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NBL tells clubs to cut music volume


Unrelated, as may have been due to a speaker malfunction rather than a directive from NBL HQ (there was a loud buzzing noise at times), but at the Townsville / Perth game I went to on Sunday, I noticed there was significantly less music compared to last season.

It was a welcome change, but it made the arena dead quiet at times due to Townsville's crowd, which has in the last few years turned into a passionless, boring sea of golf claps and very little cheering. If you so much as cheer or heckle at even a moderate volume in Townsville, everyone in your section will turn and stare, compared to five years ago, when everyone in the arena was yelling and cheering.

If the crowd was roaring like it used to, I think the atmosphere would be better with less music and more crowd & court noise.

On another unrelated note, I also welcome the Crocs decision to take the microphones away from those moronic local radio presenters.

So what is the preference league-wide? More in-game music or less? In Perth, Cairns, or NZ, you would think that less music would bring out the intensity of the crowd, but what about in cities like Townsville where crowd numbers and club passion is waning?

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Years ago

Crocs game, killer dj! Havn't heard that good music at a game! But it waz a touch loud! But, the problem they have is they need commentators that u can bare to listen to! I prefer the music over carfino any tym any place!

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Years ago

I don't think it's a question of how much but more of when to play music. The music should be played during those dead spots and at key spots. But if the crowd is roaring on the back end of a run or a huge play then lay off the beats I think. Also carfino is a Hack and I'm so sick of his monotone no excitement voice...

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

I agree with the notice. Less music please and turn it down! I've always thought there is too much 'crap entertainment' going on at games. I know its also for the kids to enjoy, but you have to balance it out so everyone can enjoy the game. Some DJ's just play music constantly and not in flow with the game. It's almost like they're trying to cram their entire play list during the whole game without having a break. If they can play less music and also turn the volume down, you might actually hear the crowd/or the the crowd will get involved more - and if the crowd is dead, it's probably because the home team is getting thrashed by Perth ;)

Certainly don't kill the music entirely, and have music played during times where it suits the flow of the game. But yes, turn it down as it comes across like a pop concert at times.

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Years ago

Touche Wildcat fan, but the crowd was dead all game, and Townsville was up four at half time.

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Years ago

I think it is about the type of music and the timing.

If the team has just made a bucket or a big defensive play and the DJ plays something that gets the crowd clapping along to the beat, that is a good use of music. So is a basketball type song that gets the crowd clapping in a quiet moment.

These should be used selectively and not let run too long. A few quiet spots here and there wont kill anyone.

Just blaring pop songs randomly during play adds nothing to the game or the TV product, those songs should be played pre-game, during time-outs and breaks.

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Years ago

"Yes, we want to hear the squeak of the sneakers, and more importantly the roar of the crowd, not some DJ playing crap music to create a false atmosphere."

We have been hearing crap come out of Chuck's office for years now!

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The Brad  
Years ago

Is this not a response to Anstey complaining about the music and it being too loud???

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Music adds to the excitement and atmosphere in a stadium. There would probably be a dBA level the stadium wouldn't want to exceed and the system needs to be good.

Question for Skip. Do you have an 11 on the board?

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Years ago

Yep turn it down a tad

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Years ago

Jack - Yes, but only for Moscow ;-)

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Years ago

Good on the NBL, the music on the crocs v Wildcats was way too loud. Personally hate any music being played, i go to watch the game, but i also understand the need to attract people, but Sunday's was over the top.

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Years ago

So is this stemming from the Townsville game?

Weird. Because I was there in person, and as I mentioned above, it was the quiest Townsville game I've been to, maybe ever. There were extended breaks where no music was played whatsoever, and when it was playing, it was quieter than normal. Seems strange to call out that game as being too loud...

FWIW I'm all for less music in general, just as long as the crowd actually cheers and there is stadium rather than everyone sitting there like lobotomy patients.

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Years ago

stadium noise*

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Years ago

Less music unless used for dancer routines and breaks. Maybe favour chant/clap tunes rather than just popular options.

During one of the Cairns games, it sounded ridiculous. Techno?

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Years ago

Well said, Paul (and others) - turn it down, play it at the right time, play stuff that gets people clapping or tapping or involved in some way, and DON'T play the boring stuff you hear everywhere else.

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Years ago

I think we have to distinguish between stadium noise being too loud outright, and TV sound guys being technically competent and having the right gear and know-how to record what is always going to be a loud event in a large, enclosed, non-accoustically treated space...

