Years ago

The Adelaide 36ers have been sold

According to Boti...

"THE Adelaide 36ers have been sold to a syndicate of businessmen which includes management of Titanium Security Arena, the club's NBL playing venue.

The club was sold by its previous ownership group, the SOS consortium, for an undisclosed fee but with millionaire Melbourne businessman Larry Kestelman recently buying controlling interest in the eight-team league for $6million, it is believed to be worth around $750,000."

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Years ago

Just saw it, weird time to release a statement. Don't know what to make of it, hopefully positive.

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Years ago

Can someone please change the name from something other than Titanium Security Arena.

Makes it sound like a prison.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

or an area in customs.

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Years ago

Would sound much better if it was the Dome not the Arena. Much less scary

Ideally though they'd name it the Delly Dome

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Titanium Security Arena ...a very inappropriate name for a team so opposed to playing Defence.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

Or the Bogut Bowl

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Years ago

It's good that the 36ers and Arena are essentially owned by the same people now.

I'm hoping the 36ers have good financial backers, the articles are very vague.

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Cherry Picker  
Years ago

I miss the Clipsal Powerhouse, would have to be up there with the best named venue with an appropriate sponsor. Dome, Arena, meh!

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Years ago

Wow. Well done to all achieving a pretty clean low key changeover. Contrast that to the uncertainty when SOS took over.

Thanks SOS, really appreciate what you guys did to save and then restore the club's on court results. Here's hoping for even better with new group.

Just wish I knew a little bit more about who they are!

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Years ago

Also thanks from me to SOS who stepped in when no one else did and kept the 36ers active, then after difficult early years got the club relevant in the last two years. Doubly so to Simmons who I understand has carried a lot of the weight in recent years.

Hopefully with the new ownership and Kestelman's plan, the club can refocus their marketing.

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Years ago

So Delly's minimum 800k contract is worth more than the entire 36ers organization? The NBL is on its way out. At this stage it only features 3rd tier Aussie talent anyways. Most of these young fellas would be better off getting a real job instead of delaying the inevitable anyways.

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Bretts The Man  
Years ago

I also would like to thank the SOS group for saving our club and hope that new ownership along with the new NBL group money injection brings some financial solidarity to club so can get pro. active not just surviving.

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Years ago

I was surprised anyone would buy the 36ers for $750k

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Years ago

Anon, a player on minimum in the NBL over six months is looking at a job annually in the high 60's/70's. But best of all they are doing what they love. You're a first class hater, go and kick rocks. NBL needs support, not people that try to sink a ship finally on the rise.

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Years ago

Just a point. Titanium Security don't own the Arena - they are naming rights sponsor. The property is owned by SA Scouts and Church Basketball SA. It seems Bruce Spangler keeps popping up everywhere as he is also involved with Church Basketball.

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Years ago

What's the relationship between Kestelman and Spangler? Just a few too many convenient happenings recently, which look great at a glance, but all point to Kestelman having a cartel of owners in his pocket.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Big thanks to the SOS members for all their work over the years.

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Years ago

Thanks SOS group for giving us all something to support, enjoy or whinge about. You guys have put your money where most of us only put our mouths.

It great that we didn't have a fire sale but the someone actually went in and bought the club.

Hopfully soem fresh ideas and fresh energy backed up with some fresh money will see the NBL in Adelaide back to having a great product that everybody knows about.

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Years ago

Keep in mind guys that you dont need to say goodbye to SOS just yet, there are STILL 3 guys on there from the SOS days as indicated in the article.

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Years ago

all SOS but 1 have gone, new start in the front office

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Years ago

I was surprised anyone would buy the 36ers for $750k
No real reason to believe anyone did. Kestleman put $6M into the league, which has eight clubs. $6M divided by eight is $750k. That's where the number comes from.

What was actually paid is anyone's guess.

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

A pie floater and a slab of West End I hear was the going rate!

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Years ago

I think the 3 SOS guys left was referring to how many were left from when they took over until the end of last year (actually a while before that), not how many will stay with the team after the sale.

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Daryl Simmons  
Years ago

This will be my one and only post.

First of all, yes we look at this site often as it really does assist us in understanding the general opinion of the basketball community and we do take on opinions posted here (except the anons).
Isaac, thank you for your ongoing commitment and support to the sport.

We do appreciate the above posts thanking us for our efforts.

I would like to leave everyone with one thought.
Regardless of the owners, coaches or players of the day, we are nothing but caretakers of a club with a long and proud history which is way more important than any one of us.

Sure, get stuck into the owners, coach or players of the day, that's your right as a fan and what we expect from the passion and dedication which we believe describes a true member.

In return for that right, buy a membership, go to the games or even support as a corporate, opinions without substance have no value to anyone.

The new ownership group needs the support of members and corporates to make it work, get behind them and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

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Bretts The Man  
Years ago

Thanks Daryl for keeping our great club going and putting so much into maling the best it could possibly be.

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Years ago

I too would like to thank the SOS team and look forward to the new season.

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Years ago

I would also like to thank the members of SOS for their support of our basketball club as always we need our supporters to step up and continue to build our club.

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Years ago

SOS weren't a group of loaded businessmen splashing cash on the 36ers because they wanted a toy to play with, they were a group of businessmen/doctor who spent huge amounts of commitment, time and finances into keeping Adelaide afloat and developing it as a club. The vast majority of people in their position wouldn't consider the investment, that shows the true dedication to basketball and Adelaide, particularly when it was in a time of need.

That in itself earns huge respect, and as an avid follower of the 36ers paying attention every day of the year, I couldn't even phathom what might have been without the SOS.

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Years ago

KET - Without SOS --> See Brisbane.

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