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Heat @ Pacers: Game 6

So it looks like we are going to a game 7?

Pacers completely shuting down Wade and Bosh and reducing Lebron's effectiveness right now.

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Years ago

Wade has been absolutely horrible this series. It really does look like Lebron and the rest of his team out there. Wade and Bosh have been restricted to role players

In other news, Paul George > ChuckMelo

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Years ago

In other news, Carmelo Anthony isn't playing in this series.

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Years ago

And seriously, "ChuckMelo" is the lamest pejorative nickname I've heard since I was in primary school. Why don't you just call him "FartMelo" and be done with it?

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Years ago

In other news, Paul George > D Wade

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Years ago

They looked like the Cavs today.

Something needs to be done about the Wade situation.

He played 33 ineffectual minutes today.

Minutes that could have gone to Miller.

At the end of the day, your either healthy and contributing or not healthy and sitting.

Seems like he is on the court, just because he is D-Wade. Play him less. He isn't healthy and he isn't contributing. So he should be sitting more.

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Years ago

wade and bosh wow... terrible

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Years ago

Is Roy Hibbert now the best true centre in the NBA? Great effectiveness at both ends.

Would he be in team USA if they were selecting at this moment?

Is he just taking advantage of an insipid Heat front line?

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Years ago

But Roy is more skilled, understands the game better, has one of the best attitudes in the NBA, etc.

Roy has a devastating jump hook, left and right.

Hits his free throws. Great footwork, great hands.

Dwight Howard, to me, is not a basketball player.

One thing I look out when measuring a player's skill level:
How good would that player be if he was below average athleticism?

Fact is, if Dwight didn't have his athleticism or strength, he would be an absolute hack.

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Years ago

I'm with you there Macdub. Haven't watch a lot of Hibbert to be honest until now. Love what he brings in most aspects of his game and seems to have his head screwed on as well.
Howard just has the genetic physical tools and little else.
Threw this out there to see what others who may have watched a lot more Pacers games than me think.

For me I am now a big fan as he brings all the things I love about the game to the table.

If the Pacers can close this out on the road we may have an NBA final series made for the purist played between two TEAMS.

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Years ago

In a radio interview last week Stan Van Gundy stated that he believes that every GM in the league would take Dwight over Hibbert as their really is no comparison.

however In a recent interview by the SF chronicle, the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar says that Dwight doesn't really have any offensive moves outside the dunk.


Like MACDUB, i would agree with Kareem. Dwights overrated and lacks the fundamentals which he hides with freakish athleticism.

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Years ago

Very true about Howard. He just hasn't really grown as a player since he got lucky and made it to the finals in '09.

Hibbert on the other hand, many predicted to be nothing more than another 7' plodder, but he has improved his skill out of sight in the past two years.

I do think his impact would be much more limited against an opponent like Bogut, who could actually battle him for position and challenge his shot, but there's no doubt he's now one of the best centres in the league.

Great to see the Pacers doing so well. Would love to see them somehow knock off the Heat and play the Spurs in the Finals.

What would be really scary is if Indy gets a good PG who can get the ball to Hibbert and West more frequently next season. They'd be the team beat in east then IMO!

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

love his comments post game regarding his 10th place voting in best defensive player of the year...

"cause all you mutherf....s in the media dont watch our games, and ya'll the ones who vote!"

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Years ago

Agree Beantown would love to see Indy reach the finals. If not this year then with a healthy Granger next year they will be the team to beat.
To think what might have happened if Hibbert was in the game for the final play in game 1...Who knows?
You have to give credit to Indy's d for shutting down Wade and Bosh.
Would love to see that franchise win a ring!!

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Years ago

I think Indy has defended well, but Wade has been so bad there has to be something wrong with him. Bosh on the other hand... he just hasn't even showed up! If I were LeBron I'd be asking Riley to trade Bosh this offseason for a real big man!

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Years ago

I'm a Chandler fan honestly

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Years ago

"Fact is, if Dwight didn't have his athleticism or strength, he would be an absolute hack."

Couldnt this be said about LeBron as well.

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Years ago

Lebron is a very smart player, skud. Not sure what your logic is there.

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The Cheese  
Years ago

you trolling skud?

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Years ago

Indiana should get it from here

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Years ago

It's going to be a good game 7! Won't Andersen be back to help Miami? Would be great to see Indiana through to the Finals v Spurs

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Hate to say it and I think you'll agree, Mick--Lebron is shooting too many jumpers!

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Years ago

The whole "if they weren't athletic they would be crap" argument is flawed IMO, if a freakish athlete takes advantage of their athleticism then more power to them and they should judged on their contribution irrespective of whether they gain their advantage through speed, stregnth, smarts or shooting. If Hibbert wasn't the (2nd?) tallest player in the league his lack of athleticism would make his good fundamentals irrelevant.

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Years ago

Hibbert needs a vicious streak.

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Years ago

gotta agree with Beantown & Latrentis

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VC fan  
Years ago

Whilst I agree re: Dwights lack of fundamentals, I also agree with billo that you can't take athletecism completely out of the equation.
This might be a stretch but what about Usain Bolt without his athleticism? He obviously wouldn't be a winner, but does that make him less of a runner?

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