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JackJumpers Pull Indigenous Jersey

Club Statement: NBL Indigenous Round Jersey

The Tasmania JackJumpers respectfully acknowledge concerns expressed by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) regarding the club's 2023 NBL Indigenous Round Jersey design.

It was never the club’s intention to cause division within the broader Tasmanian aboriginal community and it apologises if members of the community have been affronted by the artwork’s style.

The club is committed to uniting the community and as such, the NBL and the Tasmania JackJumpers have decided the club will not wear the jersey this weekend and it will not be available for sale.

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Artist: Reuben Oates

Oates is a Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist specialising in contemporary depictions of Tasmanian fauna. He lives in the Huon Valley, in southern Tasmania, and is the seventh great grandson to tribal warrior, Chief Mannalargenna.

Jersey Design:

The patterns on the side of the jersey are shell middens, found all over lutruwita as evidence of past hunting, gathering and food processing.

The nine circles represent the nine nations of lutruwita. Having them on the back is symbolic of the artist's pride by 'carrying’ the responsibility of sharing Indigenous culture. By subtly wedging the nine nations into the wavy stroke and even slightly disguising them amongst sponsor logos on the jersey, it shows the hidden nature of the nine nations and how a lot of Tasmanian non-Aboriginal people aren’t aware of the past existence of these nations.

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It is complicated stuff here in Lutrawita Tasmania.

The Tasmania Aboriginal Corporation (Centre) argue they are the one's who decide who is a Tasmanian Aboriginal and who is not, they state that doing this stops a lot claiming something that is not true.

The TAC are the ones who have called out the jersey as not being a reflection of their culture (they say that circles were not used by Tasmanian Aborigines).

There is no doubt that there is a horrific recent history here, including forced removal to a place called Cape Barren Island, the 'black line' where a line of soldiers went from one end of the state to the other attempting to wipe out Aborigines etc. This was not in any school curriculum when I grew up.

The TAC does some great stuff including preservation of language, maintaining culture, work with families, on country programs but a lot if not all of it is lost in aggressive language and actions. The TAC attempts to recognise only a small number of families as Tasmanian Aborigines and they decide.

Believe the JJs intent was right and the artist is brilliant, but it has been lost in the noise and unfortunately has also given the opportunity for a lot of racist discussion.

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It does seem a little unfair all round. It's a pity.

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I look forward to Scotsman's Round.

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Do they have an alternate? It would be a shame if Tassie don't play in an Indigenous jersey during Indigenous round.

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Good on you for cutting through the BS Scout

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The jersey appears to be evidence of a Tasmanian Aboriginal artist using circles. Bit rough for the artist.

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World gone mad.

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There's some background to the TAC and other Tasmanian indigenous groups' perspectives and histories in this article: https://www.smh.com.au/national/thank-you-for-the-genocide-the-aboriginal-activist-love-bombing-white-leaders-20201208-p56ljf.html

Provides a little more context for this issue.

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Diop Kick  
Last month

indigenous tribes are often vastly different, its amazing the difference in languages between the WA tribes. So I'm sure there wasn't just 1 style of painting in Tasmanina. I get what the TAC are saying, but also stinks a bit of "it wasn't one of us, so it doesn't count".

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Q Anon  
Last month

It's artwork done by an indigenous Tasmanian artist , just the wrong indigenous artist doing the wrong artwork.

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PeterJohn, I appreciate the link. Enjoyed the article. Thanks.

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Seems Fremantle were lucky Alex Pearce and the Greys are the "right" kind of indigenous for the TAC.

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Last month

The indigenous population for all their commentary are very factional. This is a simple uniform design created by an indigenous person. No wonder they were not United as a people on the voice referendum.

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I work heavily in the Aboriginal community, and there can be alot of disharmony and divide between different mobs, and there are mobs and families that have louder voices than others and claim to speak for wider regions which they don't, it has the same dysfunction that every culture has.

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I say what I said, as I've seen similar situations before even art, some mobs say dot painting is not a traditional Aboriginal art form, saying he it has its origins elsewhere and then of course some saying it is.

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Last month

It's all lost in the wash since who would know since it was so many years ago and history got lost.

It’s a shame Tassie won’t wear a fantastic jersey this round. Why do we need to be divided when there is already too much divide in this world.

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Its my Ireland

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