Years ago

things I hate in the NBL rules

For me it's the possession arrow.

You can't even have players struggling for a ball nowadays without the ref immediately blowing it up and using the arrow.

Any other pet hates out there?

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Years ago

Not REALLY a rule, but the way charges are being called. Back in the day (ha!) there used to be what, 2-3 charges a game. Max. Now you get that a quarter some games. Players are worried about driving because of it. Takes away the in your face dunks.

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Years ago

I hate that they have changed the cross court rule. It's now too much of a grey area and most referees don't know what the rule is.

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The Situation  
Years ago

Agree with Nat.

I also don't like that they've been unnecessarily been cracking down on delay-of-games when a player on the scoring team catches the ball, and then sometimes throws it to the ref. It he hits it away or deliberately grabs it off the opposition, sure, but at times its unavoidable to have the ball land in your hands. The alternative of letting it bounce off you in any direction seems more of an issue than giving it to the ref.

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Years ago

It depends on whether the player causes a delay for the inbounding side. If the player is waiting on the baseline to receive the ball and the player catches it from the basket and throws it to the ref that is delaying the ball coming in. if the player isnt there it should be no issue.

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Years ago

Hate the arc under the basket, what's wrong with playing defence?

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Tweet Tweet  
Years ago

The arc under the basket is a good thing. It hasn't changed the rule, a player has never been able to take a charge under the basket. But this was hardly ever called properly in the NBL. Now it’s clearer.

The only negative I’ve seen since both the NBA and NBL brought it in is that now being outside the line seems far too often the only criteria used for calling a charge. Just because a player is outside the line, it doesn’t mean he got to that position in time for it to be a charge.

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Years ago

Couldnt agree more, tweet tweet.

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Years ago

It disgusts me that they scrapped the timeout on the floor rule.

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Years ago

i hate the time out on the floor rule. worst rule in basketball and so glad they dont have it in the NBL. It ruins defence by destroying a good trap with a time out and in a scrappy play on the ground with bodies all over the place and you can just call a time out and get posession. it shouldn't be that easy. Best thing about the NBL IMO

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Years ago

Anon, I hate the time-out on the floor rule too.

Another thing I hate is how the last minute of the game can take five minutes to finish, because teams start fouling no matter how far behind they are. I know it's supposed to introduce pressure and tension during the walk down to the other end for the foul shots, and hope they miss, but ... it's so damn painful to sit through.
Years ago, they got really tough on fouls in the last minute, and I wish they'd do it again. If there's one thing that's going to p.. off the casual fan it must be the fouling in the last minute or two and the walks down the other end when the game is already lost.

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Years ago

I don't like the rule that below a certain amount of time, a catch and shot is disallowed. It must be a tip in. With all the technology they have, they can check if it was released before the buzzer. It reduces the amount of options a coach can draw up.

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Years ago

What people do not seem to realise is that the rules mentioned above are all FIBA changes in the recent years. For those of you do not know: that is International Basketball. The time out from the floor rule was never played in international basketball. If Australia want to compete at an international level they need to play domestically under the same conditions.

Grow up and play with the rules that are given to you.

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Years ago

"Grow up and play with the rules that are given to you." ???

Just because we play by the rules year after year doesn't mean that we have to like them. Do you never get annoyed by people who live in your street? People you work with? Your public transport or politicians?

i thought we lived in a free country where we could have a different opinion and express it (within reasonable limts).

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Years ago

Apply for a job on the FIBA Technical Commission and them you can have your say.

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Years ago

This morning, the NBL themselves asked what rules people wanted to see changed and invited discussion on their Facebook page:

The @NBL CEOs are meeting & are discussing some minor rule changes. What rule would you like to see changed.

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Years ago

Calm down #353. This is a forum. If you don't want to hear opinions, then go away. This tread is simply asking a question that the NBL themselves have asked.

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Years ago

The main change i would like is 12 min quaters!

Given the NBA's popularity id rather see the NBL basically follow the NBA's rules, less things like time out on the floor, and be a mini NBA, get the scoring up and get rid of some of the over physical stuff defensively done by guys like Robbins and Goorj/Bevo style teams, allow the offenses to flow abit more for the entertainment.

Most Fans find a high scoring free flowing game far more enjoyable than defensive slugs.

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Years ago

#353 That isnt actually correct. The NBA dont play by FIBA rules but they are still allowed to compete internationally arent they?? NBLCanada play 48 mins and they played in Turkey in 2010.

Australia chose to follow FIBA rules so theoretically they could compete better at the international level because they played under those rules weak in and weak out. THe funny thing about that is 90% of our team play overseas!

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Years ago

They also figured that 40 minute games made for a tighter and more saleable TV package and that may have paid off if One HD hadn't gone to hell.

FWIW, I prefer 40 minute games. Now 48 minute games seem to drag on.

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Years ago

I found NBL 48 minute games were better, the 40 min games just to see to go to quickly. But yeah 40 min NBL games are much better than 48 min NBA games, their games drag on for sometimes 3 hours plus.

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Hanging Round  
Years ago

Get rid of the arrow all together and bring back the good old Jump Ball. This eliminates all confusion with arrows etc.
Sure, you sometimes had a 'mismatch' in height, but it made the game more exciting.
I guess it will never revert back as it has been brought in here to follow other FIBA countries.

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Years ago

Only reason NBL went to 40 min games was they were told to align the sport to international rules to get an increase of Federal Government funding

The funding never happened yet the sport changed.

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Years ago

BJF, thats just rubbish. Who put that conspiracy theory in your head?

The NBL went to 40 minute games when the league was revamped, and it was to play the international format of the game, so our players, coaches and officials were best prepared for that. It was nothing to do with funding.

BA has been quite well funded over the last however many years, and its been consistent. There were noises of additional funding when the NBL and BA merged, but that was not to do with game timing.

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Years ago

Hey we got the FIBA in-house journo/spammer out of the merger so not all bad!

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Last year

I hate the unsportsmanlike foul in the last 2 minutes it practically wins the game for the other team.

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