Two years ago

Smith & Mangakahia shortlisted for Wooden Award

The women's John Wooden Award midseason Top 25 has been unveiled, with Australian pair Alanna Smith and Tiana Mangakahia amongst those vying for one of the top individual awards in college basketball.

Alanna Smith and Tiana Mangakahia named to Wooden Award Top 25

Still baffles me why Mangakahia was not at least given a shot at the Opals extended squad, especially given our lack of International quality point guards.

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Two years ago

Don't think sandy and co are paying much attention to college.

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Two years ago

You would hope they would, as there are more than 80 Aussie women in DI ranks this season, and more than 30 committed already to next season!

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Two years ago

Can only see 6 players currently in college with opals potential.
A further 20 with wnbl potential.
The other 60 in lower leagues or basketball retirement.

The 30+ You said coming in next year has a few potential opals.
Shelley, Palmer, Bourne...

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Two years ago

We'll need another two teams just to fit in those players returning to Aus.

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Two years ago

Nah, a lot of players will be pushed out. A bunch retiring or will be in the next couple of seasons.
Not much depth in the wnbl just yet.

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Two years ago

Smith might be a chance!

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Two years ago

If you had the choice, why would you come back to the WNBL after college?

Would be the last thing I'd aspire to.

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Two years ago

So what would you aspire to??? Whilst not the highest paying league, it's one of the best quality.
You're probably sitting on the couch licking cheezel dust off your fingers.

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Two years ago

Just because they are in college does not mean they are opals level in any way, plus they are teenagers or early twenties at best, no experience against women only p,Ayung with and against their own age, do you see the USA or Spain filling teams with college players......get a grip, lol, many of those Div1 ranked teams are not even Div1 BigV level.
American college ball is not the bench mark to use for filling a national senior team.....or a WNBL

As for "aspiring" to come back to WNBL, look at the percentage who actually even get a gig in the WNBL, , let alone the WNBA, very few, and even those that do don't always have an impact on the game.

Smith I’d say will be the only one who will get a WNBA spot, and then it will depend on which team gets her as to if she will even be used for the first couple of years, then it only takes a stronger USA player to come through to push her out.

How many of our Aussie college and non college players do you see actually getting drafted into a playing position..... several get onto team lists, invited to camps etc, but few get to play

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Two years ago

You do know that smith has been in the opals team for a year and a half whilst still in college...
Wallace would be in the team if it wasn't for injury...
Magbegor who would be a freshman in college is apart of the senior team.

Not sure what you're on about anon.

A lot of our college girls have already had experience against women in seabl, big v, qbl and even wnbl before going over.

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Two years ago

I agree that not everyone in DI is a future Opals prospect, but you are kidding yourself if you donl;t think thereare genuine prospects there. Smith has been in the Opals team fior the best part of 18mths. Wallace would have probably been at last year's World Cup if it were not for her injury.

I'm not syaing they should hav e added 10 more college players - just 1. And that player is currently rated one of the best 25 players in all of college basketball.

Given they named 27 for the first camp, surely you could have added 2-3 more players, especially given the number of players wo are injured as well with a view to the future.

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Two years ago

34 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds for Mangakahia this morning

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Two years ago

Smith with 20 / 14 and 7 blocks in reduced minutes.

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Two years ago

Alanna is shooting the 3 at 0.488 this season

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Two years ago

Of course you have Smith,Wallace and Exi already with opals time and selections, but that's three, three who also had national gems selection prior, two of the three have had good college gigs in their last couple of seasons in college , Eli gets a few mins in WNBL
That does not mean that the majority of these D1 college players are going to even get a SEABL ( or what ever it’s called now) spit let alone a WNBL one
Lots to factor into the equation, like what strength the college team/conference actually sits at, what their position brings in a senior situation
Many who can play one pusition in college, because the USA system drills them in only one position , then come into senior ranks and find they have to change to fit a women’s roster, some can transition, many struggle , hell even the USA imports will tell you that

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Two years ago

Half way through season averages.

Alanna Smith (Stanford 14-1 PAC 12) 6th in NCAA
19.7 points
7.6 rebounds
2.5 assists
2.4 blocks
55% fg
75% ft
49% 3pt

Tiana Mangakahia (Syracuse 14-2 ACC) 12th in NCAA
17.1 points
5.3 rebounds
8 assists
2.4 steals
47% fg
90% ft
38% 3pt

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Danielle Hartman  
Two years ago

Interesting discussion. It would be great what prognosis for the next game? Which opponent you would like to play?

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Two years ago

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