There was absolutely nothing loud about Townsville v Perth in person (neither crowd noise or music), and the replay on TV had sound peaking all over the place.

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G Rudd  
Years ago

Mick I agree with you. I go to every home game and on Sunday, it was the most boring game I have been to. I didn't think the music was very loud either and it needed something. The crowd was sitting there like they were at a funeral, there was no atmosphere , even when we were up. The second half could have been because I think we were all siting there like stunned mullets with what the Crocs were dishing up. Love the music during the game and it should stay. Anstey should get over himself.

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Years ago

I remember Gaze complained on air about how loud the music was during the Townsville/Perth game on Sunday.

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Years ago

Do the math: if Townsville is playing less music than ever before, at a lower volume than ever before, with a half empty stadium, and the audio is all of a sudden peaking during the broadcast -- despite all the above parameters being at a reduced level than in years past when everything was louder and the broadcast sounded fine -- where do you think the problem is?

Will the Channel Ten live sound production team please stand up.

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Years ago

I agree Mick, Ten seem incapable of turning down their effects mikes. They are always far too loud.

But constant music isnt the answer to quiet patches, the clubs need to find ways to get fans to generate noise sometimes.

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Years ago

Unimpressed crowds won't pipe up regardless of club efforts. If a team is flat, the crowd can be flat and will resist efforts to get chants or claps going. That's just how it is, IMO. Has happened in Adelaide in past games.

Best bet to get the place going is a consistently successful team or a fight-back or a tense finish.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Skip, Moscow is one of those priceless tunes. It's like "Rocky Horror" at the Chelsea on a Friday night.

Isaac, the clapping/chanting songs are the ones that get the crowd in. "we will rock you" will always get a stronger reaction and crowd participation than techno.

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Years ago

Unimpressed crowds won't pipe up regardless of club efforts.


Naturally Isaac, you are thinking of a guy on the PA, which is understandable, that's what we've come to know. Im talking about initiatives that bring in people wanting to make noise.

That could be something giving tickets to U18s from four different clubs and telling them whichever group is adjudged to provide the best support gets tickets again to the next game. The other three groups who dont win get a discount offer.

It could be forming a cheer squad and arming them with bongos and other noise makers. It could be bringing in some brass players euro style.

There are a lot of ways to do it and it will improve the atmosphere in the stadium much more than someone on a PA saying "cmon let's make some noise".

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Years ago

Really comes down to a feel for and understanding of the game, doesn't it? What is right or appropriate when.

Music spikes that highlight or complement what is happening in the game are good. Playing irrelevant pop music over the game at excessive volume suppresses the crowd and stops spectators getting involved.

Crowds react to what is happening on court, when it warrants it; like an exciting play or a call they don't - or do - like. Music won't get people in the crowd involved, but can definitely block them out and prevent them getting involved.

If the league is starting to influence game presentation for the better, more power to whoever is accepting the reponsibility.

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Years ago

How about removing the pathetic sound effects that make our top teir basketball league look like a freaking joke.
Wolf howls when Creek scores are pathetic, simpson sounds are woefully pathetic..seriously I dont know how a profession organisation even allows to have that rediculous crap played at the game, I would have banned them long ago.
Ive been to alot of NBA games and not once did I hear a kids cartoon charector comment on the game, yet its still family friendly.

Instead of worrying about trivial things such as the decibels of the music I would focus on making the game look professional by removing the rubbish we have now.

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Years ago

Ultimately, its about entertainment. The NBL killed part of the enjoyment out of the game several years back by moving from 12mins to 10min quarters. Then went the national anthem and now less music.

So now we have to put up with the one and only chant in Adelaide of; Lets go Sixers Lets go.

How boring!!!!????

Ever heard of the chant; Adelaide ???

Apparently not!

Shame on the NBL for ruining another form of entertainment and less music. Could u imagine less noise inside the NBA games? C'mon!

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Years ago

You'd be surprised. Having attended NBA games in four different cities, I can't recall any TV soundbites or effects during the course of the game, as is common during NBL matches. Music is there, but obviously planned and used effectively to heighten tension during the game and encourage participation, rather than drown it out, which has been the norm lately. No one's trying to be a killjoy, but at the same time, no one wants a Bball to be Nova with sneaker squeaks. Plus, how much of a pain in the arse must it be for PG's trying to call plays with "Call me maybe?" blasting in their ears...

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