Holy S
Years ago

Mentor(s) to aid Clarke for rest of season

There was a news report tonight on Ch 10 that said Clarke future was very uncertain, and then it went to the CEO saying that they are bringing in some mentors for Clarke for the remainder of the season. Maher, Davis and Sterling were mentioned.

This is interesting as Marty looked quite uncomfortable in the interview. I wonder if this is the first time an NBL Head Coach has been told that they are having mentor?

Does this mean next year is over for him?

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Wooden spoon  
Years ago

Is there a clip available on line

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Nba agent  
Years ago

50/50 for next year (not basing on performance) they are getting some of the players who know what the club is all about, people who built the club.

They will be there to tell marty what is expected of the coaching staff and players and get the old 36 ers mentality back. It could also be getting maher and davis to report to the front office if they believe marty will come good or move him on.

Good move imo.

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Years ago

Not sure, but this is better news than the usual, stagnant stuff the 6ers spin in the media. Not like he has the record or overall proof in individuals performances to rebut this idea from the 6ers.

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Years ago

Mentors for a coach..OUCH thats almost worse than being sacked.
I wonder if this is more like a selection process for future coaches..seriously Davis as a coach would scare most other teams

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Years ago

what a disgrace. trust the man or get rid of him. don't put in place a stupid charade of trumping out the old fellas because they had success once upon a time.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Jan Stirling i think did a similar thing for Port Adelaide last year. Given that is what her business specialises in, she is an obvious choice really.

Maher and Davis as two people who are very unlikely to ever coach {both are too smart to do it!} but with a wealth of knowledge on the player side of things are good choices also.

Surprised Al Green did not get a guernsey also.

Great move by SOS. Marty needs more people to talk to, one assistant coach is not enough. Goorjian had a whole network of ex assistants he would all talk to and exchange ideas with, none of this is new.

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Years ago

Good to see the club being proactive. However, I will be annoyed if they do alright in the remaining games and then they say "Actually might as well keep him and see how he goes in his last year" that would be a massive cop out!

I am not sure about the money side of things though. Davis and Maher probably get paid some money for the work they do for the club currently but does this now mean they will be getting a lot more? if so might as well cut Clarke and let them see how they go as coach.

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Wooden spoon  
Years ago

I have been trying to find the clip but can only find the main new, not the sport - was it Mark Aiston?

Can anyone advise if I can find a clip on line some where?

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Years ago

Trying to make Marty as umcomfortable as possible in the hope he walks out at the end of the seasons thus negating/reducing the payout the 36ers would give him?

I like it...I like it a lot.

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Years ago

I thought the same thing Anon.

Being mentored by two people who have never coached an NBL team, boy I'd view that as a solid indication that the organisation has lost faith in Marty's abilities, unless of course it is his idea, which on that basis would be commendable that he sought additional assistance.

Intetesting that there is no mention of this on club facebook page or website

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Years ago

That's humiliating for Marty...

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Years ago


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Jack Toft  
Years ago

It's a good move.

If you are a Manager of people and they have gaps in performance you look at ways you can fill those gaps to bring them up to standard. For example, you may have a sub-ordinate who is very good technically, but has issues problem solving. You don't sack them without trying to send them off to a training course first.

The common points that people seem to agree on is that Marty's strength is his ability to teach the technical, individual skills to players. His weaknesses revolve around his game day implementation.

To me, if the Sixers are working on the weaknesses, then it's a good move.

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The Answer  
Years ago

How can you mentor someone in a role if you have never done the role yourself?

I love Maher and Davis, but they have never been an NBL coach, so they cannot very well mentor someone in that role.

Mentor is probably not the right description for what they are doing. "Cultural consultants" may be better if they are trying to instill the old club creed and attitude.

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Years ago

Is it possible that this a means to and end. If Marty baulks at the "interference" or is unwilling to accept the "mentoring" then he may just quit and solve all the 36ers problems with him. Not payout, money now available for new coach. Problem solved.

