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NBL game box scores
Lightning sack Valk as coach
Sack Ninnis? You've got the wrong person
Trouble accessing 36ers web site
Melbourne Victory looks at possible NBL team
36ERS on track, finalising deal
NBL cost reduction
The Dome's Future?
Music for the Refs
Julius- a good thing or not?
Missing div3 mens teams
ABL Finals Times
Title Contenders - North vs Norwood
ABL Norwood V Woodville
MMM's Rumour File: 36ers and Dome for sale
Kings pay up
Voldemort Applies
Voldemort the Commentator
The PM & the Coach
Female coach in the NBL?
Andrew Gaze Tribute
Chappell vs Kings, impact on the crowd
36ers fined by NBL
Coach Swap?
re: DJ Signed
re: R12: Sixers vs Crocs
re: R11: Sixers v Taipans
re: R9: Crocs v Sixers
re: pro / rel Q
re: 36ers and nbl is boring
re: Patty Mills' start to the playoffs
re: Adelaide 36ers Fan Sent Racist Tweets
re: 2014 GF Series - Game 3
re: Coach Pop - gotta love his honesty
re: 36ers suddenly in genuine turmoil, please explain!
re: Merry Xmas to all Hoopsters
re: Mark Bradtke to join Aus Basketball Hall of Fame
re: Wortho's sneaky move
re: Could the NBA ditch free throws?
re: Ordering from NBA store
re: New name for the New NBL
re: NBL Rules that you hate.
re: Erik Burdon trialling with Wildcats
re: Boti lists contenders for 36ers coaching spot
re: R19: Sixers @ Cairns
re: State of The Advertiser's basketball coverage
re: Round 14 - Positive post for your 36ers v Kings
re: All NBL Worst Team
re: Brisbane Bullets Bid?
re: Ken cole bid to buy 6ers
re: downtime
re: Development of 36ers
re: Jason Williams son
re: 36ers recruiting
re: DVD Review: Larry Bird - NBA Legend
re: 36ers/Arena Petition on FB
re: Junior Coaching Changes for 2012/2013
re: Possible new 36ers venue?
re: Get the damn Junior Fixture Out BasketballSA -
re: Schenscher & Mitch Creek updates
re: Sengstock resigns as BA CEO
re: Why should i keep my 36ers season ticket
re: Your thoughts on 36ers Club going forward
re: Norwood Girls Program Appointment
re: 36ers v Wildcats
re: Crocodiles vs 36ers
re: Sack Marty and Radford!!!!
re: Ballinger and Crosswell out for season...
re: Is there enough spectator support for basketball ?
re: 36ers 1999 Jersey worn vs Tigers
re: Survey: What team do you follow?
re: New Look for Woodville Womens ABL Team.
re: Do the 36ers now have the best bench in the L?
re: Which classic NBA game to choose?
re: Its time to retire #4 and #15
re: 36ers vs Tigers, tonight March 18
re: The Adelaide 36ers 1980s: The Golden Era
re: Al Green to Coach Woodville!
re: 36ers vs Blaze
re: Ron Howard - Thoughts?
re: What Happened To Nagy?
re: Time to rid of winder
re: Sixers vs Perth 17/10/2010
re: SOS - BasketballSA the ABA needs help!
re: Sixers Imports may be recruiting coups
re: Sixers Imports may be recruiting coups
re: Sixers back in Blue
re: Aus vs Argentina. Will the Dome Sell out?
re: Lakers vs Boston series
re: dome no more
re: St Clair ridiculous venue for ABL
re: 36ers seeking new coach
re: Ken Cole offers to help 36ers and the Dome
re: A message for Ben Fitzsimons
re: Game Night: Sixers/Hawks
re: Any chance for Goorjian to coach the 36ers?
re: 20 Minute Halves
re: OK Rate the top 36ers Imports
re: Sack Ninnis? You've got the wrong person
re: Sack Groves
re: Wortho's Blog - Apology
re: Hodge Feared For His Safety
re: Romour: Woodville and Western
re: What happened to the National Anthem?
re: Adelaide - are we town of fickle followers
re: Scotty is very concerning
re: Owners sitting on the bench
re: NBL drops anthem and wants less music at games
re: Top Ten NBA Players in My Lifetime
re: Top Ten NBA Players in My Lifetime
re: Rumor big four plans for new melbourne nbl team
re: Do you think the NBL will be a success?
re: Do you think the NBL will be a success?
re: only one div 1 & one div 2 team @ all Jnr clubs ?
re: Herald Sun - Nbl Coaches
re: Trouble accessing 36ers web site
re: Who will be the new Adelaide 36ers Captain?
re: What is Brett doing??
re: Whats the basketball scene like in Adelaide?
re: Should the Dome be available for public use?
re: Goodbye and Good Luck Jack Haines
re: Adelaide 36ers re-sign veteran centre, Cooper
re: Double Headers,good idea
re: Forum changes - please read
re: 36ers membership prices overview
re: A New Way To Honour Former 36ers Players
re: Gilchrist misses flight from Sydney
re: Players you loved watching
re: ABA team of the decade
re: 36ers club merchandise preferences
re: Government grant for BA announced
re: Dusty Rychart now naturalised
re: SOS 36ers press conference, midday Tuesday
re: Letter to Dragons fans from Cowan
re: Tigers back in NBL, 8 team comp starting Oct
re: 40 minute games - Nbl
re: Perth: It could be all over
re: Hemmerling - The fugitive has been located
re: SOS consortium media release
re: Vic Sports Minister: next season plan 'a joke'
re: SOS consortium media release
re: Vic Sports Minister: next season plan 'a joke'
re: Vic Sports Minister: next season plan 'a joke'
re: Stay Tough B/A
re: Boti: League launch to keep 9 teams
re: resurrecting nbl during financial crisis
re: Who will u support if there is no sixers?
