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JP Tokoto

Rarely does an import arrive as a replacement for a two time NBL champion who's been a top 3 player in the league for consecutive years and receive next to no negative critisms.

What, if any, are JP Tokoto’s weakness in this league and as a Wildcat?

I feel he can be a bit loose/careless with his dribble. And he is good for at least 2 silly turnovers a game.

He doesn’t look to shoot the three and he’s not that great of a three point shooter.

But none of these factors have been brought up when the cats lose, granted that’s not very often.

As predicted by many, he has been a great signing and a great talent for the league.

Also way more productive that many "look st his recent d league stats" posters thought he would be.

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Definitely his lack of range is his weakness. But if he could hit the three consistently he'd be in the NBA so we're blessed to have him.
Sometimes he can lose the handles but he'll improve on that too. Ennis was like that when he first came to the league. Its scary to think how much more improvement he has in him.
Last night he reminded me a lot of james crawford the way he elevates and shoots the mid range jumper. Even a nice bank off the glass which you dont see too often.

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Firstly, thanks for using the spoiler tag for this thread. Now there's no excuses for people to be angry about clicking on a Tokoto thread and finding Tokoto discussion inside it.

I'd agree that being a bit loose with the ball is about the only real criticism of him. He's playing quite a bit of PG so I wonder if they're trying to turn him into one to give him another avenue to the NBA? I can live with a couple of turnovers if they're for the cause of creating.
The poor outside shooting thing really isn't a problem unless he starts jacking up shots when defenders dare him to, and he doesn't do that.

Was Devondrick Walker's injury actually a plus for the Wildcats? JP's mid-range game gives us a dimension that we otherwise would have lacked, and defensively we're even tougher now.

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His dribble penetration isn't great, but he can generally just elevate for a shot instead of finishing at the rim.

He is not an overly physical player, but makes up for that with length, good hands, and great extension with his hops.

Not too many players have really complete games. I think the only issue is when the team balance doesn't cover the capabilities.

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Years ago

He does force the pass sometimes leading to a turnover. But as mentioned you live with that. Devondrick was mip and had legitimate 3pt range, I still think we would have had a good import there. Next year what happens?

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Years ago

Rarely do you get such a good fit, like for like replacement. And in terms of what NBL teams seem to look for in their SFs now, I think he is excellent.
My recollection is that Prather worked hard to improve his 3 point ability, so I wouldn't be dismissing his efforts just yet. Besides, mid range he's good, and he's agile and quick enough to not need to bomb too often.
Prather is unbelievable off the dribble, I am honestly surprised that he's still in the NBL. Tokoto is still good, and seems to be able to create 2nd chances when he's blocked.

Quite entertaining too.

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Years ago

If tokoto is hitting the mid range he is unstoppable with the height of his release.

Has only improved from his first month where you could tell he was forcing things too much and looked desperate to find a big dunk after all the hype coming in.

Hasn't quite taken over a whole game yet, just quietly goes about his business throughout.

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Years ago

He plays team first, no padding stats just goes about his business. Very impressive.

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Watching Tokoto against Illawarra today, I think his back pedaling in defense is a bit slow. He has a loping gate, with limbs loose and bent, ready to spring, but he seems to use longer strides, rather than high foot speed.

I think players who back pedal very quickly tend to use a lot of short, quick steps. Ricky Grace comes to mind. I think in his peak, he could run backwards faster than some players ran forwards.

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Years ago

Was JP robbed of the Defensive Player of the Year Award?

Martin, is always deserving, even on one leg, and the award will be named after him.

I feel the cats nominated Martin for those reasons.

Martin himself predicted JP would win defensive player of the year.

I wonder how JP feels about being slighted like this.

I wonder how much JP's mid-season slump and lack of focus played a part in him not being nominated.

Also judging by the way votes are calculated, Martin would also be more favoured by other teams due to him being Martin and not a hot shot import like Tokoto.

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Years ago

TokotoSux if they lose in the semis.

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Years ago

Not really.. Cats aren't favoured to make it out of the Semi.

He's played his part like many-a-great import before him by making the playoffs and continuing the streak.

would the cats made the playoffs without Tokoto?

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Years ago

Playoffs is where it's at. Let's see how he performs and if Cotton can replicate his last performance in them.

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Damo is focussed and looking for opportunities every second he is on the court. That's one of the main things that make him great. Put Damo's intensity + smarts in JP's body and holy shit you've got a monster.
Damo was the correct choice for Perth to nominate IMO. Maybe at the half way mark of the season it wouldn't have been so clear-cut.

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Years ago

^Good assessment Luuuc

I can agree with that.

Damo's defensive intensity is always on.

Tokoto was lazy and took short cuts during the season.

But was still an above average defender.

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Years ago

For sure. If there was an All-NBL defensive team then JP would be a good shot being its 3.

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Years ago

Would have been interesting vote, if it was open.
But Cats were always going to nominate Martin.

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Years ago

Potentially a team with the MVP and DPOY will be out in the first round of playoffs. Underwhelming.

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