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36ers v Tigers

Big game tonight for both teams, but I think this one is the 36ers to lose. Will be keen to avenge the last loss v Melbourne and will gain some confidence from being able to go with Perth for some stretches last night.

Things to watch for............

-Use of Ng. Forget last night, Perth don't give guys with his reputation charity 3's. Melbourne will. Got 3 minutes last time they played (one stretch in the 2nd). Must get on in the first quarter and be given some good looks.
-How Simpson backs up. Stories about his fitness levels are circulating more and more, will be keen to see how he goes playing his 2nd game in 24hrs.
-Myron Allen. Was a little to over-excited last time they met (his first home game). Will have a big say in Melbourne's ability to get the win.
-Mitch Creek. Made lots of costly errors last time. I'm backing him to make up for it tonight.

Full game preview here

I'm picking Adelaide by 7

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Years ago

Enjoy the blogs, keep them coming

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Years ago

Ng is shithouse

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Not saying they can't do it, especially with the Tigers a bit down atm (not that the 6ers are exactly on fire either!) but it would be a great effort to get a road win on night 2 of a back-to-back, especially when night 1 was against Perth, who always wear teams down. Heck I'm worried enough about how it will affect the Cats and our game is not until tomorrow.

On form I probably shouldn't, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing this one. I really don't think this Adelaide team is that far off.

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Years ago

Odd starting lineup for the Tigers. 4 Fwds and 1 guard. Hasn't worked so far. Two baskets to the 36'ers

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Years ago

That was actually a really good win, they shot the lights out and just overall had a great game, good considering it was a back to back as well.

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Years ago

It's amazing the difference getting away from the super defence of the better teams makes for a young side like Adelaide.

Warren incredible tonight.

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Years ago

I better watch the telecast then!

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Years ago

Did not get Clark playing Simpson the first 10 minutes and then benching him for the whole 2nd quarter (forgot he was on team again?) and then playing him the entire 2nd half. Just seems like a very odd thing to do.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Cdub loves playing at the Cage.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Great shooting effort got it done, but 17 turnovers against that team that is too many.

Turnovers due to
- poor passing skills,
- Bartlett leaving his feet too often before he tries to pass,
- and an offence {especially used when they try to protect the lead } that tries to use on wing hand offs, when it should really be utilising back door cut options.
So easy to overplay and steal the ball when you know no one is cutting back to the ring.

Our two centres, Simpson (4) and Helliwell (2) played great D and also got 6 blocks between them.

Getting 20+ points from the foul line takes a lot of pressure off of the offensive sets as well. Great to see the whole team hit their foul shots.

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Years ago

Great win tonight, night and day shooting performance from last night (the opposition might play a part in that...........). Warren and Ng were unbelievable, backed well by Bartlett, DJ and DS. Credit to Marty too for limiting the rotation and riding the hot hands.

Game review up on my blog

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Years ago

Anyone else notice smyth and breheny behind the sixers bench?

What's the story there, is that part of the whole mentoring for Marty thing?

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Years ago

Hell no. They are in Melbourne more than Adelaide now.
Something to do with a basketball program over there.

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Years ago

shouldn't they have been in Canberra for the U20's?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I thought that was him.

A great game, albiet somewhat scrappy in patches. Ng's off balanced 3 (on the shot clock buzzer) was special

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Years ago

Ahhh shame this means nothing for a season lost months ago, my lack of interest in this team of role players the 6ers have, just astounds me. The 36ers Tigers clashes used to have the makings for a classic every time, this is just a case of beating a team slightly more self imploding than we are. Hate to be negative, and a win is a win, but the 6ers havent shown any real improvement all year, so the satisfaction in this is minimal.

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Years ago

Gleeson has serious problems - can he fix it?

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Really truly  
Years ago

What's wrong with creek?

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Years ago

Paul are you saying that teams that defend the 36ers LEGALLY have difficulty beating them?

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Years ago

Andrew Gaze made some interesting comments last night about the future of the 36ers team, and how he thinks it is the best young roster in the league.

Specifically endorsed Johnson and Creek (no surprises there).

Maybe those impartial to the team have a different view of the roster and Clarke's plan?

What are others' thoughts about the Sixers' roster and where we would be next season if we retained the majority of it? I'd bump Helliwell for someone like Vanderjatt and keep one of Herbert and Bartlett.

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

see comments about building a team not buying one
This team has a great future ahead of it
Loosing Crosswell was a massive hit

imagine starting Balls and having Diamon off the bench as per the plan.

The d would have been stretched having to get out to Balls and DJ which would have allowed the quicks of Warren, Creek and Weight to get to the rim when needed

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Years ago

Thankyou muzz buzz!!!!

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Years ago

Muzz Buzz - do you think Clarke bet too heavily on Balls being fit and productive? Obviously pretty easy to say that now.

Does Balls have a role to play next season? A cheaper, reduced minutes role?

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Years ago

Was interesting that gaze rated ng the best shooter in the league. Not a bad endorsement !

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Missed it  
Years ago

Can anyone tell me if there is a livestream or torrent of the game somewhere?