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Years ago

I would suggest that Jan would be the mentor for Marty, I think any assistance by Brett or Mark would be player focused.

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Years ago

A bid swallow for Marty, this will certainly test his character.
It's a great move IMO. It shows that the Club is making sound decisions and not the emotional PcPeake style of rubbish.

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Years ago

How does this fit in with the new 'culture' Clarke was meant to be establishing at the club.

What a soft approach by SOS.

Have identified the coach is not good enough and are getting in persons who have even less coaching experience than Clarke to mentor him.

36ers have become a complete basket case.


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Years ago

Obvious this decision was driven by lack of money by SOS to do anything else.

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Years ago

perhaps it is a sign of SOS backing Clarke giving him every opporuntity to suceed, maybe they are loyal to the coach and it isn't a question of money. just saying perhaps..

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Years ago

14-33 with a year left on the contract, as an organization, you'd try anything at this point. Especially considering i dont see a win streak in site, definitely more chance he reaches 40 losses before 20 wins! If this fails too, then its time to move him on. Perhaps this is also a ploy to buy some time, whilst they search for a proper coach of a team, not individuals, and who's plan is to win games?

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Years ago

It can't turn out any worse than the situation already currently is. Why not try it? If the team is more successful then great, if the coach can't swallow it maybe he'll quit and then the payout issue will be solved or maybe at the end of this trial the coach/es will not have a job. Whichever way it goes, at least a movement has been made to address the problems. I'll be interested to see how the extra opinions of the mentors/consultants affect the player rotations on game day

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Years ago

Few downsides (other than for Marty):

- club gives him every chance to show ability; if they cut him after this, they will know they tried something at least
- tests out the Stirling/Maher/Davis influence people always go on about on Hoops without throwing them into F/T coaching
- doesn't bankrupt the club, but shows some action
- might give players a sounding board if they have frustrations
- if Marty bails out of frustration, the pay-out is saved

For Marty, if it helps, that's good for him, as much as it might be a bit humiliating. (Press release at season's end, summarised: "Coaching is my thing and it's something I've done for many years. Coming in to the NBL, there were challenges I didn't expect to be so difficult and every week brought new adversity. I don't think I adjusted quickly enough and the results showed that. Bringing in fresh eyes and thoughts in Maher was a real key, I'm not embarrassed to say, and that's looking like an improved scenario for the team's results." Etc.)

If it fails, so be it. Same could happen with a completely new coach or with having changed nothing.

I would make it Stirling and Maher and leave it at that. Don't quite want coaching by committee in adding various others.

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Years ago

Quite a kick in the guts for the current coaches. To think that the coaching staff has just grown from 2 to 5 says a lot about how little Clarke has done to focus on winning games. I like this move, it shows that the club has listened to the fans and are serious about improving the situation despite the finance side of it being a problem. If you can't change coaches, you have to provide assistance that will help improve the situation. This improvement comes 3 ways, improvement in player mentality, improvement in performance and improvement in finance if the coach decides to walk out instead of waiting to be shown the door. Well done, 36ers.

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Years ago

Isaac perfectly summarised.

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Years ago

EC, there haven't just been two coaches; at various points, other second assistants and so on have been involved. I think York, Casella, Arnott, any others?

The Answer, I'd have the same thought, but it's not like they'd be providing prime coaching strategy, more so filling the gaps or tweaking the things Marty has missed. Hopefully game nights is a part of it otherwise there'd be little point.

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Years ago

Jan would provide valuable input just by asking questions - get him to justify various decisions, playing time and rotations, behind closed doors, etc. And she would see first hand what the staff are dealing with...

Davis and Maher I am more skeptical about. Not sure they would provide much.

Fans never see what is happening at practice or during meetings, they see the end product.