re: resurrecting nbl during financial crisis
re: BA and the new NBL are a joke!!
re: resurrecting nbl during financial crisis
re: NBL responds to 36ers' comments
re: What will sengstock have to do to piss you off
re: Kersten lifts at West
re: Seamus - Dome and Sixers bid
re: The Tribute Thread
re: Painting a basketball court
re: Schench and balls next season
re: Julius Sends letter to fans
re: Ballinger in 50th game for Adelaide
re: Sixers owner a disgrace!!!
re: Ultimate basketball gift
re: time to give scotty some praise
re: National League may not exist from 09 onwards
re: Obstacle to NBL reform deal
re: Murray Magpie Crows confusion
re: Potential NewBL owners not convinced of plan
re: Isaac Crashes Ferrari
re: Best 5 From Each Club in Last 10 Years
re: Woodville Under 12 Div2 Defeated Sturt Div 2
re: Charles Barkleys 50 Greatest Quotes
re: Lame 36ers Commercial on Ch9?
re: a lesson to all men
re: Tigers- a necessary evil?
re: NBL fines Tigers $4k for suiting Ere uncleared
re: NBL deny Martin contract with the Spirit
re: Missing div3 mens teams
re: Ebi Ere and Spirit
re: Central Women Return !
re: Norwood Div 1 Coaches
re: Penny Taylor's shoes
re: New idea for NBL: No imports?
re: dwyane wade is a flopping bastard
re: Groves, Dome and 36ers
re: Do you get paid for...
re: KG retires from 5AA
re: How many ex basketballers?????
re: Wollacott medal
re: Favourite sporting moments
re: Scorers and entrance fee
re: Sixers and Dome for Sale
re: Blow it up, start again..
re: Forestville will be champs for sure!
re: Forestville will be champs for sure!
re: end these forums for good
re: Jason Smith and Kings in pay dispute
re: NBL approves Bruton and Boucher contracts
re: ABA results?
re: Hodge confident of NBA gig
re: Karl Malone - Dodgiest NBA player ever???
re: Karl Malone - Dodgiest NBA player ever???
re: Where will Rychart play?
re: 20/20 Version
re: Would Bruton have suited the 36ers?
re: The Age set to reduce sports content
re: Now, that's a scoreboard!
re: To all the ignorant/arogant coaches out there
re: ABL Mens comp closer than first thought?
re: ABL Results round 2 & 3
re: NBL Free Agents List
re: Al Westover Best coach Ever
re: my saturday night so far, 15/3/08
re: Lights on or off?!?
re: Joey Wright no longer Bullets coach?
re: former coach has been a professional...
re: Phil on Ch 9 News, interested in a footy job
re: Holmes deal nearly done
re: NBL option: State-based teams?
re: An NBL team in Darwin?
re: 36ers talking to Ballinger and Hodge
re: It's Scotty's Time
re: Daniel Joyce vs Adelaide
re: Spoilers - Adelaide v. Brisbane game thread
re: Maher he go or Maher he stay
re: This loss lays firmly on Phil's head
re: How much Money has been raised for Hawks?
re: The PM & the Coach
re: The PM & the Coach
re: 36ers retain/cut list for next season
re: Message to Mal
re: Sixers coach
re: Wollongong hopes fans will rescue team
re: Something I just realised about Hodge....
re: email address of sixers head coach
re: Best Post to Little Ball Ratio
re: Which NBA Team Do You Support?
re: Boti blasts 36ers about Chappell
re: Will chappell be released?
re: NBL: Top10 players at each position
re: Teams/players you most want to see
re: Early Season NBA Form
re: The real problem with the 36ers
re: Another article with pathetic excuses
re: Perth's New Import: Gerald Brown
re: Sack Phil Petition
re: Attn ABA Players - Players Association???
re: Attn ABA Players - Players Association???
re: Smyth extends "jelling" period
re: Chappell Ticket Home?
re: "Axel was just unlucky"
re: Tiger mayhem!
re: Boti - would he criticise the coaching?
re: Confirmed: Channel 9 Back On Board
re: 36ers Playing Uniform
re: Sixers first home geame-thoughts
re: Is Mottram Signed?
re: junior coaching line ups for 07/08
re: Ingles Rumour
re: Div 3/4/5. To stay or go?
re: Div 3/4/5. To stay or go?
re: No more fouling out?
re: Aba Results
re: Top 10 sports mascot run-ins
re: So Newleys gone, what now for his spot
re: What coaching styles work?
re: ABL Round 15 thread
re: All ABL Bench Team
re: Who thinks its good to have Boti Back?
re: Eric Burdon Or Sutton
re: Should clubs change their uniforms?
re: LeBron welcomes son; TV ratings down again
re: Kevin Brooks released from NZ NBL gig
re: Bring it on..
re: Manu Ginobili - What a flop
re: Should Juniors be playing ABA?
re: Bowen, Spurs playing dirty?
re: Apollo Floor Boards
re: Anger Management 101- Brad Bungey
re: What should happen: Spectator abuses ref
re: where has the pivot gone
re: where has the pivot gone
re: Western Magic: Facts not fiction
re: Lock in Coops for 2 years Eddy
re: NH - HRT and Toll Racing suspended
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