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NBL ROY Candidates

The following are the 2018/2019 NBL season candidates for Rookie of the Year.

1. Brian Bowen
2. Daniel Grida
3. Deng Acouth
4. Emmett Narr
5. Harry Froling
6. Jack McVeigh
7. Marshall Nelson
8. Rhys Vague
9. Will Magnay

Interesting that Bowen's name has been included on the list. Thoughts and predictions? Deep rookie class this year.

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Years ago

Every one on that list is worthy. Here are my thoughts:

1. Brian Bowen - Didn't affect the outcome of games
2. Daniel Grida - Hard to split Grida & Narr. Easier to look elsewhere
3. Deng Acouth - Had some great games but not often enough
4. Emmett Narr - Hard to split Grida & Narr. Easier to look elsewhere (sorry)
5. Harry Froling - Consistently good, filled his role in the team, had to be played like a veteran. Don't say that he won games for the 36ers but they would have lost more without him.
6. Jack McVeigh - Didn't affect the outcome of games
7. Marshall Nelson - Didn't affect the outcome of games
8. Rhys Vague - Didn't affect the outcome of games
9. Will Magnay - Didn't affect the outcome of games

Not keen on his on-court persona, but Froling has been the most influential of the rookies. Is that important, or are we talking flashy/skillful?
My flashy/skillful award would prob go to Bowen for finesse f/s and Froling for brute f/s

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Were there any rookies NOT nominated?

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Years ago

For me it's Froling by a mile. McVeigh would have been a chance if he'd been playing like this from opening night.

Bowen started strong but has been a negative more than a positive most of the season, the odd alley oop throw down aside.

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Years ago

For whatever reason this year there has been very few good rookies.
Bowen doesn't count why isn't melo trimble nominated?

How can acouth, nelson and magnay even get nominated if they never play.

The clear winner is frolling who has been very good in the minutes he has played.
A long way back to naar in second spot and after that there is nothing.

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Years ago

Froling then daylight, even though he comes across as a bit of a tosser. :)

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Years ago

Ben Simmons?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I think there is an expectation of someone who has can play under pressure too and affect the game. My thoughts:

Played well, but didn't affect the outcome of games or play beyond their years to demand a starting spot:
Brian Bowen, Marshall Nelson, Rhys Vague, Will Magnay
Jack McVeigh - spent a lot of time on the bench

Consistent players, had impact, but not really able to play the last 3 minutes of a tight game:
Daniel Grida, Deng Acouth, Emmett Narr

call me parochial, but he has played well all season and I believe a coach could trust him to play the last 3 minutes of a tight game. A coach would feel comfortable starting him and him holding his own if there was an injury, or one of the 5 had "Bali belly":

Harry Froling

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Years ago

Froling by some distance. Really well rounded skillset - made the three, had some great passes, etc. Could've started. Averaged 8 and 5 in 15 minutes. 43% from three. Probably needs to get some blocks, but rest of his game is excellent for a rookie.

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Years ago

Comparing Froling to Humphries I would say Froling has a more promising future.

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Years ago

Froling then daylight, I agree with the reasoning of comments around starting 5 potential, impacting games and being able to close out close games.

Did Humphries win last season? Froling way ahead of him. That said, Bogut would have been good to mentor Humphries if he debuted this season.

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Years ago

Did Humphries win last season? Froling way ahead of him.
He's not competing with Humphries, who won mostly by being the only rookie in the entire league last year. He's competing with this year's rookie class.

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Years ago

Yes KR.

My point is that Froling is way better than Humphries was, just confirmed that Humphries was judged roty. This season's rookie class much better, but Froling still ahead. Has a bright future.

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Answer is froling , no need to discuss any further

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Years ago

Agree with AngusH - Froling, by a country mile! It is not even a contest.

There are really no other contestants that come close.

As for rookies not nominated, Kings have few Deng & Wilson. But if you only played the minutes they have for the season it is a bit hard to be nominated, isn't it?

Jeremy Kendle, a previous SEABL MVP winner got a lot of plaudits in last weekend's game against Sydney Kings and other SEABL guards seem to get reasonable court time (Hooley, Adnam, Grida, Drmic) and none have achieved what Wilson has (MVP & 2 x ROTY) and Deng seems quite good, with the limited time he has played, he's a highlight reel in waiting.

I know there are knockers out there, as there are for all players, but I can't really work out why these two haven't played more.

IMO it looks like they joined the wrong team and I cant help but think they'd be playing useful minutes at a number of other teams and developing.

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Years ago

Froling no 1. Bowen although athletic looks lost and lower IQ.

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Years ago

It's easy to knock, as you put it but most true watches of the seabl don’t believe Wilson should have been seabl mvp, especially where his team finished. There is also a defensive side to the court. DKG also played seabl last season with Wilson at tigers and is getting very limited time on court. A big step from seabl to nbl.

As stated previously, Froling then daylight.

I also find it strange that all commentators talking up Bowen, other than dunking not much else, yet he’s going to nba.

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Years ago

Maybe Bowen looks lost because he knows one small error and he is subbed out by Gaze no matter the impact he is having on the court. He should have been given more opportunity and minutes during the games where Sydney struggled to score for long periods.

He is a good shooter and very athletic. His defense will come. Definitely NBA material.

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Years ago

Ferguson sucked in the NBL and look where he is now.

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Years ago

Bowen averages more than 15 minutes per game at 46% and just under 3 rebounds, this is very respectable, but defence will come is not what the kings need. Imo not as structurally sound as Furgerson, and Furgerson took it easy his year at 36ers.

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Years ago

Bowen has done more for the NBL, in the NBL, than Ferguson did.

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Years ago

If Bowen is being touted as a mid second round pick do people see Froling a chance of being drafted?

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Years ago

IMO Froling should make the NBA, but the NBA are too focussed on athleticism, as opposed to players that can 'play' the game.

Hopefully Creek's recent successes open NBA talent ID scouts that there are many ways to skin a cat. I.e. It's not all about athleticism as there are many jewels in the rough.

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Years ago

All I will say is - one of the best accolades one can receive is from your peers!

SEABL MVP votes are given by referees & coaches.

Coaches and captains then select five players for All-SEABL teams from a list of 30 players who received MVP votes in the season.

As well as winning the MVP, Wilson was named in the SEABL All first team.

IMO I would value the captains and coaches opinions over other so called 'true watchers' & anonymous haters on here.

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Years ago

Lmao. That's why the nbl changed the mvp voting so you can get a true mvp, not someone who just jacks it up in a poor team

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Years ago

LMAO even more^^^^^^^^^^^

Back on post - Froling for me, hands down.

But I will say to the last post, the SEABL All First Team follows a similar voting regime to the NBL, coaches and captains vote for All Star team selection, whereas the NBL allows 1 Assistant coach from each team to vote as well.

So the previous post to the last post has at least some merit for the SEABL All Star team.

So it would seem reasonable to me to assume the MVP selection was not totally unwarranted.

Of course we can all agree to disagree about these matters forever.

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