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Years ago

Muzz Buzz - Beveridge agrees with you re losing Crosswell, in today's Mail, as do I. Seeing how we've not closed out a couple of games, through poor ball handling and a lack of experience to help handle te pressure changed my mind. Also looking at the W-L and For-Against with and without Crosswell and, to a lesser extent Ballinger, confirmed it for me.

doctor - I think the main thing that went wrong for Clarke was expecting Crosswell to stay healthy and productive. He recruited Williamson as a scorer, which suggests he didn't expect Ballinger to have to carry the scoring load, like last year. But Crosswell was the other key signing to give a mature, reliable point guard to steer the team.

Between them, Crosswell and Ballinger have 578 NBL games experience. Excluding Warbout and Lycett, the other 10 players have 797 games, of which 187 are Ng's. Herbert and Helliwell are the only other players with more than 100 Nbl games. I hadn't quite registered how inexperienced the team has been, as a unit, without those 2 guys.

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Years ago

oops - Weigh also has over 100 NBL games (117)

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Years ago

He is the most consistant three point shooter in the comp. whoever said hes shithouse has been smoking crack. sure hes not the star player, but i cant imagine anyone else comming off the bench and hitting 3s for us then darren ng. i say re sign him

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Years ago

hurley - Ng is 14th in 3 point percentage this season, of players to have taken 30 or more shots. Oscar Forman leads at 50.5%. Ng is at 37.9%. The leading 36er iis Johnson at 40.2% (16 of 38).

and I'm pretty sure the shithouse comment was a troll

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Years ago

There isnt anything wrong with the team and alot of people have always said this..The problem we have is how the players are used, the rotation, the complete lack of offensive plays and the complete lack of any defensive pressure.
The last two games with Clark being told how to coach have been a huge improvement..albiet really we shot so well against the Tigers we bailed out our turnovers.

As I have said all season, imagine how this team would look with a two professional coaches who utilise peoples strenghts and work around their weekness's

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Years ago

I am a cats fan!! U guys don't give yore team the credit they deserve!!! 36ers should be fighting 4 a top 4!!! End ov'e the day u need luck!!! U guys will be back b4 u no0 it,u need to spend $ to have team not just a coach!!! U bet us twice at hm!! if they played the way they did those both nyts 4 the season they would be in the mix 4 the top 4!!! I loved the perth v 6ers games!!! It was quality!! Best to clubs to come out ove the nbl over the course ove the nbl!!!

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Years ago

"Can anyone tell me if there is a livestream or torrent of the game somewhere?"

Should be a replay on One during the week as it was the Saturday night game it will probably be the Wednesday morning replay.

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Missed it  
Years ago

"Should be a replay on One during the week as it was the Saturday night game it will probably be the Wednesday morning replay."

Cheers. I'll keep an eye out.

Also, we have a very talented team. The issue is with the coaching staff. a very similar thing happened when Mike Dunlap was coaching. He was great with the young guys and no good with the vet's.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Some only look at one end. The League's leading scoring didn't get any on Helliwell. Let's sack him.
Ng Warren shot well, and you want Helliwell to take a lotta shots.
Some games he's scored as many as our best player.

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Muzz buzz  
Years ago

Well my mail is that balls didn't exactly help the recovery process so yeah Clarke would have expected him to be ready to go at seasons start.

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Years ago

Interesting to see who Clarke gave minutes to in backing up after a tough game: Creek and Herbert were mostly on the bench while the start went to Bartlett. Running him with Warren was quite successful and many times they had Ng in there as well making for a smallish group from PG-SF.

I can see Bartlett playing a useful role off the bench for a team next season too - can distribute, plays D, and can shoot.

Simpson did a lot of small things and was great from the stripe. Didn't get many clean opportunities close to the bucket. Both imports really picked up for this one. Johnson was made to work for his points, as usual.

You can see how effective Ng CAN be when they look for him. I'm willing to accept the off nights because when he's on, he's on.

Unless Dellavedova is a chance, I'd like to see Bartlett kept.


Beveridge after the Friday game:

The Perth mentor, who has guided his side to second place on the ladder, said injuries to key players Adam Ballinger and Nathan Crosswell were the reason for the 36ers' 6-16 record.

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Years ago

Good win by Adelaide but i wouldn't get to excited. Tigers look like they are playing to lose. They cant blame Seamus any more so it must be a coaching issue!

Gaze also doesn't say anything contentious. NG the best shooter & Johnson the 'Nowitski' of the NBL. He needs to stop being so nice!

When Adelaide start beating some good sides i'll sit up & listen...

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Camel 31  
Years ago

A little bit more of Ng and less of Stevie , Clarke's season MVP. Maybe so , but some Maher and Stirling .

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Years ago

I agree Isaac about keeping Bartlett. I was a bit critical when he was brought in thinking he is not going to make up for the loss of Ballinger and Croswell and would only be a hinderance coming in well into the season with no preseason training at all. After a few games, he is really fitting in the team and making his contributions useful. So much so that in last Friday's home game, I only felt confidence in the team's performance whenever he came on.

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Years ago

muzzbuzz be very careful what false comments you make unless you know for a fact dont make a jackass of your self . as for your mail you may be forced to reveal such comments if a person was offended just saying.

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