The comment Clarke made about Diamon Simpson is perfectly reasonable - something about him being more of a burst guy, "not a 30-40 minute player" (I'm paraphrasing). If a guy puts up excellent numbers in 20-25 minutes, it doesn't automatically mean his numbers will be more if he plays 40 minutes. You can't make that assumption.

There's still time to turn this thing around...not sure some of the fans want it though...some of you guys have got the torches and the pitchforks out and you're at the gates wanting a scalp.

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Years ago

if i was clarke i would tell them to shove it, he was employed as the head coach, they either back him in or sack him, this is not junior basketball where a struggling div 1 coach can get a hand from a senior coach or player

Going to start calling the Dome, disney land because mickey mouse is running the place

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Years ago

Isaac - I think Casella and Arnott are unpaid development roles, and only are involved on game nights.

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Years ago

'042, that's a bit much. Disneyland is actually pretty entertaining more often than not. ;) Low blow!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

I am going to USA end of year and to Disneyland as part of and was hoping for some year relief not more of same what been through 042
Oh Marty this is terrible for you mate if I was you would resign straight away

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Years ago

Does anyone know if this is official?

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Years ago

Marty's arrogance towards the fans has also spilt over with SOS management recently.
They weren't overly impressed.

Most things suggested above hold credibility in my opinion - I'm just putting it out there that an old fashioned bitch slap could also be a contributing reason.

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Years ago

SHIT yes lf l was Marty l would QUIT PLEASE . dont take this marty QUIT this is bad marty QUIT not letting you do your job marty l would QUIT QUIT QUIT QUIT

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Camel 31  
Years ago

'Stevie deserves 32mins and Simpson's only fit enough to play 23mins and gotta give the young ones a run.'
I barely paid it any credence at all.
Besides Simpson is younger.
Maher is more relevant . " If Ng is on the court , run some plays for him , or don't put him on at all."

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Years ago

This might sound like conspiracy theory territory (just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't after you!) but hear me out.

I found it curious that at around the exact same time fans started calling for Diamon Simpson to be signed up for next season (including the club saying they were keen on it) Marty started reducing his minutes and with the reduced courtime his play has started to go downhill a bit.

Marty trying to hurt the club by almost guaranteeing Simpson won't re-sign now?

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Years ago

Anon - no - that is a bit far fetched ;-)

I think this is not really a bad move. Mentoring is pretty common, specifically at Middle Management level / people new to stepping up to the plate however it's ironic that mentors are often good Coach-ers, and therefore we kind of have a senior coach needing to be coached.

I agree with others that it is the club showing they are doing / will do something to try and get the best out of Marty. If this doesn't work and there is no culture change around coaching style due to the mentoring, then I think it would give better grounds for contract termination based on performance. You may even like to see it as a form of performance management, though I am not sure if this strategy actually runs that deep.

At least they are doing this now and not waiting until the end of the season. I am hoping this means if there are no positive effects on remaining games that there can be a serious revision of Coaching Staff come end of the playing year.

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Years ago

Anon, I don't mind a bit of that sort of guesswork, but I think that one is completely ridiculous. Sorry!

More likely that Simpson doesn't follow plays, or can't maintain the effort level expected, or freelances too much or something like that. If Simpson were good enough to be an instant solution for winning in Adelaide, he'd get played. There's a reason that Catron (as an example), despite being one of the Hawks top scorers, is coming off the bench and often struggling to get minutes.

Marty doesn't want to lose his job. He doesn't want to flunk out and damage any future chances at coaching NBL. And I get no impression that he'd want to damage a club or player on his way down. His goal would be to win games according to his long-term strategy, show up the haters and keep his job. Apologies to Marty as this is a bit coarser than intended, but: Hanlon's Razor (don't rush to ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity).

I think it's more likely that Simpson is decent, but not quite the easy solution people expect and that Marty is too stubborn in his ways to make adjustments and get some better things happening with the team.

