Years ago

New A-League commercial

Anyone seen the commercial that has launched with the new soccer A-League? Pretty impressive if you ask me. Looked very professional, on par with the big budget Euro/South American futbol ads.

Ticket prices, BTW, for Adelaide United are $20 for gold, down to $13 for a bronze adult ticket. Very decent pricepoints.

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Years ago

The A-League site just got launched too. Well, basketball just got walked over today. It's not as perfect as a massive-budget Nike site, but I'm impressed -- they've gone all out from the start with good content, photos, wallpapers, etc.

Comparing the NBL's "It's all fun" to the A-league ad with the Scribe soundtrack is not very fair at all. Kids will flock to soccer with the media coverage that they're getting out.

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Years ago

seen the money and the organisational ability adelaide united have.

professional press releases promptly
quality product
and affordable.

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Years ago

Thumbs up to the A-League commercial - only negative about the whole thing is that it is too good to be an ad for Aussie soccer and thus perhaps the ending Hyundai A-League isnt shown long enough. Although if the ad gets shown enough it will get across.

I have to say that I am looking forward to the A-League just as much, if not more than the upcoming NBL season - to tell you the truth right of the top of my head I couldnt tell you when the NBL season starts - September?? I know it is easy to look it up but it should be that promoted that people know that it is starting soon!

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Years ago

BTW if you havnt seen the ad it is easily accesable through the A-League site

direct link here

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Smooth Butter  
Years ago

I knew this was going to occur. The Sixers basically had a one year start on the A-league with soccer taking a year off. In this year they could have tried to lock up at least junior players in this state into following the Sixers. Some easy promotion could have been:

  • Pre-season intersquad Sixers game at Wayville with all club juniors in uniform in for free. Some drills run by a couple of Sixer players. Dunk comp. BBQ. Have some promotion for Hudson Maher foundation and Great Mates at the event. Make the Sixers the "family club" Brenton Higgens talked about in the resturant. Give out free child tickets on the condition one adult purchases a ticket.
  • Sixers get out on Saturday mornings and visit junior matches handing out Sixer adverts (as occured last Friday night). Once again why not child tickets on condition of Adult paying? Hook the children first and then watch the parents cough up the dough.
  • Do what the Crows do after games. Get the kids to come down after a win, and hand them a autographed mini basketball etc. Make a big fuss out of a child and you have a fan for life.
  • Make some rundle mall apearences. What happened to singlet presentations and poster signings in the mall?
  • Make a decent website which is a usefull marketing tool. Put in a ten second video of various dunks and the crowd going wild (56K friendly). Every advert handed out at junior stadiums should advertise this site.
  • Further to the point above, why not get some more female casual fans by advertising on the site that Oscar was in that Cleo comp. Seriously make a big deal out of it. You may laugh but in our group of 3 going to games this year one casual female fan (who had only gone to 1 game before last year) came to a game last year when someone was sick and talked all the way home about how good looking she thought Oscar and Dusty was (I then showed her Dusty's site, she found a pic of Dusty holding a Koala and now she's a season ticket holder).

So what did they do?

  • None of the above.
  • Raised ticket prices and waited for the fans to come.
  • Made awful changes to catering, the website, carpark pass not covering final matches.
  • No more Murry Magpie, (was this a management choice???)
  • Couldn't even be bothered to put up posters in junior stadiums.
  • Basically did everything to turn spectators from the sport.

Now that is behind us some things have been on the up-turn this season:

  • Paul Bauer's input. Sixer training reports etc.
  • Sixers actually at junior stadiums for once.
  • An apparent pre-game show for the opening match this season.
  • The ticket phone drive.

Still at the end of the day it's too little really too late. Crowds will surely be down this season, (I'm assuming this just on the people I talk to). Many were keen for buying cheaper season tickets in the back of the stadium. They were worried about migration? How do they think people feel now that tickets are being advertised for $15 for opening night already. $291 divided by 16 is $18.20 a game. So I'm paying more for being loyal. Now if there is just 4,000 people there opening night, what is stoping someone paying $15 to come down and sit next to me, paying $18 for the same seat?

Still I'd rather a full house than an empty one. Pity Sixers management waited til late July to figure out ticket sales would be down this year, when any person in a junior stadium could tell you they were going to be down as soon as they saw the ticket prices. Still hopefully Sixer management keep sending players to junior stadiums, keep promoting, fix their game-night problems and crowds will build as the season goes on.

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Years ago

Just adding to Smooth Butters comments, on Saturday night Willie Farley was shooting around with kids at the end of the game, something I have NEVER ever seen before. The star import for the 6ers just "hanging out" with kids after an ABL game. I thought it was incredible to watch and you could see every kid was wanting to go one-on-one with him. Added to that he made some crazy shots (3m beyond 3-point line). It was quite obvious he is an outgoing person, the Sixers should get him out in the community more, maybe make a funny TV ad with Maher, cos he looks made for promotions.

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Years ago

What is the general hype/talk on the street like in Adelaide?

