ago

D.Johnson (23), W.Helliwell (8), A.Ballinger (9)
A.Ballinger (24), D.Simpson (16)
S.Weigh (19), M.Creek (13), D.Simpson (8)
N.Herbert (17), D.Ng (15), S.Weigh (5), N.Crosswell (3)
C.Warren (30), N.Crosswell (10)


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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

I agree with Skud.

you can only judge someone by what you see on the floor. also impressed that the 36ers got him here so quickly. The keenest players generally get here quickly and deliver.

Would be good though to keep J-Will around. With the luck that Marty Clarke has had with imports, Cris Warren is due to get injured in about 6 weeks...

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Years ago

Geez I hope DJ ends up averaging more than 23 mins a game X! But you're right, Diamon will play PF, with a bit of SF and perhaps C thrown in. Depends on exactly how quick he is and how big he plays once he gets here.

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Years ago

I watched Diamon play a lot at St Marys and he will be tough to guard. He's quick offensively and defensively, crashes the boards real hard, runs like a gazelle, likes it physical, plays with fire, finishes strong, is smart and I think he will be great especially when we start running. He will definitely be a top 5 rebounder and top 5 shot blocker. I would suggest 17 & 11 will be his average plus 2blks. He's a perfect NBL 4 man.

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Years ago

im not gonna hold my breathe on that 17 and 11 thing as that would make him a star. i hope he turns out good though, won defensive player of the year though once or twice hey that sounds very good. we need that big-time.

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Years ago

How do you pronounce his name. Is it like Diamond minus the D sound? I hope he brings lots of spark(le) to the team.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

When I listened to Steve Weigh on the radio
it's pronounced Diamond without the d.

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