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Years ago

Simpson, should be playing. If he's not at the fitness level, play him into it with gametime. If he doesn't follow instructions tell him to shape up or he'll be shipped out.

I did some analysis on his court time and stats during his time in college, the NBDL and the Philippines, read it here


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Years ago

'what a disgrace. trust the man or get rid of him. don't put in place a stupid charade of trumping out the old fellas because they had success once upon a time.'

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Years ago

Alright Isaac, I thought this tinfoil hat was on a little too tight anyways ;)

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Years ago

forcey, those are different leagues and likely played at a different pace or with a different standard of opponent. I could run around for 40 MPG playing against children, but in the NBL I'd be panting within five minutes (and would have missed every shot and given up a lot of points).

If Simpson in that extra time was a lot more likely to help win games than the alternative (Weigh to PF and so on), then surely a coach would do that.

Not saying Simpson is Catron here, just that there are more factors than a fan typically hears. At face value, you'd think Catron should be on court more. Under 22 MPG but scoring 11.1 PPG. Leading scorer if you ignore Ubaka's one game. But the wisest coach in the league hasn't played him more than 20 MPG in the last four. Heading up to Cairns, they dropped Glover, played Catron 15:25 and won. Played him 16 minutes in Townsville (again, sole import) and lost at the buzzer. Back home, played just 18:30 and they dismantled the Tigers.

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Years ago

Mentor or not, its great to wanna be coach, but you gotta have the wit, balls and know how to coach.

Most people could coach an AIS side, but an NBL club like the 36ers have tradition, which is instilled over decades. Marty has ruined that so ya know what?

Like Morag off Home and Away says, You are the weakest link....goodbye!"

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Years ago

Isaac- I'll give you the Philippines league but NCAA and NBDL are very strong leagues (the key contributors to the NBA). I also disagree on the Weigh argument, clearly Clarke wants to put minutes into him regardless. Catron is used very differently (and wisely) by McLeod, he comes on and becomes the focal point of the offense for the second unit. Anyone who saw him play here though would have been thinking "Thank God he didn't get more time". In that game he was the only bright spot for them, contributing 19pts and 11 boards in 26 minutes.

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Years ago

Im amazed people dont think Maher and Davis are good idea's. Both of these guys have proven leadership in winning teams, charisma with fans over MANY years. They are exactly the sort of people that Marty NEEDS to learn from. Not only that but Davis has more Want for the ball on rebounds than anyone thats possibly played in Australia..Maher is one of the top players to play in the NBL...Working with Marty and working with the team can only benefit the rest of us.
If it doesnt suit Clark then he can walk..if it improves him enough that he becomes a viable coach for the team then thats bloody amazing for us and the teams future.

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Years ago

I will tell you this, from my experience with Marty, her will politly listen to md and bm..,.,. AND. Then just do what he was going to do anyway

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Years ago

And as head coach that is what he should do.

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Years ago

why do you think he should do that he's had ample time to prove that his methods do not work. They say the definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing and expect a different result. He should try it their way and if that doesnt work at least he has shown he is trying to improve and willing to listen. I just wish i could see he has more than one game plan because from my seat at all the home games this season look very much like different game same crap and its getting boring.

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Years ago

According to Boti on Twitter, the 36ers have issued a release saying that the coaches and roster have their support for the duration of the season. Could this be one time when it's meant or could it be the usual touch of death?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Usually a sign of betrayal.
But if signed by Stirling , accept as true.

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Years ago

mate told me the other day he heard phils name being banded about again
i have no idea where he got this from and he cant remember where he heard it (net of radio etc)

but if clarke went at the seasons end
surely the club cant afford to pay him out for his third year AND afford to hire a new coach???
maybe theres something in his contract about performance and pay??
but i cant see him getting the ass, paid out and then the sixers group getting another coach
for next year
surely they cant afford that
unless they get some private backing /cash?
and even then...is that even allowed??

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Years ago

There's no salary cap for coaches.

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