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Tassie NBL Advisory Board

Interesting to see both David Bartlett and Chris McCoy named on the Tasmanian NBL Advisory Panel. Aren't these the same two guys that were at each others throats twelve months ago?

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Last year

Yep. McCoy has to be there and with Barltett there who knows. Fireworks. Kestleman is heading the group so it will be interesting.

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Last year

Good signs though, LK won't cop any crap. The huskies guy billions ran out fast.

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Last year

LK to own/run this team and get the council to gift him the prescient.

Effectively this will be a free team/development for the main man as expect the Tas Government to tip in significant amounts to keep it afloat.

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Last year

This might be a dumb question but did LK tell the Huskies guys from day one that he was going to be the main player in developing a Tassie team and that they should've held onto their money?

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Last year

Looking from the outside, I'd say LK didn’t think to much of the huskies guy first up told he couldn’t get a licence straight away. Huskies guy the gets shits enters NZNBL which totally pisses off LK so after that no chance. Bartlett tells McCoy to shove his conditions and huskies guy takes over nbl1 teams and his bravo is found out and his billions was indeed not enough. LK now sets up advisory board to see if it works, get government money, the DEC and if so it will happen, if not there will be no team.

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Last year

I would say its pretty basic and obvious:
If you want to start a new NBL team, the FIRST person you should speak to is the guy who owns and runs the league. (Or at least talk to his people.)

Running off, doing your own thing, telling the world what YOU're going to do, is a very risky strategy. Especially when you obviously don't have the financial muscle to back up your big talk.

I would further speculate, that after his initial attempts were knocked back, fielding teams in the NBL1 and NZNBL was an attempt to force the issue by showing how many supporters they had. I suspect LK was not impressed.

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Last year

It doesn't seem like Huskies are relevant anymore.

I think this is a good move by LK, he's got BTas, State Government, Tassie powerbrokers and business people in the same room and who, through advisory board, become invested in the NBL/Tas team success. He has the State Gov particularly invested through the development of the precinct.

It's a good way to have people working with you instead of against you. I think the team will need to be heavily backed by the local community to succeed and be sustainable - and that requires the locals, the local businesses, the local Gov and the local association(s) heavily invested from the get go.

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Last year

I think if they do get iin they will have to be in the finals immediately. The novelty will wer off very soon if not.
Kesltelan has promised the best team in the world too dont forget.

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Last year

The Huskies had the right idea re: acquiring a stadium and precinct on the cheap. However this was only doable with a team entered into the NBL. LK has basically been alerted to a property play opportunity because of them and will go it along as he doesn't need anyone else to be in on it.

It's a win for LK, the NBL, and we the fans but not so for the Huskies. They were naive in thinking LK would aid them in such a lucrative deal when the man himself is involved in the property development industry.

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Last year

Once the Huskies revealed they were a property play who better than the NBL's main man to take it and run with it.

The Huskies were never getting in the NBL that was clear from day one!

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Last year

Huskies tried to get the deck for peanuts as well, they just didn't have the money they told everyone.

Is Stewart still mates with Bartlett or is he on his own now???.

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Last year

What does this mean for the Hobart NBL1 teams? Are the Chargers going to be able to be resurrected?

Bartlett was on the News the other night talking about how they're ready to come back in. Just wondering how interested he's going to be in getting the Chargers back up and running now that he's on the Tassie NBL Advisory Board? Pretty sure he's going to be more focused on the NBL bid than worrying about NBL1.

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Last year

But what does this mean for a second perf team?

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Last year

Bartlett still has to face a Chargers Annual General Meeting shortly.
THere will be a lot of angry people there. members and non members.
It will be interesting to see the books and what debt they still have.
Their major sponsors have already walkd and may be hanging out to put that money into an NBL team.

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Last year

Any idea how Blitz tickets are selling?

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Last year

No idea. They need to spend some money on advertising. Happy to take the $300K and not promotoe their own competition so far it seems. It's about 1 month away LK.
Then he will say no one turned up at the litz so I won't allow a Tassie licence.
He wants 50,000 people to join the NBL oush on his tassie website.
Tell him he's dreaming. Pretty sure they have about 2000 ish.

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