Here in Sydney it's pretty big. The focal point of the League is here and we've also got the mega-watt personality of Dwight Yorke all over the local media at every opportunity. Sydney is certainly paying attention - not good news for the NBL and Kings/Razors - but whether that attention is here to stay or is just another example of Sydney's collective A.D.D with entertainment/sports/"the next big thing" remains to be seen.

We'll see. In the short term at least I'd expect the NBL to take a hit. Particularly annoying here as with their recent success, the Kings were finally starting to make inroads back into the collective minds of the average Sydneysider.

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Years ago

I am absolutly pumped about the start of the A-league, going to see Dwight Yorke at Hindmarsh is going to be one of the highlights of the year for me. I disagree with DJ about the ad though, IMHO a fresh and innovative sports commercial with an extremly popular current soundtrack is going to have people remembering the ad as well as the product..

Frank, the new A-league has people talking here, there is a pretty strong football following in Adelaide (whether it be EPL or Serie A) and many people I have talked to are looking forward to the start of the new AUSTRALIAN season. I expect Hindmarsh to be packed, and as you said, for the NBL to take a short term hit.

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Years ago

D-lin, it isn't my idea, but a friend suggested getting some Pura Milk posters made of Farley with a milk moustache. He's not going to complain about having his face around town.

And I agree -- great to see some Sixers at the ABL game, and good on Willie for getting out there to muck around with the kids (and enjoyed it too).

Frank, I don't know about the vibe here, but I do know they're pumping out press releases (I've seen a sample, and I like what they do -- information about injuries, media opportunities, stats, next games, open training session, etc) and getting some press (second back page, big story; hot girls in the new United uniform; Adelaide Confidential stories about their name-the-team competition, etc).

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Noti Bagy  
Years ago

I was waiting to see the finish of the ad to see what it was adevrtising, by the positioniong of the swoosh i was thinking it was another quality Nike ad.

When the end cane advertising the A League my gut said " crap their goes basketball"

Reminds me of the I like to move it ads the nbl ran in the early 90's? Great soundtrack to stimulate the kids and they came to games.

NBL has dropped the ball and the A league has high lighted how badly.

Read that the guy behnd Crazy Johns wants to input 20 Million into the Melbourne team.

If only NBL had got it together.

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Years ago

I saw the commercial. It kicks ass and makes the NRL ads look out of touch. It's good that they used music that people actually listen to not some crappy rock song like the NRL.

I reckon football will really take off here. The rest of the world follows it - now it's time for us to join them.

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

Its still a sport in which you can get a nil all draw. Theres the only problem with soccer/football, lack of goals.

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Years ago

lack of goals is not a problem. if a score is 1-0 you have to wait and wait and wait while the anticipation and nerves build up and up in your stomach and finally you get a goal and its worth the whole 90 minutes.
plus there is alot of fingernail biting moments amongst the waiting as well. I LOVE FOOTBALL
p.s the ad rocks. they definately are putting chad gibsons (QLD Roar) face out there for the teenage girls but he's a great player and perfect for it

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Years ago

anyone know what the song is call

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Years ago

THe song is by Scribe - Not many (remix)

I'm going to be writing up an ad campaigign for a rugby union client for uni. If we're successful we get to be used for a 3 yr campaign.

The A-league ad is great, certainly raises the bar. When you watch it, it makes you want to go out and play sport. It's perfect for my demographic - we're a youth with unlimited options when it comes to entertainment. Good on them for coming up with this $8 million gem.

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Years ago

Awsome song =D

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Years ago

Does anyone know what the new song on the updated A-league commercial is???It changed from scribe to something else.

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Rhys M  
Years ago

Thats exactly what i want to know..

The new updated ad is alot better, and that makes me want to play sport. =]

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Rhys M  
Years ago

Nevermind, i found it!

For those that wanted to know, its: Manuel Neztic - Kickin down (Rico Tubbs Remix)

It took me ages to find that.. now i cant find the actual song =[

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Years ago

Try this Myspace page:

The full song (I think) is here

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Years ago

ahhh what an awesome song... soo underground too a- leagues are gonna be awesome semi tickets ! woo !!!! too bad bahrain vs socceroos tickets are solout :(

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Years ago

Hello guys, thanks a lot for the comments and i hope you are liking the song.

The title is:

Manuel Neztic - Kickin Down (Original mix)


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Years ago

where did u find the song

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Years ago

hey guys!!! where can i find that song, i cant find it anywhere!!! plz help!!!

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Years ago

Hello guys,

You can buy the tune on and


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Dean Betsos  
Years ago

If anyone downloads this can they please send this to me?

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Years ago

Hey i know i have been looking for that song to i cant find it anywhere its been driving me insane for wks!!!

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Years ago

its such an awesome song
its Neztic-Kickin Down (Original)
u can find it on

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Years ago

I don't really go to watch games but this ad really makes me wan't to go now, im pumped hehe. Im sold on it.

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Years ago

that websiter has problems do u know another website, i need it urgently for an IT assignment (im in year 12)

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Years ago

wats the song played whilst the commercial is on?

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